Wedding Food Ideas & Trends Your Guests Will Love

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With so much to do when planning a wedding. It can feel like a lot to also plan the menu for the wedding reception. There are so many options to choose from and guest preferences must be considered. However, your style of wedding could go a long way in determining the wedding food ideas that would work.

Whether you’re having an outdoor buffet, black tie dinner, or backyard summer wedding. Here are wedding food ideas that could totally inspire you.

Is it a good idea to use a food truck for your wedding?

A food truck is a great idea for an outdoor wedding that is leaning towards the unconventional. It can also be a cost-effective option for a wedding that doesn’t have a traditional caterer or kitchen.

Unique Wedding Food Ideas

A great wedding is perfect in every aspect. And even the food ideas for the wedding would need to be unique and served in the most appetizing ways. You can surprise your guests with Instagrammable food combinations. That will make your wedding enjoyable and memorable at the same time.

Below are a few unique options.



A seafood buffet would be a great idea for a summer wedding in the great outdoors. If you require a wedding party idea for food platters, you could consider a seafood station complete with oysters on the half shell, lobster tails, and even salmon with a variety of sauce toppings they will enjoy.

These light options would be suitable for a reception on the beach or an expansive lawn area.


Sushi Bar

Lovers of sushi will enjoy it as a food idea for a wedding reception. This refreshing and fun menu idea can be spread out at a sushi bar.

With a variety of options, including vegan for non-fish eaters, guests can choose the type of rolls that they want, how many, and anything else they’d like to pair with their meal. Sushi is a light and stylish menu choice that would be a popular favorite at any celebration.



Another unique wedding food idea, Carpaccio is a versatile dish that can be served in a variety of ways and at almost any type of event. For a wedding, it would be best served at cocktail hour.

Known as an Italian hors d’oeuvre, Carpaccio is usually served raw, consisting of thinly sliced veal, fish, steak, or even octopus. Drizzled in lemon juice or vinegar, truffle oil, or olive oil, it is often a winner with wedding guests.

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Cheap Wedding Food Ideas

If you are on a tight budget, there are many cheap wedding food bar ideas that would be pocket friendly. And while a food truck at a wedding is not a bad idea, there are lots of other options available to the couple that wants to remain on budget. Here are a few suggestions.


The classic pizza is loved by everyone and can be a fun addition to your wedding menu. To make it an extra special finger food idea for a wedding reception, you could get creative and have a variety of pizza toppings for guests to choose from.

Depending on your budget, you could have everyday store-bought pizza, or wood-fired pizza made right there at the wedding reception.


Mini Burgers

Burgers are another popular favorite that most guests would be down with. Whether you need a good wedding food idea for a BBQ reception or just need finger food everyone would love, mini burgers and sliders would be welcome.

They can come in a variety of flavors from beef to chicken, fish, or even pork, with sauces to fit the season and tastes of your different wedding guests.

Wedding Food Ideas – Bacon

Bacon is another inexpensive food idea for a wedding and definitely one that would catch your guests by surprise. Luckily, it’s a versatile treat that can be served in any number of ways.

You can have bacon-wrapped cantaloupes for a summer wedding or wrapped around asparagus for a bohemian or rustic celebration. Bacon sandwiches are also a favorite at outdoor BBQs and will be loved by all. Serve with cold drinks, and you have a winning appetizer.



Pasta is another popular favorite and a great winter wedding food idea. As far as plated meals go, most kinds of pasta would be acceptable, from spaghetti to fettuccine or even rigatoni.

Pair this simple and fun dish with either fish or meats, peppers, and steamed or roasted vegetables for a lovely plated meal your guests would not hesitate to sit down to.

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BBQ For Wedding Food

A barbecue is a great wedding food idea for an outside wedding, especially if it’s a chill and laid-back celebration with close friends and family.

Whether you’re having a rustic barn wedding or backyard garden celebration, nothing can quite compare to the joy of eating grilled meats and other finger foods while celebrating. Some examples include:


Meat On The Grill

Whether you need wedding shower food ideas or ideas for that backyard wedding reception, grilled meat at a barbecue will always be a great option. With a wide variety of meal favorites that could be on the menu, quick grills such as kabobs are great to serve hot straight from the grill.

There’s also the option of seafood such as grilled prawns or other proteins such as a bistro filet. These can be served as is with herbs and sauces or on beds of flatbread for a satisfying meal.

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Vegetables On The Grill

Meats aren’t the only type of food that can be grilled for such an occasion. Grilled vegetables can add a light and refreshing mix to your menu. Whether as a side dish or as a base for grilled meats, vegetables are sure to add color and extra flavors to the food.

Consider roasted beets, radishes, and cabbages for your veggies. These can be combined with honey, cheeses, or even berries for added flavor.

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Finger Food Ideas For Wedding Reception

Finger foods are a favorite for guests at weddings for their ease to pick up and eat. They can also be fun, especially since it’s easy to have a wide variety of them to please different tastes. Finger foods are great for pre-wedding cocktails and the main reception. Here are a few suggestions.

Mini Tacos

You can have a creative and colorful summer wedding complete with tasty mini tacos for those guests that love spice and summertime flavors. Tacos are versatile as finger foods since each can have a different type of filling, from shredded beef to tuna, chicken, or even crab.

These bite-sized tacos would be easy to hold alongside glasses of margaritas or signature cocktails to enjoy under the summer sun.


Mobile Food Shots

Bite-sized portions of elegant comfort food are a great idea for decorating a wedding food table. These servings, which are essentially food shots, can be anything from fresh veggie rolls to chicken wings, soups, oysters, or even something sweet such as profiteroles.

The result of such cute servings of a variety of foods often results in guests staying satisfied throughout the evening as they reach out for more.

Comfortable Tarts

Consider tarts for something sweet or even something sweet and sour for your guests. The versatility of this menu item means that you could have tarts to fit every type of diet of each of your wedding guests.

The variety could range from onion tarts to eggplant, strawberries or even mushrooms. Give your guests the gift of a wide variety so that every bite is a sweet or sour surprise.

It is hard to go wrong with wedding food ideas curated to fit the style and personality of your wedding. Each menu item is versatile enough to be served in any number of ways to fit the occasion as well as several food preferences or special diets.