Best Wedding Planning Spreadsheet Ideas

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Planning a wedding is a huge task, especially for a bride who has never done so before, no caps! And if you’re thinking DIY bride movement, the first thing to look for is a wedding planning spreadsheet that cuts it. This we’ve brought to you in varieties that cover planner guides, budgets, day timelines, logistics, and even post-wedding preparations.


Free Wedding Planning Spreadsheets

Organizer/Spreadsheet by After The Wedding


This organizer by After the Wedding is a wedding planning except for a spreadsheet. With a hundred percent ease of usage, it’s perfect for those who wish to link all their wedding planning documents. This multi spreadsheet contains a wedding checklist that covers from engagement down to the wedding.

It also has a budget tracker that keeps a tab on potential expenses and those already made. It breaks down the budget into tiny bits, with spots for deposits, and their due dates. There’s also the section for guests which helps sieve down to the final guest list. This will include the address, when the invitation was sent, RSVPs, table allocations, gifts received, and thank you cards.

You’ll also find the supplier sheets for vendor tracking, wedding day schedule for the perfect day, and calendar for all dates. Although great, you may not be able to compare vendors and other prices here.

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Wedding Planning Spreadsheet by A Practical Wedding


This is a spreadsheet with numerous wedding planning templates to guide you through wedding preparations. It’s customized to you and is further broken down into formal, DIY and other individual checklists for Google drive download.

It contains an editable checklist where you can add and delete tasks. There’s also a priority budget list template to help keep track of your spending. You also have a vendor contact list under one roof, rather than always scrolling through phones. There’s the contact list for important people, with all necessary information, important for wedding logistics.

In case you need to document you took to and from the wedding, there the wedding packing list for that. Then the photography shot list is there for your shots, images and location compilation. Thinking of stretching the wedding into the weekend, plus a wedding day timeline? You’re covered.


Free Wedding Planning Spreadsheet And Tools by Whimsical Wonderland Weddings


This spreadsheet and tools from Whimsical Wonderland Weddings encompasses all-important wedding planning documents. It comes in PDF and excel format which you can save, print, doodle and even shares.

On this software, you can take control of your budget, from the big to miniature spending. There’s also a very flexible checklist and wedding planning book, important for people planning their wedding. An absolute guide that will help couples understand the spreadsheet better. The guest list is present, and it covers meal preferences, special requests, and RSVP.

Having a problem with pinning down a venue? The venue list helps you out down dates, contacts of venue, and base for suppliers to work with. There’s a column for photography which helps you compare photographers, list photo choices and ask the right questions. The editable seat chart planner isn’t left out to ease sitting allocations for guests.


Super Simple Destination Wedding Planning Spreadsheet


If you’re planning a destination wedding, then this minimized wedding planning excel template will be of immense help. And if you’re not good with excel, you can download and save to your hard drive for easy use.

This is a minimized planning spreadsheet that tackles budgeting, which will be automatically calculated by preset formulas. Type guest names at your preferred tables and the spreadsheet automatically add up the number of guests at each table.

The RSVP tracking section helps you take accurate headcount especially for discounts, travel plans, and vendors. Type in name of every guest you send invitations to. And update with yes or no from the drop-down, once any RSVP comes in. You’d be able to make total headcount with their plus one(s). You don’t need a password to fill in details, but to edit in excel, put in the password destination.

Wedplan Wedding Checklists And Worksheets


Wedplan is an expert and comprehensive wedding planning printable spreadsheet. It’s not fragmented and holds all important sections of wedding planning. Simply download in PDF format and you’re good to go. You have the calendar checklist from engagement to wedding day and two days after. This wedding plan sheet goes for 9 months to a year.

There’s the budget expense record which covers the attires, accessories, and more. Wedplan also has a section for the registry, stationery, showers, rehearsal and wedding day proper details. You’d also find the photography, floral, decor and seating charts sections.

For after the wedding, you’re also covered as there’s a section for that. It comprises the honeymoon documentation essentials. It ensures that you don’t forget to prepare every single document you may need for travel. Packing list, gift opening party and change of optional name columns.


Free Wedding Checklists Spreadsheet From Singapore Brides


This is a combination of two wedding planner spreadsheet tailored to fit the Asian bride and planner. The two major components include a wedding checklist and budget spreadsheet, and the wedding day schedule spreadsheet.

