Polite Ways on how to ask for money as a wedding gift

Polite Ways Of Asking For Money As A Wedding Gift


Should you really ask for money as a wedding gift? Historically, wedding gifts were intended to help a young couple set up their new home together, filling in empty cabinets and sparsely-decorated areas.

Today, however, as the average age of newlyweds rises, and more and more people have an established home together before they are married, more stuff to fill their home is the last thing many couples couple want.

While asking for money as a wedding gift is more practical, it can be awkward to address this request with your guests, which is why we have provided this easy guide on how to ask for money as a wedding gift.

1. The Invitation Is Not the Place

While it may seem like a good idea to simply be upfront about your desire for money wedding gifts rather than material objects, it’s the best practice to leave these details out of the invitation. Unless you’re clarifying that you don’t want a gift of any sort, mentioning gifts in the invitation can come off as rude and presumptuous, putting pressure on guests who may not be able to afford to bring a gift. You are inviting people to your wedding for the pleasure of their company, not for the gifts that they might bring, so try to keep any talk of money or gifts away from the invitation.

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