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When planning your wedding there are a million different tasks that seem to pile up on a “to do” list but one of the most important details is creating a wedding website. A wedding website not only will allow you to communicate with your guests but also allows your guests to find all of the most important details about your wedding day. Guests will need to know everything from locations and dates to travel and hotel information making the very best way to have all of that in one place is by creating a wedding website. We have put together a list of the best wedding websites including both free and paid websites along with our best picks for 2023 and reviews.


Your Wedding Website Questions Answered:

What is on a wedding website?

A wedding website is really a hub for all the information about your wedding day. You will need to share important information with your guests such as dates and locations, travel and hotel options, registry information along with RSVP options as well. Many wedding websites will allow you to add as much information as you want or you can decide to have a very streamlined look.

Is a wedding website necessary?

Nothing is 100% necessary when it comes to planning a wedding but having a website is something that can make life easier for both the couple and the guests. With so many options available and a large number of companies offering both free and upgraded websites, there really is no reason not to create one. The pros of having a website are the ability to communicate important information with your guests and to keep track of registry and RSVP information.

How much do wedding websites cost?

There is a wide range of cost when it comes to having your own wedding website. There are many different options including free sites but the more customizable sites range between $40 – $100 for one year.

When should you create a wedding website?

You don’t need to create a site the moment you get engaged since you won’t have any real details to share yet about the big day so you can wait to create the site until you have some actual information to share. Once you have decided on a date and a venue you can start creating your website and then add in details like travel and hotel information and registry options as you move through the planning process.

How do you direct guests to your wedding website?

There are several different ways you can direct guests to your website. The most popular way seems to be including the website information with your Save The Date card. Besides enclosing the information with your Save The Date you can also send out the website
URL in an email to guests and add it to your social media profiles.


Top 10 Wedding Websites

With so many different wedding website options out there we wanted to take the guesswork out of the equation. We rounded up our top 10 wedding websites along with their features, price point, why you might want to choose them, and any difficulties you might encounter along the way.


  • Main Feature: This site allows you to create a site by selecting from a wide range of templates and customize the details. You can create and add an event logo, add a calendar of events, and of course outline all important travel and event details. If you select to upgrade to the $13/month price you gain access to more customizable details, adding your own domain, removal of the Wix ad, and uploading 30 minutes of video time.
  • Price: Free – $13/month
  • Why Choose: A good number of templates to choose from but not as many as some other sites so you actually are not overwhelmed with thousands of choices. The creative tools are somewhat easy to use although they did take some time to get used to. WIX does allow you to keep your site private until you publish it so it allows for as many changes as you may need. If security is important to you then you can choose to have a password-protected site.
  • Difficulties: The creative tools take some time to get used to using along with the registry section is not as well developed as many other sites.



  • Main Feature: WordPress allows you to sign up for a free website, pick a theme and personalize it somewhat quickly however if you want any sort of upgrades you will have to pay for it. Custom features do include custom headers and background, RSVP forms, maps, email notifications, and more.
  • Price: Free or $4/month for a personal site and $8/month for a premium site.
  • Why Choose: If you have experience with using WordPress then there is no reason not to sign on and start your wedding website or if you are looking to be able to build out several pages and categories, WordPress gives you that option. If you are very techy and want to change up the CSS you can do that in WordPress while many other wedding websites don’t give you that option.
  • Difficulties: Not the easiest of tools when creating a website and if you don’t have some knowledge of this website’s tools you can find this program to be slightly too difficult.



  • Main Feature: Wedsite is a wedding website that features customizable templates, protected passwords, site visitor analytics, email and chats support. This website also allows you to add links to registries, charities of cash funds. You will get stipulated free hosting, a guest list database, Paperless invites, RSVP, checklists, and more.
  • Price: There is a lite package which is free. But for more features, the website offers a one-time payment standard package for $99 and a pro package for $199.
  • Why Choose: Wedsite lives up to its promises of easy navigation, beautiful templates, and stunning themes. The website also released a new feature which makes Wedsite the only wedding website that offers multilingual translation. This new release makes it a welcome platform for multicultural couples who speak other languages. If you also want to add pictures, YouTube clips, or a personalized playlist, Wedsite allows it. Start with the free package.
  • Difficulties: Wedsite is good value for money, but has limits to what it offers. While the RSVP and custom templates are beautiful, other tools like budgeting, seating charts, guest list management, and more are basic. However, this may not mean much to many couples because you can always work through that.


