25+ Unique Save The Date Ideas & Etiquette Tips For 2024

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Inform your guests to save the date for your forthcoming wedding in style. From etiquette to wording, style, and guide; we’ve got you covered. Discover some of the best wedding save-the-date ideas.

You have just gotten engaged to the love of your life and have chosen dates. What better way to announce it to your guests than by sending out save the dates? They are thoughtful, trendy, and a perfect way to convey your message.

However, there are rules and etiquette that you must observe when sending them out. Also, you must be meticulous about your wording, style, and aesthetics. We have put all this information into our save the date wedding invitations guide. As a little bonus, you will find your most important questions answered.

Brides Often Ask

Do we have to send save-the-dates?

It is not necessary. If you are having a short engagement, then it is better to just send out invitations. But if you are going to have a long engagement from six months up, then it is okay to send some. This keeps your dates in the minds of your guests in advance.

When do we send them?

It is well-advised that you send out you save the dates at least six months before the wedding. For local weddings, it is okay to send out your save the dates some four months before the wedding. If you are having a destination wedding, send them out between eight to twelve months.

Can we send them via email?

Yes, you can send save the date via email. This is a great way to reduce the paper trail and also save money. But it’s preferable to send them only to those with who you’re very close. We also advise that you send an accompanying reminder at a later date.


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How expensive are save the dates?
We offer a wide range of high quality Save the dates. The prices start from 1.1 USD a piece and vary. It’s always a good idea to wait for some sale coming up (wink wink).

Save the Date Etiquette

Before jumping into wording and card styles, see some etiquette for saving the date announcements. They will guide you on what’s expected.

Do you put plus one on Save the dates?

Yes, in the following cases:

  • For wedding-party members
  • For anyone who is married, engaged, or living together
  • Guests who have been with their partner for so long

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Do and Don’ts Include To Your Save the Date

Do include:

  • You and your fiancé’s names
    This is an essential part of save the date invites. Your names inform the guests on who’s getting married. It also sends a message about who is inviting them to celebrate. Your names should come first.
  • The wedding date
    The next item on a save the date is your wedding date. This tells your guests when the wedding will happen. An absence of the date means that there’s no wedding.
  • The city and state where you will be tying the knot
    This comes at a close third to name and date. A city/location is very important so you have to include it so that guests know where to come.
  • A notation letting guests know that a formal invitation will follow
    Remind the guests to expect the actual wedding invitation a bit closer to the date. You can put this bit of information at the bottom of the card

Don’t include:

  •  Your venue name
    While you must include the city where you’ll marry, leave out the venue name. This is because a venue is prone to change for different reasons. Only put the venue on the main wedding invite.
  • The ceremony or reception time
    The ceremony or reception time isn’t finalized at this point. You may still change your mind about this part of your wedding. So in order not to leave guests confused, leave out this information for the wedding invite.
  • Registry information
    It’s quite tacky to add registry information on a save the date card. This information is better suited for your wedding website.


Main Mistakes to avoid:

  • Sending cards too late
    Sending save dates too late will see you having a scanty wedding. Guests are likely to turn down your invitation because they haven’t planned for your wedding. Send them early enough so that they can make time for it.
  • Not making it Personal
    It’s always better if you make your save the date cards as personal as you can. It sends an awkward message if you just put together something generic. Use your words and make them thoughtful.
  • Not Including Plus Ones
    One of the fastest ways to make guests turn down your invite is to leave out their significant other. If they have a fiancé, husband, or serious partner in general; you have to include them. Everyone wants their person around them during a celebration.
  • Making it too Obscure
    Keeping your wedding save the date vague may confuse guests. It will be hard for them to decipher your message. So make it as clear as you can.
  • Sending a Save the Date Card but not an Invitation
    While you should make your save the date as clear as possible, don’t go overboard. Draw the line between save the date and invite by leaving out information about the venue, ceremony, reception. Etc. Also, ensure that you send out save the dates to only those who will get the wedding invitations.
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Save the Date Wording Ideas

Important elements of save the date include the couple’s names, date, location, and other additional information. The tonality is what makes the difference like we’ll see on the save the dates wording ideas.

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Who gets a save the date?
Save Date‘s are for couples who want to be extra sure, every guest can make it to their wedding since they are maybe planning to do a destination wedding or because they are extra excited to tell everyone their Wedding Date.


Traditional save the date wording

Bridget and Tony
Invites you to celebrate their marriage
April 13, 2030
Southampton, Missouri, United States
Wedding invitation to follow shortly.



Formal wedding save the date

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Bridget Anna Smith and Tony elder Stone
Wishes you to join them at their wedding celebration
April 10, 2018
Southampton, Missouri, United States
The wedding invitation will follow shortly.


