25 Best Free Wedding Fonts You’ll Love

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Picking out your own wedding fonts is one of the smartest ways to add a personal touch to your wedding. There are so many free wedding fonts out there that will make cute wedding fonts for wedding invitation wording – down to the menu cards.


But you have to take into consideration a few important things. The weight and texture of the paper, the type of wedding, your wedding theme, and how legible the fonts are when printed.

In this post, we’ve helped you make the job easier by making a list of the best fonts, their fit, and how to download them!

Brides Often Ask

What is a popular wedding font?

One popular wedding font is "Scriptina Pro," known for its graceful and elegant script style, commonly used to convey a sense of romance and sophistication.

How do I choose a font for my wedding?

Consider the overall theme and style of your wedding. Opt for fonts that match the formality, vibe, and color scheme of your event. Test readability and choose fonts that resonate with your personal aesthetic.

What font to use for a wedding program?

Fonts like “Playfair Display” or “Cinzel” work well for wedding programs. They bring a touch of sophistication while ensuring readability, crucial for conveying ceremony details and timelines.


Free Wedding Fonts – How to Download?

Below are the easy steps to download wedding invitation fonts, wedding script fonts or save-the-date fonts for your save the date cards.

  1. Type in the name of the fonts you need in your browser to get different variations of the font.
  2. Click the start menu and then search the box to find the exact font.
  3. Unzip the fonts.
  4. Fonts folder, because if you don’t, you cannot install the fonts.
  5. Click on the control panel/fonts to open and view the fonts manager.
  6. Copy and paste or drag the unzipped fonts into the fonts manager.
  7. Install and begin creating your wedding invitations!


The Best Wedding Cards Fonts

The best fonts for wedding cards should be legible and not more than two fonts for the card. Below are free download wedding fonts to watch out for, when creating a formal wedding invitation. From really formal to casual weddings, these modern wedding fonts will fit.

  • Coneria Script

Coneria Script is one of the calligraphy fonts that is ideal for any kind of wedding. It works as an all-around best wedding font. You can download it in slanted form for a formal look. It can also pass for a quirky, rustic, or casual theme.

It bears a slight sophistication without imposing or taking all the attention. Corneria is simple and easy on the eyes.

  • Karine Aime Les Chocolats

These wedding fonts are cute calligraphic styles for hand lettering. Great, if you are having a vintage-themed romantic wedding. It has both upper and lower case with lots of sophistication. It is commonly used for formal weddings.

  • Freebooter Script

The Freebooter script, made by apostrophic labs is one of the fancy wedding fonts that is fit for a casual wedding. This font screams romance and projects love without persuasion. Freebooter script is stylish and modern. It is one of the most common fonts used for wedding invites, because of its simplicity and creative angles.

  • Janda Stylish Script

Created by Kimberly Geswein, Janda consists of highly stylish and decorative wedding script fonts ideal for an elegant wedding. It highlights the class that you are in and aids creativity in the process.

Click on the key bar to open a line for r and s lowercases. This will enable you to use them at the beginning of words.

  • Edwardian Script

This is an Edward Benguiat calligraphy font made of turns and curly ends. A perfect fit for a vintage formal wedding, this font brings out the creativity in your work through its numerous features. These free elegant wedding fonts don’t require a perfectionist to work with them. It is flawless and perfects itself.


The Best Wedding Invitation Fonts

For save-the-date fonts, you should use matching free wedding fonts that blend with your theme. These wedding fonts should be attractive enough to stick in your guest’s memory since it’s save date cards. They should be legible and easy in on the eyes. We have come up with some of the best save-the-date card fonts below.

  • Brock Script

This is out of a box and unconventional popular wedding font. They are bold and legible with elegant twists, ideal for an elegant Victorian-themed wedding. They are imposing and charismatic, yet simple.

  • Brotherhood Script

Youssef Habchi designed these perfect save-the-date fonts with the girl in mind. With a womanly typeface dominating this font, it is fantastic for save-the-date cards, photo books, and thank-you cards. Go from something light to really creative, ladies will love to leave their personal touch with this font type.

  • Chopin Script

Talk about a richly ornamental set of fonts that come with their own charisma and awesomeness! It is a really creative one based on polonaise, designed by Kreuztal and Dieter Steffmann. These pretty wedding fonts are a unique fit for wedding cards, and save-the-date invitations with many details to boot.

  • Darleston Regular

This is elegant and one of the most popular wedding fonts. It boasts various details and character maps that suit any wedding theme. For cursive fonts, Darleston regular is stylish and easy to read. With its smooth scrawl and slant, pairing it with Theano Didot makes distinctive letterforms, for simple weddings.

  • Distant Stroke

This is a script calligraphy font most used for wedding programs, save-the-date cards, and thank-you cards. It is very simple and not dramatic, to be used when you want to come across as minimalist. It has 196 defined characters and 107 unique glyphs for you to choose from and work with. This is a masterpiece from Youssef Habchi.