  • Main Feature: Squarespace offers a wide variety of elegantly designed wedding website templates that allows you to customize your page easily. Spacespace is known for its “drag and drop” templates which takes the guesswork out how to add images and text. Squarespace calls their wedding websites an “All In One Website Platform” and we really couldn’t agree more. When using this website you have the ability to easily add your registry information if you are using the Zola wedding registry and you can add RSVP tools, image galleries, custom domains, and more.
  • Price: $12/month for 1 year or $16/month for a month to month.
  • Why Choose: If you want your wedding website to have a clean and fresh look then this is the site for you to use. If you are looking for easy to use tools when creating the site then we would highly recommend starting with Squarespace. If you do run into any issues along the way Squarespace offers fantastic help and videos to keep you creating. Squarespace is the closest thing to a professional website you can get without having to have coding experience.
  • Difficulties: One of the biggest problems you might encounter is that Squarespace can be tricky to get your RSVP list going since it does not sync with a guestlist like many other full wedding planning sites offer. If you have a budget on your mind this site may not be for you since you have to upgrade after the free trial ends after 2 weeks.



  • Main Feature: Zola offers a large number of very user-friendly wedding website templates and allows you to even match your website for your wedding invitation! Creating your own site can be started in a matter of minutes and takes the hard work out of how to change colors, fonts, and styles. The main reason for hosting your website through Zola is how easily the website connects with your Zola registry making it the one place your guests need to find all of your important information.
  • Price: Free or purchase a custom domain for $14.95
  • Why Choose: If you are using the Zola planning tools and registry then creating your wedding website with Zola is a slam dunk. One of the major reasons you would want to select Zola is that you can customize which guests see and can RSVP to specific events such as the rehearsal dinner or bridal shower.
  • Difficulties: The only real major issue with Zola is if you don’t want to use their registry and you want to add a different registry system it can be slightly difficult.


  • Main Feature: Just like their paper products, Minted’s wedding website designs are extremely unique and are created by a team of independent designers. If you like the idea of having your wedding stationery and even some decor match your website design then Minted is for you. Minted offers a very easy and quick way to start your wedding website within a matter of minutes which is great!
  • Price: Free or upgrade for $20
  • Why Choose: A beautiful wedding website that can be yours in just a few clicks makes this a desirable option for couples you can’t wait to get their site up and running.
  • Difficulties: Unlike some of the other website companies out there Minted’s templates are limited in how much you can customize and if you want features like adding images or privacy settings you will need to upgrade to the paid plan.


Riley and Grey

  • Main Feature: If you want a website that is created for the “design-forward couple” you have come to the right place. Riley and Grey pride themselves on being a luxury wedding website company that focuses on design, style, and editorial elements.
  • Price: $35/month or $240/year
  • Why Choose: Riley and Grey offers a large number of customizable options and puts effort into the design of the template. You can also choose to match your wedding paper to your website look and your guests will love the easy to use the mobile version of the site.
  • Difficulties: This option is on the pricey side and it does take a little longer to set up since there are not many automatic options available.

The Knot

  • Main Feature: The Knot and its wedding website tools are really made for anyone to use! Filled with creative, pretty templates, and a very easy to use the setup you can have the website of your dreams rolling in seconds. By using The Knot’s app you can take advantage of all of their planning tools in addition to working on your website.
  • Price: Free or purchase a custom domain for $20
  • Why Choose: If you want to have your wedding website work with a complete suite of planning tools you should consider using The Knot. One upside of using The Knot’s tools and wedding website is that you can message guests straight from The Knot’s app.
  • Difficulties: Although you get a lot of cool features with The Knot some of the options are limited such as the options in the RSVP section.


