Unfortunate Wedding Night Truths & Alternatives


The wedding is complete and everyone is still raving over your delicious food, stunning gown and beautiful ceremony. Now the much-anticipated wedding night has arrived. Most couples have indulged in doing the deed before the big day, so being together the first time as husband and wife can be wonderfully intimate and comfortable. However, despite your expectations, things may not go quite the way you planned on your wedding night. What can you expect? Here are some things to think about when it comes to Wedding night truths.

1. Your Dress May be Beautiful, But…

Your gorgeous gown stole the show and looked fabulous on you, but now that you want to take it off, it is stealing the romance. There was always someone there assisting you before the wedding night and they knew what they were doing. Take a deep breath, ask your hubby for help. If he has a hard time too at least you can laugh about it together. No one talks about this tricky part of the night but be patient with yourself and with your husband. You both are probably tired. You don’t have to succumb to the pressure of consummating your marriage tonight.

Don’t worry if you find yourselves too pooped by the time you get out of your gown, there are many more nights you will have together for romance. Enjoy cuddling while getting a well-deserved rest and rejuvenation. Besides, you are officially honeymooning and the romance can pick back up in the morning.
*Remember you can practice getting out of your dress alone, once you select your gown during your fitting. Ask the attendant to show you how to get out of your dress unassisted and then try.


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