Free Wedding Menu Fonts

Wedding menu fonts should be simple, stylish, and smart. Depending on your theme, your wedding menu fonts should match across all your wedding stationery. Below are some of the wedding fonts best for wedding menus.

  • Sverige Script

Sverige script is well made up of a host of decorative wedding menu fonts. They are easy on the eyes and simple. This is ideal if you are planning to make a legible wedding menu or wedding invitation that is easy to read. It carries less drama with it.

  • Mademoiselle Camille

These are fancy wedding script fonts for formal and semi-formal wedding menus. They are bold, but not all over the place. It is also a very popular bridal font for bachelorette and hen night flirty invites.

  • Jasmine Reminiscentse

Deluxe and exquisite, this font is ideal for wedding menu cards, if you’re going with a princess-themed wedding. It is decorative with a svelte typeface which makes it attractive but laid back.

  • Neoteric

Neoteric fonts are bold, urban, and classy colorful fonts. It is as though, one writes with a sharp steel pen which produces contrasts in strokes with different pressure levels. It is decorative and simple with bursts of color if you like.

Best Wedding Fonts for Your Theme

If you’re looking for the best wedding fonts to go with your theme, they have to relay the idea of the theme in their letters. They should also stand out, but not overshadow the theme’s message. A rustic theme differs from a glitter or glamour party theme, which we have put together. Find your best wedding theme fonts below.

  • Queen Of The Moonlight

This is for a glitter-themed outdoor local or destination wedding. It is exotic and stylish with a very attractive swish. There is calm and relaxation that comes with it. This font is beautiful and ideal for an elegant wedding.

  • Monsieur La Doulaise

This is smooth and modern for the glamour-themed wedding. It is decorative and perfect for branding with its unique wavy procession. Not your everyday font, but worth the hype.

  • Grenadier

Grenadier for your wedding theme is magnificent! It is a unique fit for retro themes as it has a hood flavor. This font is straight with subtle curves and medium height with diverse detailed characteristics.

  • Angelface

These fonts are beautiful and go quite well with a cupid-themed wedding. There is romance expressed in its wavy scrawl, something the girls will love. It looks complicated, yet simple, like love. This is a free wedding font for you to download.

  • Josefin

For a Victorian-themed sophisticated wedding, this font is perfect. Bold yet dainty, intricate with a cute typeface, and very easy to read. They come in deep and thin variants to suit your choice.


Stylish Bridal Shower Fonts

Bridal shower fonts should be dainty, delicate, attractive, and detailed. Fonts that enhance your creativity, helping you leave a personal touch. This is regardless of whatever theme you want to fly with for your bridal shower. Below are some of the best there is.

  • Windsong

Windsong is an elongated swirling script with texture variations and extensive open-type programming. It works well for the amateur and expert. It works for a sophisticated intimate and tea bridal shower.

  • Carolina Mountains

Rustic wedding fonts are better expressed with the Carolina Mountains. Perfect for barns, parks, a backyard, and any type of outdoor wedding, it’s really attractive with a feeling of serenity and nature. These free wedding fonts designed by Billy Argel have both upper and lower case letters and are very easy to read.

  • Candlescript

This is a script with a beautiful typeface that features high details, and a smooth, and seamless flow that beautifies your layout. It is written in italics style with over 2850 glyphs which can fly well for a glitter-themed bridal shower banner header. It blends quite well with sans serif, slab serif, and serif.

  • Honeyscript

Designed by Dieter Steffmann, Honeyscript is a really colorful font that can be well used to either create the bridal shower logo or write out the name of the bride. It has 220 defined characters and 219 unique glyphs which leaves you a lot to work with. It is a simple, yet very creative bridal font, fit for glamour and racy bridal showers.

  • La Compagnie Des Ombres

This font script is perfect for a rustic, outdoor, beach, or sunset-themed bridal shower. It features brushed euro accents that send out vibes of nature and relaxation. This is well-filled with beautiful, decorative, and fancy bridal shower fonts that anyone can work with. It gives an aura of romance and is easy to read.

Wedding Sign Fonts

  • Champagne & Limousines

A stylish and versatile sans-serif font with a touch of sophistication, suitable for a range of wedding sign applications, from invitations to table numbers.

  • Cinzel

A classic and bold serif font that adds a touch of timeless sophistication, making it a great choice for formal wedding signs.

  • Scriptina Pro

A graceful and elegant script font, perfect for conveying a touch of romance and sophistication on wedding signs.

Weddings are a lot of work, from the dress to hair and other logistics you have to take care of. But before all that, your wedding invites, save-the-date cards, menu cards, and bridal shower cards are important. To make them stand out, you have to pick out the most unique wedding fonts that fit across all your stationery, blends with your theme, and are easy on the eyes. We have helped make the job easier for you by rounding up the best and most popular wedding fonts in different categories. What’s more, they are all free wedding fonts that you can download to start getting creative.