How To Have A Memorable But Cheap Wedding

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The general idea about weddings is to impress everyone, and this makes them frown at a cheap wedding. At the end of the day, couples get indebted, leading to tight finance and a subsequent strain on the marriage. This doesn’t have to be your story, as the day should leave only good memories behind.

Your wedding is specifically about you, celebrating our vows and the intimacy you share. So if you’re not up for extravagance, there are cheap wedding ideas to explore. Cheap doesn’t always mean tacky and the creatively unique options are endless. To help make your dream wedding possible, we’ve put together some of the best cheap wedding ideas, from attire to photographer cost and other details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get married without a wedding?

Self-solemnization or self-uniting without a third party is the best option. Choose a state that legalizes self-solemnization. Submit all necessary documents and apply for the relevant license. The appropriate document costs about $30 to $40. This procedure helps you get married legally in the absence of an officiant or witnesses.

Can I have a wedding without guests?

Yes, you can. A wedding without guests is the perfect excuse to have a romantic or destination wedding. However, you will need about two to three witnesses for the event. Explain to the people in your life that you are not fit for huge events right now. You can choose to hold a party to celebrate with them at your convenience.


Tips For Planning A Cheap Wedding

To pull off your big day in style, here are some cheap and easy wedding ideas. The couple, bridesmaids, and guests are covered.


Tips For Wedding Attire

  • One of the first steps to plan a wedding is sorting out the attire. It begins with the shoes and we advise that you don’t buy white. They are quite pricey, limited options, hard to maintain, and have restrictive matches to clothes. Nude, grey, peach, and ivory colors are better shoe options.
  • To make things easier on the bridesmaids, let them choose their dresses. Just give the girls colors to go with, an array of styles, and maybe length. They can pick clothes from their wardrobe which will cost them less money than buying something new.
  • For the groomsmen, suggest that they wear suits or tuxedos from their wardrobe as it will save more cost. If they have no suits, then renting is an option.
  • The bride can opt for an off-white, cream, cream, ivory, or blush bridesmaid dress. They are cheaper and work best for beach, casual, backyard, or park weddings.


Tips For Guests

  • Overhauling your guest list is one of the small cheap wedding ideas you’ll love. Cut down the list by limiting it to those that you cannot wed without. Do this with your partner and the parents if they’re contributing. Enlist the people you’ve talked to the most or invited to your home in the past three months.
  • You could also host your wedding without a long line of wedding attendants. Limit your wedding party to the most essential which are the maid of honor, best man, little bride, and page boy.
  • As for the rehearsal dinner, you don’t have to hire a huge venue. Host it in the comfort of your home, garden, or backyard.


Tips For Venue And Catering

  • One of the cute wedding ideas to consider is an improvised venue. Remember that the wedding venue takes a chunk of your budget after feeding. Choose a venue that you can use for the reception. This way, you save money on one venue and transportation for guests.
  • The catering is another huge dent in your budget. Open spaces such as parks, gardens, and government-run spaces allow you to bring in your caterer. This way, you can negotiate to your satisfaction, unlike halls where you’re mandated to choose a package.
  • Another way to cut down costs on the food budget is by having an assortment of the cocktails present instead of beer and wines. Cocktails are budget-friendly, easy to prepare and the guests can have as much as they want.
  • Choose a small cake from a nearby bakery and decorate it to your satisfaction. If you want something huge, use the Styrofoam method and cut it for the pictures. Have another one prepared, cut, and boxed or cupcakes for the guests to go home with.
  • For your meals, choose an outdoor family-owned restaurant, a street food truck, or an everyday food vendor not affiliated with the wedding industry. They’ll charge you a discount rate when you order in bulk.
  • Lastly, instead of creating a wedding registry for gifts, ask for help. If you’ve got family members that can bake, photograph, DJ, cook, etc, they’ll be glad to help. You may also pay it forward by letting them drop their business cards at your wedding.

Decor Tips

  • Do you know anyone that has just tied the knot? Ask them for their decor items. There’s the likelihood that they’d give them to you for free or sell them for a fraction of their original prices. On the other hand, visit a decor thrift or dollar store to buy an assortment of decor for little.
  • If you want real, fresh, and new; go seasonal. Visit the florist for seasonal flowers within your locality or region. Stay away from anything imported. The decor within the season will come at a much lower price.
  • You can also go for foliage or greenery for your bouquet. In the absence of those, keep it simple by buying one species of flower. Faux flowers are also a cheaper alternative option that oozes class. For the venue and centerpieces decor, opt for dried flowers that have been well preserved. They come at a very cheap price and last longer.


  • For stationery, a unique cheap wedding idea is to schedule a bulk invitation email and send it off to your guests. For a more creative look, create your invitation on platforms like Basic Invite. Use a loved-up picture background or somewhere you’ve been. Print out and mail it to your guests.
  • To send out save the dates, email is a more cost-effective medium. You can also cut down the budget by creating your own cards. Templates like Greetings Island, Cards and Pockets, Wedding Chics, etc; allows you to create and customize your whole invitation suite. They’re also printable. Replicating the printed invite suite will save you tons of money.


The Small Details Which Are Important

Couples often overlook the small details which make the day unique. See some ideas on how to handle this part.

  1. Make wedding favors — or skip them
    You have given your guests the best time, it is okay to skip the wedding favor and send them home happy. If you feel like giving out favors, prepare homemade treats and bag them for them to snack on the road. This will save more money than ordering them.
  2. Do your own hair, nails, and makeup
    Attend a consultation with a hair, nail, and makeup technician. Document all the items that match you best and purchase them yourself. Fix your hair by yourself or have your maid of honor work on it. Use press on nails and do simple everyday makeup with a little flair. Lastly, don’t wait until the wedding day. Practice in advance no matter how good you are. This way, you save money
  3. Create Your Own Playlist
    Get together with your partner and curate a wedding playlist. Choose songs that are meaningful to you. Start with some for the ceremony and then choose the mood appropriate ones for the reception. Hand the playlist over to the organist and DJ before your wedding starts.
  4. Snap Happy – Instead Photobooth
    Natural photos are the best. So instead of setting up a photo booth, save some money by taking organized fun photos. Make faces, change your styles, and smile big. You can also whip up props for heightened fun.

Enjoy successful nuptials by incorporating any of these cheap wedding ideas into your day. They’re budget-friendly and works for any theme. We’ve also answered some of your nagging questions, so you are informed. It’s all about you and the happiness you want to share. Opt for a cheap wedding and bask in only good memories.

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