Roles & Responsibilities Of Your Mom & Mother-In-Law

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While parents of the bride and groom are usually filled with joy at the thought of their children getting married, there is no doubt that their experience in this aspect of life would prove very useful at this point in their children’s lives. Mothers especially are usually quite actively involved when major events are underway, and a wedding is the most crucial one. At the same time, as a mother of the bride or groom, it is possible you’re unsure of which role to play in support of this all too important event.


And so, if you would like to contribute in one way or the other at the planning stage of your child’s wedding, here are some mother of the bride duties as well as mother of the groom duties that won’t have you feeling left out.

Mother Of The Bride Duties Checklist

Some people might just be wondering, what are the duties of the mother of the bride? While it is a great thing to have a mother to lean on at such a time in one’s life it is not always clear in what ways a mother should provide support when planning a wedding. Below is a list of the mother of the bride duties and responsibilities, which could help in clarifying some of these roles.

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Mothers and daughters traditionally go shopping together most of the time; this doesn’t have to change during the wedding. If there were a mother of the bride duties etiquette checklist, this would have to be on it. While the bride might have her friends to help and select when searching for a wedding dress and accessories, the insight of a mother cannot be underestimated.



Finding Venues

Asides shopping for a dress, the mother of the bride is also usually involved in finding the right venues. After hosting numerous events of her own, she is usually in a strategic position to find the best places and at the right prices through an already existing network.



Arranging the Guest List

Whether you’re trying to build up or trim down your guest list, your mother is usually in the best position to help with that. She knows which family member needs to be invited and who will surely not be missed. It would be difficult to create a balanced list without her input.



Family Heirlooms and Traditions

If you are trying to find something old, or incorporate certain family traditions into your wedding, your mother would be a good source for either. She would help ensure that you carry out the ceremony with accuracy, and also help you find the right heirlooms.


Designated Contact

Since you or your maid of honor won’t be able to handle everything on your own, your mom could be the designated contact for anything extra. From the venue to the caterers, entertainers, planners, and florist, anyone needing to contact you, should be able to contact your mother when you are out of reach.



Fresh Perspective

When problems arise or you need affirmation on certain choices, your mother could help give you a fresh perspective on things to enable you to make the right decisions in solving problems. She could also be a second pair of eyes, affirming your choices so you know you’re not alone.


Outfit Choices with the Groom’s Mom

One thing that is definitely on the mother of the bride duties list is to discuss outfits with the mother of the groom so they don’t clash. Traditionally, the mother of the bride gets her dress first, and afterward the mother of the groom can get hers.


Mother Of The Groom Duties And Responsibilities

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While it may seem that the mother of the groom lacks any real responsibilities, there are certainly ways in which she can support her son. So, if you were wondering, what are the duties of the mother of the groom, here are a few to get you started.


Be Available

As the mother of the groom, this is your chance at getting closer to the bride and showing your support. So, make yourself available for any activity you might be needed for. From cake tasting to dress shopping, the opportunities are endless.



Help with Vendors

Another way a mother of the groom could support would be to lend a hand in finding and picking wedding vendors. From the venues to the florist, caterers or even the DJ; anything to lessen the burden of the couple.


Host your Guests

Lots of people could be arriving just before the wedding, mostly family members. The mother of the groom could host a lunch or preferably dinner, so both sides of the family can meet and get to know each other better before the big day.



Organize the Groom’s Side of the Family

While the mother of the bride would definitely be participating in organizing the guestlist, the mother of the groom would be helpful for her side of the family. Supplying the names for the guest list as well as spreading the word on the wedding register to the groom’s side of the family.


Discuss Outfits with the Mother of the Bride

The mother of the groom doesn’t necessarily have to wait for the mother of the bride to contact her about outfits. She could reach out to her to share her excitement on the wedding, discuss any role she could play in the planning, as well as the outfits for the wedding.



Host the Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner is traditionally hosted by the groom’s parents. This is one event usually organized mainly by the mother of the groom. Planning for this can start as early as six months in advance.


Participate During the Wedding

While there usually isn’t much for the parents of the groom to do at the actual wedding, they would need to be seated at their designated seats and table during the ceremony and reception. The mother of the groom will also be expected not to miss out on the mother-son dance.

Wedding planning is never easy, to say the least. As the couple looks forward to their big day, it would be great to know that they have the support of the main women in their lives during this period. If you find that you are unsure of just how to support your child at this time, take a look at our list of mother of the bride duties as well as the mother of the groom duties for some guidance.
Mothers are usually great at organizing and each comes with a set of skills that would be useful during your wedding planning. So, don’t let it go to waste, allow your mother to handle some of the logistics for your special day. Accept her support to help lighten the burden.