Site 123

  • Main Feature: With tons of options available, Site 123 is a good place to start your wedding website if you want to really be able to work from the ground up. Since Site 123 is not a wedding site you will need to work harder to find a template that will fit your style and event.
  • Price: Free or $12.80/month for the premium plan.
  • Why Choose: If you want to be able to craft your own looking website that does not look like it came from a template you might want to start with Site 123 however you will need to have some knowledge of web design.
  • Difficulties: Site 123 is for anyone looking to create a website so they are not just focused on wedding websites the way some of the other companies are however they do offer 24/7 live online support.


  • Main Feature: Joy offers hundreds of beautiful wedding website designs with the ability to customize layouts, fonts, and add photos and videos to your wedding website. Joy allows you to take things one step further and select save-the-dates and invitations that match your website theme and send either digitally or order printed ones.
  • Price: Free
  • Why Choose: All of what Joy has to offer is 100% free which is amazing and will help keep your budget on track. If having your guests have access to your website in a new way you will want to sign up with Joy since your guests can add photos before, during, and after your wedding day with their “moments” timeline.
  • Difficulties: If you want a wide range of wedding styles you might find Joy to be somewhat limiting and currently they do not offer custom URL’s but if you have your own Joy can forward your Joy site URL over.


Appy Couple

  • Main Feature: Appy couple states that their websites are “effortlessly chic” and integrate both digital save the dates and invitations that make your wedding website theme. Appy Couple offers some of the most customizable options out there for the wedding website world including pre-set widgets for things like hotel codes and wedding blocks to having multiple administrators for the website so your partner or wedding planner can help you create and update the site.
  • Price: $49 for the “Boutique” option or $149 for the “Luxury” option
  • Why Choose: If you want the ability to access a large number of options and don’t mind paying for it then Appy Couple is the place for you to create your website. One of the features that sets Appy Couple apart is allowing you to have several pre-wedding events that only specific guests can view the information and their option for a customized RSVP form.
  • Difficulties: The price point of this option is on the higher side and if you want to have a custom URL will have to shell out another $19.99.

Must-Have Things To Include In Your Wedding Website

Save this infographic to remember essential things to include on your wedding website!


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Best Free Wedding Website Templates

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1. Blueprint From David’s Bridal

Main Features: You can create a free wedding website in perhaps the shortest amount of time we have seen and you do have a variety of template options to select from.

Why Choose: Blueprint makes creating a website super easy since all of the information areas are already created and ready for you just to fill in including schedule, RSVP, travel, and registry.

2. Modern Brushstroke by The Knot

Main Features: A full suite of wedding planning tools that all work together and allow you to keep track of everything from budgets to the guest list and of course it all syncs with your wedding website.

Why Choose: The Knot is 100% focused on weddings and wedding planning so everything you need is right at your fingertips and you will experience a large number of layouts and templates and creative designs.

3. Red Peony Theme by Joy

Main Features: Everything available at Joy is 100% free which means they are not holding any features back unless you upgrade because there is no upgrade option. Joy’s templates are fresh and clean-looking while not skimping on style.

Why Choose: If you want a modern style wedding blog without having to pay for big upgrades or design elements. Joy’s templates are easy to work with making the princess of creating your website filled with… JOY!

4. Wedding Wire

Main Features: You can easily create and design your customized wedding website with the help of the templates from Wedding Wire. While Wedding Wire’s websites are free you don’t have nearly as many design options and layouts as some of the other websites offer.

Why Choose: If you are looking for a pretty straightforward and easy to navigate website this is the one for you. Setting up your account is easy and you can be on your way to crafting your own wedding website within minutes.

5. eWedding

Main Features: eWedding does offer a free wedding website option but you will be limited in the designs without upgrading but with that said if you are looking for a website that is pretty standard looking and you don’t need or want a lot of extra bells and whistles, eWedding will work great for you.

Why Choose: eWedding and their website tools are very easy to use and navigate. When you select a wedding website theme you have all of the text blocks ready to be edited and so much of the guesswork has been eliminated.

Since no two weddings are ever the same it’s clear no two wedding websites should be either. What is important is to select a wedding website that speaks to you and your partner along with delivering the information to your guests. From pricey, luxury style websites to basic free sites you will have no problem finding the one that works best for you!