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55 Bridal Shower Gifts She Will Love And Etiquette Tips


Coming up with appropriate bridal shower gift ideas is a whole adventure on its own. This is because you don’t know what wedding shower gift ideas best expresses your bridal shower wishes. While you may have to get an item from the couple’s registry if they have one, it may not be within budget.

Other factors are knowing bridal shower gifts etiquette, how much to spend on bridal shower gifts and more. Find all the information to guide you in this post, because if you got a bridal shower invite, then you should live up to the hype!

How Much Should You Spend On a Bridal Shower Gift?

The amount to spend on bridal shower gifts for the bride is relative to your relationship with the bride. If she invites you to her bridal shower, then you have some kind of relationship. Do not go to just play bridal shower games, spend some money on a gift. Bridal shower gift by relatives and friends falls between $70$150. Acquaintances and colleagues can spend between $50$70. The least amount to spend on a gift is $25. Lastly, always work with a budget. If you plan on getting a gift for the wedding, split your gift money into 75% 25% ratio. The bigger part for the wedding and 25% for the bridal shower.


Personalized Bridal Shower Gifts


Wedding Dress Hanger

A wedding dress hanger is the best protection for a wedding dress. Whether in the closet or hanging out, the dress stays cute without a rumpling. This is also ideal for taking great pictures of the wedding dress. You’d be getting smiles from the bride.

Who will like: The very organized bride.
Where to buy: White Wood Pink Wire engraved with the bride on Walmart.
Price: $27.99


Personalized Cake Server

A personalized cake server is one of the best bridal shower gifts as it’s a necessity for weddings. She will thank you for saving her the stress of to shop for that.

Who will like: The bride who will cut a wedding cake.
Where to buy: Olympic 2-piece set cake server on crateandbarrel.
Price: $49.95


Personalized Guestbook

This is one of the most inexpensive bridal shower gifts you can get for a bride. She gets to emboss her name on her guest book, have guests sign into it at her wedding and keeping it safe.

Who will like: The bride who wants to keep a recorded souvenir of guests from the wedding.
Where to buy: Lilian Rose vintage lace guestbook from bedbathandbeyond.
Price: $21.99

  • Personalized Glassware

As unique bridal shower gifts for her go, personalized glassware rates high. It is beautiful to see something that carries her signature amongst her possessions. Something that’s for her.

Who will like: The bride who loves monogrammed glassware.
Where to buy: Personalized Wedding Shot Glassware from Etsy.
Price: $35.10


Personalized Necklace

A personalized necklace is a bridal shower gift for the bride that will serve as keepsakes. It holds sentimental and shows that a lot of thought was put into the gift. She will wear it everywhere.

Who will like: The sentimental bride.
Where to buy: Kate spade 12k gold plated initials pendant necklace on Macy’s.
Price: $58

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Bridal Shower Gift Basket Ideas


Bath Salts Gift Set

This is a stress relieving set for brides. Help brides ease off the stress before, during and after the wedding.

Who will like: The bride who loves a healthy skin
Where to buy: Relax bath salts set on Amazon
Price: $39.99

  • Spa Gift Set

The bride will have a great time relaxing and feeling good at the end of her spa session. Help her preserve her pre-wedding and post-wedding glow.

Who will like: The bride who loves to feel good.
Where to buy: Lovery spa gift set on Amazon.
Price: $34.99


Flower Basket

Gift the bride some flowers for her home as a sign of your love. Most brides could use these natural flowers for bouquets if it fits their theme.

Who will love: The nature-loving bride
Where to buy: Garden so sweet flower basket by flowersbylesa.
Price: $60 – $70

  • Chocolate Basket Set

Chocolates can get enjoyed at the bridal shower or serve as a snack for the bride before bed. Some sweet decadence won’t go amiss.

Who will like: The sweet-toothed bride.
Where to buy: Chocolate Treasures Gourmet Food Gift Basket on Amazon.
Price: $83.47


Wine Set

A wine set can come in handy at the bridal shower, the wedding or after the wedding. What’s a toast without good wine? Wines are unique bridal shower gifts for bridal showers and couples.

Who will like: The bride who loves to relax and have a good time.
Where to buy: Nonalcoholic sparkling deluxe wine assortment, 6 bottles, and 750ml each on Amazon.
Price: $154.99

Contemporary and Unique Bridal Shower Gifts


Subscription Box

Surprise her by giving her a bridal subscription box! First of all, this little extra will give her even more thrill of anticipation! What can be more pleasant than a surprisingly fun set of various wedding items? Such a gift will show her that you care and understand how hard the wedding preparations can be. Ease it a little bit with a Miss to Mrs Bridal subscription box. A lot of new brides are a bit overwhelmed with the amount of planning ahead. This set can help her and make the preparations more pleasant. She will definitely need all the items, and the box can give her some wedding inspiration!

