When To Get Married: 4 Signs You’Re Ready

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Marriage is a decision worth putting a lot of thought into; which makes when to get married quite a popular question. This seemingly simple question is actually very broad.

This is because the word “when” can refer to very many of life’s stages.The question could actually be referring to, “at what age will I get married?” and not, at what stage in my life?

It could also be asking, “How do I know he or she is the right person?” Or, “How do I know when the feeling is right?”

This age old question gives us a lot to explore and anyone in this quagmire could do with some help.


How Long You Should Date Before You Get Married

When it comes to the best time to get married after the dating period, a lot of couples just wing it and go with their feelings. However, researchers and studies have shown that the amount of dating time matters.

The length of the dating period can actually sometimes determine if a couple would last together or not. We know you might long to change your title from Mrs or Ms, so don’t worry these results are not absolute.

Studies show that couples who date one to two years have a 20% higher percentage of staying together than those who date under a year. Definitely, no one can tell you exactly how to know if you are ready for marriage. Times change, just like researchers show that 65% of traditionalists were married by the age of millennials that are now.

However, under the same studies, couples who date for three years or more stand a 50% higher percentage of staying together. Now no one is saying you can’t get your wedding planning checklist out yet, surely. But these studies reveal that dating is a factor, and the amount of time spent can help determine the best time to get married.


Signs You’re Ready To Get Married

There are definitely signs which can help you determine when to get married. We have these feelings when we’re in love that makes us imagine this is the best time to get married. Feelings are not usually the best compass for such serious choices. However, there are some more concrete and reliable signs of being ready.

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  • You know the meaning of commitment:

    Whether you have your wedding day itinerary or not doesn’t matter. What matters more in knowing you are ready for the long haul, is understanding commitment. Marriage is the longest and most important commitment you will ever make.

    So in answering the question, am I ready for marriage? You would have to ask yourself if you have ever had such a commitment to anything before.

    If you have and you do understand the highs and lows and everything else that comes with it. Then this is one sign that you are ready.

  • You have no doubts:

    This is one sign of the best time to get married and also know that you are ready for marriage. Doubts are normal when entering into such a union. But when you are confident in your relationship and not hoping that things will change. When you are open to discussing whatever doubts you have with your partner to clear your mind. This is one line to tick off on how to know if you are ready for marriage.

  • You can agree to disagree:

    This might seem like too little a barrier to get wedding license. However, being able to disagree without being afraid of ruining the relationship is good. This shows independent thought and the fact you are both mature. Marriage is not for kids and only mature adults understand that disagreement is normal and not the end. It is healthy to disagree sometimes and any couple who has a handle on that is good in my book.

  • When you learn the art of listening

    and you are ready to love, rather than to be loved. There is a level of selflessness you need to get the patience that is crucial in the marriage. So while asking the question, “am I ready for marriage?” Think also if you are ready to give, to love, even more than you are ready to receive the feeling of love.

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According to Relationship Experts – What Age Is The Best For Marriage?

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Some would say if you are still asking the question, am I ready to get married? Then you are definitely not there yet. However, discussing the right age to get married can be tricky as for some people age is just a number. We also have late bloomers who don’t get around to doing certain things at the same times as others.

This aside, one relationship expert indicate 25 as the best time to get married since at this point the brain is fully mature. Another expert believes that 28 is the best age. This is due to the fact that at this age, people are more mature. They also exhibit better self-awareness and can make a better choice of mate after learning from past mistakes. Other experts believe there is no specific age, but the point where you are comfortable in your personal and professional life.


What Will Change After Marriage?

If you have positively answered the question, “am I ready for marriage?” Perhaps you are ready to take the plunge and start planning your registry ideas for wedding. If this is so then you need to know certain things which will change after marriage.

For the lady, your name would change so you would definitely have to find out how to change your name after marriage.

There will be surprises. Everybody thinks they know all about their partner until they start living together as a family. This is because when you are together all the time, you will see some sides you didn’t see before. In marriage, people become more open.

How you spend money will change because you now have different things to think about, plus you have an outside influence.

You will have a bigger family since your spouse’s family automatically becomes yours too.

There are many questions inside that one question on the best time to get married. That is why it is a good idea to explore this tirade of questions in your journey on life. During this time, you are sure to discover when to get married.