Casual wedding save the date

Tony asked
Bridget accepted!
Now they want to celebrate and will love that you be there
April 10, 2020
Southampton, Missouri, United States
We’ll send you a wedding invitation in a bit.


Save the Date Style and Design Guide

To create unique safe the date cards, you must consider functionality, aesthetics, and style. See some information to guide you below.

expert advice
How do we decide on a save-the-date style?
The style depends on the whole wedding concept. If the couples do not know how and where to start with the concept I am always glad to help them find out what they like in the wedding stationery.


Should our cards match with invitations?

Absolutely not! Since your save the dates are less formal than wedding invites, get creative. Enjoy using themes and colors that you love, yet can’t use for your wedding proper. Save the dates give you an opportunity to explore, so make it count.


How we choose a save-the-date style?

It’s simply about what appeals to you. You can choose to send out photo save the dates. Opt fr some pasted with your favorite cartoon, best food, song, or story. Just do something creative that will stay in the memory of your guests. Go from funny save the dates to romantic, quirky, witty, and more.



Should it be a card?

While cards are the standard and evergreen, it doesn’t always have to be. Magnets, marbles, discs, parchments, and more can serve as save the dates. Guests are sure to preserve them as keepsakes.


DIY Save-the-date designs

Before you start creating your wedding save dates, look on the internet to see what suits you best. Some of the places to start with include greetingsisland.com. There you can create your cards with their template and download them. It’s also possible to customize, print, or send online, all for free.

Mountaincow.com is another website that offers you printing press software. With this, you can create and design cards in texts and graphics using the template. Shutterfly and Vistaprint allow you create cute cards or magnet, downloads them and ship to you wherever you are.


Should save the dates have pictures?

Save the dates can have a picture, some new couples hired a photographer to capture the moment and do a photo session after, it’s really fun to show off the finished engagement pictures or some cute photos of themselves. But many new couples also choose not to use photos, and choose some stylish styles to show their personality. It doesn’t really matter, either way they serve their purpose!

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Save The Date Style and Design Guide

Save the date options and ideas are endless because it’s all about creativity. From style to theme, destination, and material, there’s something for everyone on our long list.


Wedding Save The Date Magnets

Magnets are a trendy hit these for save the date. If you’re a fan of magnets, see some ideas below.

  • Rainbow Vinyl Record Design

For a retro theme, choose a rainbow vinyl record design as your to save the date. Include a mini backing card and finish with a magnet. This is colorful and sentimental, which can become keepsakes.
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  • Save the Date Acrylic Heart Magnet

Choose acrylic heart magnets for a whimsical theme. There’s no better way to express your love while spreading your news than an acrylic heart. Expertly carve in your information and adhere a magnet to it. This acrylic heart is also aesthetically pleasing.

  • Photo Magnet Save The Date

Let your guests see the bond you share even as you ask them to save the date. Use photo save the dates with your pictures on the back or as a backdrop. Make it more fun by using animated or caricature loved up pictures.
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Calendar Save The Date Examples And Ideas

Printable calendar save-the-date cards are a convenient and cost-effective way to share important event details with your guests. With these ideas, you can create customizable calendars that recipients can print and keep as a reminder of the upcoming occasion. Here are some creative printable calendar save-the-date examples:

  • DIY Templates: Design your own printable calendar templates using online tools or graphic design software. Include the event dates, venue, and any other relevant information. Then, share the templates with your guests via email or a dedicated event website.
  • Seasonal Themes: Customize your printable calendars with seasonal themes that reflect the time of year or the nature of the event. Incorporate vibrant colors, festive imagery, or relevant symbols to make the calendars visually appealing.
  • Interactive Elements: Make your printable calendars interactive by adding QR codes or website links that direct recipients to additional event information, RSVP portals, or photo galleries. This enhances the engagement and convenience for your guests.
  • Personalized Photos: Include personalized photos related to the event or featuring the hosts on the calendar pages. It adds a personal touch and helps create a stronger connection between the guests and the upcoming event.

Printable Calendar Save The Date ideas offer versatility and allow you to create beautiful and informative reminders that guests can easily print and refer to as the event approaches.


Wedding Save The Date Destination Wedding

Save the date destination wedding cards are best for international weddings. There are creative ways to make them as we’ve discussed below.