These can be a bridal shower gift from bridesmaids as they are personal. This will save the bride some cash in getting a Miss to Mrs. Bridal subscription box. Just pick a package she will love, from reading to gourmets or beauty and she’d get continuous supplies.

Who will like: The bride that loves a good time.
Where to buy: Bridal subscription box by Miss To Mrs Box
Price: $29.99

Create your own marquee and cinema indoors with a lightbox décor. This will bring more light and warmth to the home

Who will like: The bride who loves brightness indoors.
Where to buy: Cinematic lightbox with letters on Amazon.
Price: $14.99


Candle Holder Set

These candle holders can pass for bridal shower gifts for the bride who has everything. They would hold candles to give the home a mild and calm glow.

Who will like: The couple who love relaxation and romance.
Where to buy: American atelier candle holder set of 3 on Amazon.
Price: From $9

  • Engraved Hammer

This gift is a reminder of the journey they want to begin. You save the couple money from buying a hammer to use around the house.

Who will like: The handy couple.
Where to buy: Fredrick personalized engraved hammer on Amazon.
Prices: $29.99


Modern Vases

This is a way to complement the decor of houses by bringing nature indoors. They are beautiful with great aesthetic presence.

Who will like: The stylish bride.
Where to buy: Foundation vases on
Price: $9 – $71

Inexpensive Bridal Shower Gifts


Glass Coaster Set

These glass coaster set are inexpensive party gifts that keep the dining table void of vapor marks. It is ideal for the home of a new couple as they may entertain more guests.

Who will like: The couple who loves to maintain neat dining.
Where to buy: American atelier glass coaster set of 4 on Amazon.
Price: $12.00

  • Home Doormat

A home doormat will serve the couple and everyone coming to the home to dust their feet with. This is ideal for the couple just setting up their home.

Who will like: For the homely couple.
Where to buy: Live every moment doormat on Walmart.
Price: $14.00


Something Blue Handkerchief

Ideal as a bridal shower gift for a best friend, something blue handkerchief will be a reminder of your love. And who knows? A handle help when she tears up at the wedding.

Who will like: The emotional and sentimental bride.
Where to buy: Something blue bridal handkerchief by kkweddings on Etsy.
Price: $21.53

  • Cute Coffee Mugs

These unique gifts for the bridal shower will serve coffee loving couples in their homes.

Who will like: Coffee lovers.
Where to buy: Mercer denim mug set of 8 pieces on crateandbarrel.
Price: $36.95


Funny Apron

These funny aprons will prove usefulness for couples who love to cook. The funny inscriptions will give them a nice time while at it.

Who will like: For the couple who loves to cook.
Where to buy: My cooking is good apron on Amazon.
Price: $15.95

Best Bridal Shower Gifts She Will Reuse


Family Name Serving Tray

This is a gift that the bride will use even after the wedding, for every time she hosts an event in her home. They come with names and initials.

Who will like: A bride who hosts regularly.
Where to buy: Round wood tray with a name on Etsy.
Price: $25.00

  • Wine Chiller

This is a worthy gift that won’t outlive its use because it comes handy at events and the home. The couple can keep their wines constantly chilled.

Who will like: The couple that entertains often.
Where to buy: Wine enthusiast double walled bottle chiller on Amazon.
Price: $24.99


Mixing Bowl Set

The mixing bowl is a must-have for the bride who loves to cook. It gives her a medium to mix condiments for every time she cooks.

Who will like: The bride who loves to cook and bake.
Where to buy: Pyrex mixing bowl set on Amazon.
Price: $19.97

  • Stylish Passport Case

A passport case is one that the bride will use countless times. They suit travel and work. Glam up her passport with a befitting case.

Who will love: The bride who wants to protect her passport.
Where to buy: Daisy rose luxury passport holder on Amazon.
Price: $11.97


Cheese Knives

For the bride that loves cheese, this will be of consistent use in the home.

Who will love: This is for the bride that loves cheese.
Where to buy: Silver perforated knife by True on Walmart.
Price: $8.04

Best Selling Bridal Shower Gifts Ideas


Cashmere Long Robe

They are soft, warm, indulgent and comfortable dressing robes for the bride. She could rock this on her wedding morning.

