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Doubts About Marriage? Tips On How To Keep Calm


Are you getting married soonest and you’re developing cold feet, or have some doubts about marriage? It’s not applicable to everyone, but it’s normal to feel so before you marry someone. While some people are sure at first glance, others get ideas popping into their heads.


Before we dive in, let’s establish that a spouse not to marry is the one who abuses. Abuse covering infidelity, drugs, emotional and physical battery, chronic drunk and smoker, and other vices. Now we are clear, people often have doubts before marriage concerning themselves or intended spouse.

We get questions like “am I marrying the right person” or how do I know when to marry. Sometimes, it’s a situation of them feeling they aren’t good enough or can’t love their spouses enough. Is it enough to call off the wedding? Stay glued, we’ll give you tips on how to know if you should get married.

  1. Should I Get Married If I Have Doubts About Our Goals And Values?

In truth, the variety they say is the spice of life. We remain unique in our differences, as it shows our ability to think. But, even while people differ, ideals, goals, and values must align. As a person, I will marry you only if I know that we play for the same team.
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Values are what make and define you as a person. So, if your partner doesn’t believe in them, you’re not meant to be. This isn’t something to ignore, because it will haunt you in the long run. Interests will clash which could breed ruckus and enmity.


Although thoughts differ, there must be a place of dialogue, overlap, and compromise. The right person for you want to see you win, and they’d make sure of it. Don’t marry a person who doesn’t share the same goals and values with you. They’d hold you back, drag you down and leave you for dead.


Should I Get Married If I See Red Flags?

Love is all that matters. Absolutely! But can only love sustain a marriage? No! Truth is that you may need to put that wedding on hold and do some thinking. While at it, you should know that, no one changes after marriage. You’d see the best and the worst of them instead.
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And if there are red flags already, be realistic in not expecting them to change. If you marry them expecting a change, even with promises, you’re in for a heartbreak. We do not expect you to react to this as we would, that’s why people differ. But we will leave you with a question that will help you decide to leave or stay. What are your deal breakers and non-negotiables?


What If The Spark Goes Out In Our Marriage?

Doubts before marriage such as this are the biggest fears in marriage. That spark! You’ll get married and life begins, job, family, businesses, other commitments. This makes your life so busy that it may tear you apart or bring you closer. It’s like wine, some get better with age, while others are only for the moment.
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When you choose to get better with age, you work on it. Think of new things to spice up the relationship every time. Always go back to the beginning and ignite the spark. Do the things you did together when it was only the both of you. Take time off, communicate and see them as you. You can never get tired of your siblings and parents. So, get ready to enjoy 50years of companionship.


How Do I Know Who To Marry?

Have you ever been with that one person, and you experience such peace, ease, and effortless growth? That’s the one! You don’t need to search for it or struggle to feel it. The right one to marry gives you rest. They ensure that you’re okay in the mental, emotional, and physical departments.
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They are sensitive to you, listen, and want you to be happy. They take your goals personally and push you to succeed. With them, you’ll experience growth, focus, care, fun, balance, calm, and romance. When you meet this person, that’s when to marry.


What About Love, Affections, And Sex

The above are three huge elephants in the room while lots of people love to ignore. But, after finance, they remain the greatest cause of divorce. Love, affection, and sex in marriage relationships are very important. So, think twice about marrying a person who doesn’t understand your love language.
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Marry only your friend, as the fun never does, and the affection is in real time. Saying that they love you us cheap, they must act it. If you don’t experience it, hold on a bit. Sex is another deal breaker for couples. Be on the same sexual page as per libido, and preferences. Anything to the contrary and your marriage will suffer.

With doubts about marriage comes conflicting decisions of whether to stay or not. We’ve talked about a few nagging issues as it relates doubts before marriage. We also opine that doubts must be well backed by facts. That you have doubts doesn’t mean the marriage will succeed or fail. How much you know each other, love each other and are ready to make it work that matters.