The wedding checklist and budget spreadsheet cover the lists of tasks to do leading to the wedding and beyond. It also includes the budget which covers vendor comparisons and money tracking. Download it and make your editable copy on Google sheets.
The other section is the wedding day schedule spreadsheet which is customized to suit your wedding. It covers the logistics of the day, itinerary, and intricate details. You’ll find everything your team needs to do and when they should do them.

It’s not comprehensive as an offbeat bride’s spreadsheet as it lacks in areas like guest tracking, seating plan, and all. But it holds the most prioritized tasks.

Google Sheets

Create your own personalized wedding planning spreadsheet using Google Sheets for easy access from any device, allowing you to plan on the go. With just a Google account, you can make a copy of the wedding planning Google Sheet, customize it to your preferences, and collaborate with your partner, wedding planner, and loved ones to keep everyone in the loop.

Tip: Press Download Google Sheet and MAKE A COPY to use this template as your wedding budget template.


Microsoft Excel Worksheet

Prefer using Excel? You can download this comprehensive wedding planning spreadsheet Excel template directly to your computer. The file contains essential tools such as a wedding budget planner, planning timeline and checklist, guest list manager, vendor contact list, wedding day schedule, and photography shot list. Organize your wedding preparations efficiently with these convenient resources.

Wedding Priorities Worksheet


One of the most important things needed when planning a wedding is a comprehensive planning wedding worksheet. And without bias, Wedding Forward offers you the mother of all simplified worksheets.

Beginning with a wedding mission statement, all tasks are quite listed according to priority. First is the wedding planning checklist which shows you how to work down your list. From choosing a wedding date to the budget, creating the guest list and it goes. Next are columns for wedding type (destination?), style (faith?), and location (outdoor?).

Next is the class of people to invite (kids?), possible fun activities, food, bar, entertainment, wedding party size, cake, photography, and favors. The list ends with sections for the must-haves and the least important things. Planning a wedding can be thoroughly overwhelming, but a planning worksheet makes it easier. This worksheet throws questions at you, with options, giving a clearer vision to help you make faster decisions.


Individual Planning Spreadsheets

Guest List Checklist

wedding planning spreadsheet

Wedding planning should be made easy through a “Guest List checklist”. This is a comprehensive list that helps you manage RSVPs, get preferences of your guests, and keep yourselves organized. This checklist sees to it that all the details are considered in terms of seat planning and catering headcount. Make the guest-invitation process simple and streamline your wedding celebration into an easy part of stress free planning.


Important Contacts Checklist

wedding planning spreadsheet contact list

One vital tool in coordinating a fluid wedding is the important contacts checklist. Put together all your essential contacts i.e., vendors and the bridal parties in a single spreadsheet that is easy to access. This checklist ensures that communication runs smoothly and that everyone’s working on a common ground. Ensure effective planning in reaching out to the most important people for your wedding.

Pack List Checklist

wedding planning spreadsheet packing list

Pack list will help ease up your day. Use this well-detailed checklist to make sure that no important item is forgotten. The list includes everything from emergency kits to your personal items that would make your bag ready for anything in the celebration. Make getting ready for your important day easier and let you focus on the happy moments instead of lost items.

Photography Shot List

wedding planning spreadsheet wedding photography checklist

Your Photography Shot List is a way of immortalizing important memories, straight from your wedding day. Utilize this checklist to make sure your photographer gets all the necessary shots. This list assists you in stating your vision on candid moments, group shots in a formal way, which brings transparency on what to tell your photographer. Make the photography process simple, and have a visual account through your images of your day’s essence.

Brides Often Ask

How do I create a wedding planning spreadsheet?

To create a wedding planning spreadsheet, open a spreadsheet program like Excel and organize categories such as budget, vendors, guest list, and timeline.

How do I track my wedding spending?

To track wedding spending, regularly update your budget spreadsheet with expenses, categorize spending, and compare it to your allocated budget.

How can I make my wedding planning fun?

To make wedding planning fun, involve your partner, attend bridal expos or workshops, set small milestones to celebrate achievements, and take breaks to enjoy non-wedding-related activities together.

From the guest list to budget, wedding day timeline, to honeymoon, we’ve covered every wedding planning spreadsheet. For something comprehensive, or you just want to go straight to the essentials, there are over nine spreadsheets to choose from. And if you’re looking for a worksheet to help you put tasks in their order of importance, check Wedding Forward. You’re gifted with the best wedding priorities worksheet to help you plan the perfect day. The best news of all is that they are all free, with no hidden charges!