Who will like: The stylish bride.
Where to buy: Cashmere long robes from white&warren
Price: $475

  • Infinity Canvas

This a lasting infinity canvas to always remind the couple that they are bound together forever. They can place this above their beds. A beautiful sight to wake up to.

Who will like: The romantic bride.
Where to buy: Infinity sign by canvas vows on Etsy.
Price: $89.00


Grow Old with Me Wine Barrel Clock

A clock as old as time is a perfect representation of how their love will grow old, stronger and sweeter.

Who would like: The sentimental bride.
Where to buy: Grow old with me wine barrel clock on
Price: $109

  • Ring Holder

Ring holder is a safe point for the couple to keep their rings when they have to take it off around the house.

Who will like: For the organized couple.
Where to buy: Concrete ring cone by Vivaljo on Etsy.
Price: $7.95


Canvas with Love Poem

A perfect platform to put down all the love they feel in their hearts for each other. Ideal for house decor.

Who will like: The romantic bride
Where to buy: Poem large canvas by OCCanvas studio on Etsy.
Price: $30.00

Bridal Shower Gift for Best Friend


Chic Bracelet

A bracelet will adorn her wrists and put a smile on her face and strengthen your bond, knowing you gifted them to her. Your best friend.

Who will like: The trendy bride.
Where to buy: Labradorite bracelet by Atwildflower on Etsy.
Price: $35.00

  • Sexy Sleepwear

Your best friend will sleep in style and comfort, feeling the sensual decadence of her sexy sleepwear. It can only come from a best friend.

Who will like: The sensual bride.
Where to buy: The satin PJ by Victoria secrets.
Price: $89.50


Satin Minaudiere

A bride would love this clutch for evening parties and formal affairs. A way to complete her outfit and step out in style.

Who will like: The elegant bride.
Where to buy: Menbur Cimabue satin Minaudiere on eBay.
Price: $48

  • Bookends

They keep books arranged by holding them in place and making the area tidy. This is even a great way to preserve books.

Who will like: The bride who loves to read
Where to buy: Bicycle bookends, a pair on Wayfair.
Price: $33.99


Jewelry Box

The bride will keep all her pieces of jewelry safe in this stylish jewelry box.

Who will like: The modern and stylish bride.
Where to buy: Musical jewelry box on Amazon.
Price: $13.95

Bridal Shower Gifts for the Bride Who Has Everything


Cozy Blanket

Blankets are ideal bridal shower gifts for a bride who has everything. She relaxes, eases off stress and gets all warmed up on cold days.

Who will like: Every bride that loves comfort.
Where to buy: Martex super soft fleece blanket on Walmart.
Price: $29.99

  • Bath Accessories

Modern bathroom accessories will enhance and make the bathroom experience more relaxing and fun.

Who will like: The bride who loves a stylish bathroom
Where to buy: Capiz bathroom ensemble for bedbathandbeyond.
Price: $15.99 – $39.99


Napkin Rings

These napkin rings help keep napkins tidy on the dining table when not in use. They are also fashionable.

Who will like: The homely and orderly bride.
Where to buy: Aria copper napkin rings from crateandbarrel.
Price: $2.95

  • SPA Session

Help the bride who has everything relax from the stress of planning her wedding with a spa session.

Who will like: The modern bride who loves to relax.
Where to buy: Facial and massage package at Bliss spa.
Price: From $169



There is nothing more appealing than retiring to a soft, skin-friendly and welcoming bed sheets at the end of a long day. She will love this one.

Who will like: The bride who has everything and loves comfort.
Where to buy: Chic home illusion 6pc queen sheet set from Macy’s.
Price: $36.00

Bridal Shower Gifts from Bridesmaids


Honeymoon Essentials

Bridal shower gifts from bridesmaids do not get better than go pro cameras. A honeymoon essential to help the couple preserve as many memories of good times through pictures.

Who will like: The bride that wants to have a fun honeymoon.
Where to buy: Go Pro Hero on Amazon.
Price: $174.89

  • Travel Jewelry Kit

A travel jewelry kit is a great way to carry her jewelry lightweight without taking so much space. It will also keep the pieces of jewelry safe.

Who will like: The beauty conscious and stylish bride.
Where to buy: Case elegance vegan leather travel jewelry kit on Amazon.
Price: $23.77



For a stylish, glamour and comfortable honeymoon travel, a piece of cute luggage is best.

