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36 The Best Wedding Favor Ideas


A wonderful way to say thank you is wedding favors. It can be really different and interesting things. You can buy them in a shop or make themselves. Much more creative and interesting gifts are DIY ones. This article presents a variety of wedding favor ideas like sweets, alcogol drinks, candles, packs for bath and many others to help making the right choice.


Photo 1-3: The Best Wedding Favors For Guests

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Photo 4-6: Wedding Gifts For Bridesmaids

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Photo 7-9: Ideal Presents For Groomsmen

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Photo 10-12: DIY Wedding Favor Ideas

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Photo 13-15: Good Ideas Of Wedding Gigts With Sweets

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Photo 16-18: Alcogol Drinks Like Wedding Gifts

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Photo 19-21: Wedding Pack For Bath

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Photo 22-24: Interesting Plants And Candles Gifts

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Photo 25-27: Unusual Gifts Ideas For Wedding

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Photo 28-30: Different Ideas Of  Wedding Gifts With Dates

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Photo 31-33: Little Wedding Jars

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Photo 34-36: Lovely Wedding Boxes

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