4 Things That Will Change After The Wedding


Recently engaged? Don’t forget to change your relationship status on all of your social pages. Just said, “I DO”? Remember to change your last name on all of your social networking sites. Plans on moving now that you’re married? Change of address forms is in your near future. These are only the surface of the changes that take place after the wedding and the list continues to grow annually. We’ve compiled a list of things that will surely change after the wedding to help you prepare for those changes.

1. Money Spending Habits

Now that you’re married, there will be a co-existence of the spending habits for the newlyweds. It’s a great time to put all financial matters on the table for future planning. This includes savings, outgoing and incoming finances. Don’t be shy about revealing the real reason you’re saving and share any plans for large investments with your mate. Plans on buying a home or new car? Your mate should know about this plan especially.

2. Spare Time

Becoming a happily married couple doesn’t come with instructions on how to spend spare time. As a couple, you’ll want to spend spare time together but it’s important to plan special dates and events that you both enjoy. Be sure to include things that you both like or take interest in something that your mate likes doing. There is a way to manage social times to include time with your mate, as well as personal time. One of the biggest changes after the wedding involves the time that spent with your significant other. Make the most of any time by doing things you both will enjoy.

3. Holiday Plans

When dating, it may have been acceptable to spend Christmas apart but now there must be a plan to include one or both families. The important thing is that you are together for the holiday. Discuss what would make the both of you happy and always be willing to compromise. Split the time between families or if the distance is a factor, consider alternating from year to year or better yet, host Christmas dinner at your home for both families.

4. Future Plans

Of course becoming a couple means planning for a future together. This means there is a need to share future plans to ensure that you both have the same goals and wishes in life. Discuss whether or not children are in the plan and if so, find out how many your future spouse wishes to have. Plans for major change or adjustments in the future should definitely be discussed because, after the wedding, these plans don’t only include you but your spouse as well. Discussing future plans is a great way to dream big by learning the support that your spouse brings to the idea.

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