Who will like: The modern traveler bride.
Where to buy: London fog Oxford luggage at Macy’s.
Price: $240

  • Bridal Emergency Kit

This emergency kit contains everything item that a bride will need to salvage minor situations on her big day. Wardrobe malfunctions, a cut, smeared makeup and all.

Who will like: The bride who loves to stay prepared.
Where To Buy: Yacanna wedding survival kit on Amazon.
Price: $27.95


Experience Vouchers

Pick an experience the bride will love, from driving lessons to food tours, flying and hiking. The experience will be with her always.

Who will like: An adventurous bride.
Where to buy: Experience packages at
Price: From $11- $180

Bridal Shower Gifts for Couples


Mr. & Mrs. Frame

Personalized couple frames and pictures will adorn the homes of newlyweds, reminding them of their love.

Who will like: A romantic couple.
Where to buy: Personalized Mr. and Mrs. Picture frame on Etsy.
Price: $22.99

  • Cutting Board for Couple

Cutting boards for couple enable them to cook and bond at the same time.

Who will love: The couple who cooks together.
Where to buy: Personalized engraved couple cutting board on Etsy.
Price: $28.00


Memory Box

Memory boxes are ideal bridal shower gifts for couples as they can save all their memories in it. From the beginning of their relationship, baby’s first tooth till they grow old.

Who will like: The couple that treasure keepsakes.
Where to buy: Wood rustic memory box on Etsy.
Price: $23.95

  • Day to Remember Print

These prints are custom made and contain a couple of pictures and wedding dates. A perfect reminder of the day they sealed their love.

Who will like: A romantic couple that wants to preserve their special date.
Where to buy: Day to remember print by danaraedesignsit on Etsy.
Price: $39.99


I Do, Me Too Cups

Couples can take their beverages and bond while at it. Durable mugs that emphasize the beauty of vows.

Who will like: A romantic couple.
Where to buy: I do, me too cups by linhongbing on Amazon.
Price: $22.89

Wedding Shower Gift Ideas


Sand Set for a Wedding ceremony

A symbol of their oneness, love, and unity fixed in their home after the wedding will keep their love strong. Wedding shower gift ideas that serve as reminders of their own.

Who will love: The unity wedding couple.
Where to buy: Cathy’s concept sand set shadow box set for a wedding on Amazon.
Price: From $85

  • His and Hers Coffee Spoons

These spoons are durable and will put a smile on their couple’s face for every time they stir their coffee.

Who will like: A couple who are coffee lovers.
Where to buy: His coffee, her coffee spoons by milkandhoneyluxury on Etsy.
Price: $28.00


Mr. & Mrs. Champagne Flutes

A matching pair of champagne flutes is a beautiful sight for when couples take champagne or a having a toast.

Who will like: Couples who will toast to everything.
Where to buy: Engraved twisted stem champagne flutes on Amazon.
Price: $33.00

  • Mr. & Mrs. Ring Dish

A ring dish is a stylish way to keep rings in view when they are not in use without creating clutter or misplacing the rings.

Who will like: A couple who love orderliness and style.
Where to buy: The Paisley Mr. and Mrs. Ring dish from Etsy
Price: $15.00


Date Night

This is a way to intensify the bond they share.

Who will like: The romantic couple who loves time out together.
Where to buy: Look out for movies, restaurants or musicals they love to visit and get them a ticket for two.
Price: Within a reasonable budget.

Bridal Shower Gift Etiquette


Must you give a bridal shower gift and a wedding gift?

As beautiful as it is to give bridal shower gifts, wedding gifts are mandatory. Instead of not giving a wedding gift, do not give much for a bridal shower. Simply send a heartfelt card. Split your wedding gift budgeted into two parts and the bigger portion goes to the wedding gift.

Can I give cash as a bridal shower gift?

Cash is fine for wedding gifts, but for a bridal shower, a little more effort is needed. You should pick something out from their registry, especially if you’re getting bridal shower gift for best friend. The thought is what counts and knowing you care enough to pick out gifts matter.


Should I send a gift if I can’t attend?

Yes, please! This is especially if you got an invite to the bridal shower. Get a befitting gift for the bride, match it a handwritten note sending all your love and best wishes. Apologize for not being able to make it, and you would have saved your relationship.

This is a great post to get ideas for bridal shower gifts that would have the bride beaming. We made the job easier by creating a list of 55 popular, but unique bridal shower gifts for couples. Whether you are a bridesmaid, a best friend, colleague or relative, this is your ultimate list of bridal shower gift ideas. What’s more, they are affordable and cheap bridal shower gifts with the right etiquette to go with. Make picks to suit your budget!