  • Save the Date Luggage Tags

Help your guests travel in style by making your save the dates in form of luggage tags. They’re pretty great for destination themed save dates. Make these tags colorful by incorporating elements from the wedding destination.
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Price: $2.50

  • Boarding Pass Save the Date

Perfect for a destination themed save the date, guests will get mock boarding passes. Write your information down like it in boarding passes. Be careful that it is coherent enough for guests to understand.
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Price: $30.00

  • Vintage Airmail Wedding save the Date Paper

Are you thinking of an island theme? Bring on the romance, excitement, and mystery with airmail save the dates. They are vintage with rich old-world flavor. The beautiful part is that they are very affordable.
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Price: $2.15



Rustic Wedding Save The Date

Bring on the laid back vibe with versions of rustic save the dates. We’ve selected a few ideas that will inspire you.

  • Leaf Wooden Save the Date Magnet

Going for a tropical, rustic, or traditional theme? Ask guests to save the date with leaves made out of wood. Put down all the information and stick a magnet behind it. Guests will have it on the door of their refrigerators instead of dumping it in the attic. Post-wedding, these wood leaf wedding save the date magnets will become keepsakes.
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  • Rustic Barn Photo save the Date

If you’re opting for a farm or country theme, rustic wedding save the date will be a hit. Get pictures of the barn into the card background to give that laid back vibe. They’re sentimental and make an impression.
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Price: $2.00



Unique Save The Date Cards

Thinking outside the box makes for unique save the date cards. Check out some trendy ideas below.

  • Save the Date Tea Towels

Away from cards and paper, monogrammed save the date tea towels are a hit. Buy your hand, body, or kitchen towels in bulk and have them inscribed with all the details. You can include your initials or signoff for a more personalized feel. This style is great for an elegant themed save the date.
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Price: $12.00

  • Scratch off card save the date invite

Heighten the suspense by doing something unique like scratch card save the dates. Send them off to guests tightly packaged. Let the guests guess who is getting married and on what date by scratching the card panel. It’s perfect for casual save the date style.
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Price: $2.86

  • Clear Acrylic Cards

Clear acrylic save-the-date cards are cute trendy ways to make an impression on your guests. They’re perfect for luxury themed save the dates. Acrylic cards are also more fashionable and better options for plastic.



Funny Save The Date Cards

If you want some quirky and funny save the date cards, check out these awesome ideas.

  • Save The Date With Balloon

Sending save the date with balloons are unusual but very creative. Get balloons and put your information on them in custom calligraphy. Include the names, date, location, etc. Package this in a box and send it off to the recipients. This is perfect for casual invites.
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Price: $12.00

  • Puzzle Photo save the Date Cards

Accompany your good news with an interesting puzzle for guests to solve. Make a puzzle out of your names, pictures, and wedding dates. This is a fun way to invite them if you’re going for a country theme.
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Price: $7.00

  • These Kids are Getting Married Save the Date

For playful themes the kids are getting married save the dates is perfect. Use baby pictures of you and your partner as a backdrop. Guests are sure to smile and even get nostalgic if they knew you as a baby. This kind of card is both sentimental and playful.
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Price: $15.00



Inexpensive Save The Date Cards

Thinking of not spending so much? See some inexpensive save the date ideas to choose from.

  • Gold Foil Printed Cut Save the date Cards

If you’re aiming from glam or luxury, Gold Foil Printed cut to save the date cards work best. They’re bound to announce their presence while capturing the attention of your guests. The best part is that they don’t cost a ton of money.

  • Letterpressed plain table paper save The Dates

Letterpress paper save the dates may be plain or basic but with personality. These are cards that you’ll love to frame rather than hideaway. If you’re going for a vintage themed save the date, plain table paper is your best bet.

  • Wedding save the date postcards

Save the date postcards are cute yet inexpensive. They come in diverse tones from elegant to unrefined, and romantic to really personal. You can do destination save the dates with postcards, you can also go seasonal. There’s so much to do with postcards that, you’ll love.


Change The Date Wedding Cards

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Everything is subject to change and so is your wedding. Hence, if you have a reason not to hold your wedding at the initial date, here are some ideas.
A wedding can be canceled or postponed for many reasons. They could range from family death to sickness, rough patches, a pandemic, or anything else. It doesn’t have to be awkward even if wedding cards have been sent out. There are many creative changes to the date cards to your rescue.

Simply apologize to the guests, tell them the reason for the change if you wish, and communicate the new development. Remember to also sign off at the end, together with your partner
For instance

We wish to announce the change of our wedding date due to some unforeseen circumstances.
However, keep your dancing shoes on and join us on
September 13, 2020
Southampton, Missouri, United States.
We apologize for any inconvenience,
Bridget & Tony

Your wedding is one of the best days of your life. But start it on the right foot by asking guests to save the date. If you’re at a loss of where to start, this post guides you on what to do. From answering FAQs to save the date styles and types, we’ve got you covered. And if you need to change the date, you’ll also find answers right here.