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If you’ve spent any time at all planning your wedding, it’s already obvious that you are going to need some help staying organized. It’s time to find a wedding planner book. This seems straightforward at first glance, but you will soon discover that the best wedding planner book can differ greatly from bride to bride.

Some brides have a lot of things under control and just need a little help staying within budget. Some have absolutely no idea where to start and need expert advice every step of the way. Others have hired a professional wedding planner and need some insight into what they are doing and how they are doing it.

Whatever your circumstance is, you’re sure to find a tailor-fit wedding planner book on this list.

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How To Choose Wedding Planning Book

Choosing the best wedding planner book is as simple as writing down a few goals and prerequisites. You will need to know details like how large of a wedding you will be planning, how much time there is before the ceremony if it is a destination wedding, and the budget.

There are many generalized wedding planner books out there that apply to any situation. However, a lot of wedding planner books cater to specific circumstances and lifestyles. Being self-aware goes a long way to making the right choice.

The winning book should offer templates for your budget, guest list, registry, and other planning necessities. It should also provide you with access to vendors and suppliers, preferably with discounts. This is also true for digital options. There are many apps and online versions of wedding planner books that may offer you a little more convenience than physical books. Make sure to check out enough reviews to be certain that you won’t be missing out on any critical components.

If you have trouble finding a single book that encapsulates everything you need, there’s no reason why you have to choose just one. Mix and match wedding planner books until you find the combo that suits you best.

Best Planning Books

Even wedding planners who have been working in the industry for decades investing in wedding planner books. Why? There’s just so much to be aware of and remember it’s physically impossible to do it all without a system.

Browse our list and keep your needs and personal style in mind to find the ideal wedding planner book for you.

This book is for the bride that needs help navigating the emotional aspects of wedding planning. From the guestlist to choosing the maid of honor, to sorting out your registry, there are plenty of opportunities to hurt someone’s feelings. Although you can’t please everyone, Bridechilla arms you with the best practices and insights you need to make cool, calm, decisions. 

The LGBTQ+ community is still a relatively new concept, and brides, grooms, and industry professionals are just starting to discover the unique challenges and solutions to creating the perfect wedding experience. Equally Wed provides the roadmap needed to navigate this previously unexplored territory.

Why does the bride change her last name? Why does the father of the bride ‘give her away? Many features of the traditional wedding don’t exactly align with modern feminist values. This wedding planner book confronts those topics in a hilarious fashion and teaches you a thing or two along the way.

This wedding planner book is for the no-nonsense bride. Skip the anecdotes and get straight to business with clear-as-day guidance and a few blank pages so that you can keep your notes in the same place as where you got the advice. The standout feature here is the sage advice about communicating with vendors.

This wedding planner book by An Organized Life is the swiss army knife of guides for brides that need a little bit of everything. Detailed checklists and templates are coupled with feedback from a pool of industry experts and real couples. This approach provides invaluable context which puts things into perspective and helps you make sense of it all.

This wedding planner book is for the financially focused bride and groom. Fix a budget and stick to it. This book helps you plan in advance, make compromises when needed, and successfully cope with surprises. It also provides on-point guidance on DIY projects and saving opportunities so that every penny goes that extra mile.

Do you really need a horse and carriage for the post-ceremony getaway? Although this wedding planner book addresses budget concerns like many other guides, the approach starts at the emotional base. Using logic and vantage points you may not have considered, helps brides determine what truly matters to them and what’s truly worthy of your wedding budget.

Kmart is known for inexpensive, quality products for the masses. It only makes sense that they would add wedding planner books for practical brides who want to forego the frills. However, the aesthetically pleasing design and well-structured guidance won’t feel like a bargain.

The unique approach of this wedding planner book caters to brides who want to focus on low-stress and how the experience will be remembered long after the wedding is over. Rather than fixate on venue and vendor management, although it addresses that as well, this book’s appeal is how it helps you plan your photoshoots and guest interaction.

This wedding planner book is for the bride who wants to know everything. The authors have seemingly asked every wedding planning-related question possible and have filtered through all of the answers leaving only the shiniest gems. With this wedding planner book, you have everything under control.

Simplicity is the defining aspect of this wedding planner book, making it ideal for brides who are just getting introduced to the world of wedding planning. This approach breaks the complicated world of wedding planning down into plain language, easily understood concepts that anyone can wrap their head around.

Weddings are a journey, and this wedding planner book is for brides that want to capture the experience. Yes, it contains all of the templates, checklists, and advice you would expect from a wedding guide. Beyond that, it’s a wedding planner journal book that allows you to customize it with gold foil names and wedding dates. 

This cute wedding planner book is for the bride that doesn’t need any advice. All she needs is a few blank pages to keep her thoughts organized. This cute and compact is highly transportable and features a built-in tassel bookmark. This allows brides on the go to document their thoughts the moment inspiration strikes, no matter where they are.

This tiny wedding planner book is for brides that need a particular balance between practical and emotional. This book addresses common situations like planning a budget and finding your dream dress. It also provides best practices for making your guests feel comfortable and handling bridal showers.

This is a gorgeous wedding planner book organizer for brides that understand project management. Check off your to-do list based on deadlines and dependencies. Stay organized with generous space and helpful stickers, all within a crisp and clean format.

There’s a wedding planner book out there for everyone. If we haven’t pointed out the one for you in this list, keep your needs and specific circumstances in mind, and keep on looking! You’re sure to find something that will keep you organized, on budget, and stress-free.