Amazing Wedding Favor Ideas That Every Guest Will Love

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Couples give out wedding party favors as an appreciation to the guests and keepsakes from their big day. With this in mind, you want to start scouting wedding favors for guests toward the final months of planning. There are a million tangible, thoughtful, memorable, and useful wedding favor ideas to choose from. However, this will depend on your budget, time constraint, and what you want to achieve. Think homemade soaps and candles, wines, edibles, tote bags, masks, bridesmaids’ specials, and more, the list is endless. To inspire you, we’ve created a list of trendy and unique wedding favors for guests.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it rude to not have wedding favors?

It is a beautiful gesture to buy party favor ideas for a wedding, but not mandatory. You are already spending a ton on food, drinks and giving the guests a memorable experience. Besides, most favors go straight to the attic after the wedding. So, giving favors should be a thing of convenience.


COVID-19 Wedding Favors

Giving favors during covid leans towards protection, safety, and hygiene. Here are some fun wedding gifts for guests that they will surely use.

Personalized Face Masks

Create facemasks for the guests’ protection but in a fun way. You can do this by inscribing funny and cute quotes or love quotes that mean the most to you. Alternatively, opt for face masks in your wedding color palette so that there is cohesion. If you wish for more personalization, monogram or inscribe your initials into the mask.


Individual Hand Sanitizer Bottles

One of the most unique weddings favors ideas is the hand sanitizer. While some guests may forget theirs, others may not see the need. So to keep them safe while inspiring romance, offer sanitizers with monogrammed stickers that scream your wedding details. If you want to go the extra mile, put them in monogrammed mini totes.


Best Favor Ideas

The best wedding favors gift ideas are thoughtful, heartfelt, and meaningful. See some gifts perfect for your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and every other deserving person.

Wedding Gifts For Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids gave up so much to make sure your day was successful. Say thank you by bringing them comfort with some personalized unique wedding favors. Gift them a beauty box with essentials to keep them glowing. You can also opt for monogrammed slippers, lingerie, lounge or nightwear, and more for modern, vintage, or country weddings.


Ideal Presents For The Groomsmen

The guys who saw the groom at the altar also deserve some appreciation. Get them a standard man box for their grooming activities. If a man box is above your budget, opt for wine, a wristwatch, a nice tie, scents, or other nice accessories.


DIY Wedding Favor Ideas

If you have some time on your hands, here are some creative wedding favor ideas that you can DIY. They are heartfelt, useful, and with a homemade touch. For country weddings, bake some cookies and repackage matches with your custom box. If your wedding is more modern or industrial, custom boxes of chocolate, coffee, and the likes will serve well. But if your wedding is more eco-friendly, gift the guests some succulents or botanical plans.

Unique Wedding Favor Ideas For Guests

When it comes to choosing wedding favors for guests, you can try to think outside the box and come up with unique ideas that your guests will love. They will not only show your appreciation to your guests but also make your wedding day stand out in their memories for years to come.

Alcoholic Drinks Like Wedding Gifts

Gift the wedding guests mini wine bottles or crates of mini beers. Get creative by using stickers with quirky letters and funny information. Don’t forget to include your wedding date and sign off with your initials. Package in burlap for barn weddings, lace for vintage, or cute ribbons for modern weddings.


Soap And Candles Gifts

Candle kits with wooden holders and herbs are perfect gifts for guests at rustic and modern weddings. Homemade or spa soaps are some of the best gifts at minimalist weddings. The best part is that they cost your little and you can package them in cute tote bags. Put them in baskets near your reception tables for guests to pick.

Food Basket And Boxes

Edible gifts are a toast of wedding guests any day. Give them one for the road by loading a box of food platter. Create an assortment of finger foods of sealed edibles. Cookies, truffles, smoothies, juices, and more are perfect lineups. Separate them into individually sealed packs and stamp your signature on them.


Unusual Wedding Favors

Unusual wedding favors are not your everyday gifts but are well appreciated by the recipients. See some beautiful ideas below.

Homemade Goodies Wedding Favors

You never know how much your homemade recipes mean to your guests. Gift them personalized edible items made by your hands and stay in their hearts forever. Try making jelly or jam of different flavors in well-packaged tubs for your guests. You can also pour pure honey in repurposed cans and seal it up with cute covers and stickers or fun-shaped granola bars.


Memory Stick

Memory sticks are some of the best keepsakes for wedding guests. Preserve your wedding memories and share them with your guests in memory sticks and personalize them. Opt for a wooden design for rustic and country weddings. If your wedding is modern or chic, consider a paper printable package, monogrammed, or plastic style stick.

Succulents And Cute Plants

Plants and succulents are some of the coolest wedding favors. Not only are they of environmental benefits, but are also aesthetically pleasing. Light up your guests’ home with succulents in cute-faced ceramic pots for casual weddings. You can also follow your wedding palette and get mismatched pots with monogrammed details on them.


Personalized Wedding Favors

Personalized wedding favors are more sentimental than any kind of gift. Whether you’re offering water bottles, metallic flutes, visors, decanters, flatware, or more, monogram your names, initials, or wedding date on them. You can make discreet engraving on the item or keep them bold and stylish.

Philanthropic Wedding Favor

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If giving is dear to your heart, philanthropic deeds are some of the best wedding token ideas to consider as favors. Donations are a way to foster love and care for one another. Convert your wedding favor to cash and give them to charity organizations that need them the most on behalf of your guests.

Sites like JustGiving lets you donate money in the name of your guests, then you can order tent cards for the reception. The cards will inform the guests about the specific charity that you gave donations to instead of favors. If you want to make direct donations, organizations like “Make a Wish,” for children dying from diseases allow donations through the website. There are also cancer, animal, water preservation, environmental and other charities that can use some donation. These charities will either make announcements or donation cards in the name of your guests.

Above are some of the most amazing wedding favor ideas that you can try. They are thoughtful, budget-friendly, and suitable for any wedding style. Make your day memorable with any of these ideas.