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This Is The Average Price Of A Wedding Dress


Your wedding dress isn’t everyday wear, but something to adorn on one of the best days of your life. So, it is important you make a careful and informed budget for it, accessories inclusive. This will also give you an idea of how much to spend on a wedding dress and other costs. Well, the cost of a wedding dress is well determined by several factors which you’re about to find out. You’ll also get to see the average price of a wedding dress and tips to help you make up your mind about your ideal dress.

What Is The Average Price Of A Wedding Dress?

It’s possible that you have your best wedding dress in mind, and that’s great. Now, you’ll say a budget that accommodates your dress and add some cushion. This will help you bypass any unforeseen circumstances or makeup if your wedding dress is a bit over budget. But first, you have to know your price range and the average price for a wedding dress.

According to TheKnot real wedding study, the average wedding dress cost 2018 falls at $1631 across the US. This will include possible alterations. Sinder’s bridal on the other hand says it ranges between $1500 to $1800 and this excludes alteration. Another study done by Weddingwire reveals that the average wedding dress cost is $1000. And it has a range of $280 to $1650.

Looking at states across the US, we’ll find out that all three studies are correct. For instance, the average dress cost in Alabama is $1571, California is $1780, Delaware is $1672, and Montana is $1176. This can move up into two thousand as we see in New York with an average price of $2463. Rhode Island also has an average of $2029.

Knowing the average prices across the state will help you score your wedding budget.


How Much To Spend On A Wedding Dress?

How much should I spend on a wedding dress? A worrying question from brides who do not know how to calculate their wedding dress expenses. The amount you spend is proportional to the awareness you have. Let’s help with some tips.

  • Create a budget and stick with it. Observe your limits and avoid trying on dresses that are over your budget. Also, ensure that you’re aware of the cost of every dress before you try them on. You don’t want to fall in love with a dress that you can’t afford, or one which will ruin your budget.
  • Avoid alteration by finding a dress that you love as is. Alterations can cost you from $500 and up to $1000 depending on the severity of the job. Also, if you have to change the design of a dress, then you’d be messing with the creator’s idea. Hence, the dress wasn’t made for you.
  • Attend trunk shows, and who knows? It may be your lucky day. Visiting a trunk show will see you get great discounts of up to 10% from your dream designer. What to do is look up the websites of your favorite bridal stores. And find out when they’d have their trunk shows.
  • If you’re on a tight budget, simple is your plug. Buy a simple dress and accessorize perfectly. A dress that has fewer embellishments and details will cost less than a glammed one. Pick something simple that suits your personality and compensate for cute accessories. This will help you save money.
  • Check out sample sales if you’re a size 6 to 12 and you could get lucky. Lots of bridal salons sell-off sample dresses from their previous collections to make way for something new. Scout through these stores and you may find something that you love.


What Impacts The Average Price For A Wedding Dress?

A few things impact the average price of a wedding dress. And if you can get a hang on them, shopping will be easier. A few factors are;

  • The fabric: Your fabric of choice will determine how much you’ll shell out. Like some fabrics are of more quality than others, so are their prices.
  • The season of wedding dress: Designers tend to debut collection dresses once or twice a year. Now, if you saw an in-season dress and fell in love with it, then it’d cost more. If you choose a dress off-season, it will cost less.
  • The designer: The designer of a dress determines the price because you’d be paying for the following. Exclusivity, detailed craftsmanship, refined couture, and quality. Hence, high-end designers will come at more cost.
  • The details: Dresses with detailed embellishments on a dress such as beading, stones, and laces will cost more. This is because it takes more time, care and expertise to achieve the idea of the dress.
  • Alteration: In this case, manipulating or changing the style of a dress will earn you an additional cost. Depending on the magnitude of custom work, alteration may end up costing you more than the dress.


What Are The Additional Wedding Dress Costs?

  • The right accessories: These are must-haves that will make your bridal look complete. Starting from the tiara or veil, shoes, pieces of jewelry, clutch, and shawl. They’re important items to put in your budget. Accessories will cost you between $350 to $500.
  • Perfect undergarments: Only the perfect undergarments will do on your big day. What you’ll look out for is the comfort, beauty and fit for your dress. You’ll discover that bridal undergarments could be quite pricey. It could set you back by about $200. A small price to pay for a boost in confidence.
  • Alteration: While some bridal salons offer this in house, others may not. So you’ll engage a tailor that’s confirmed to be a bridal gown expert. This will cost between $500 to $600. But it could go up to a thousand if you’re putting in custom work. This includes touching the neckline, sleeves, lengthening the train, and other aesthetic details.
  • Cleaning and preservation: After your wedding, you’d want to clean and preserve your dress. A light laundry of your wedding dress will cost you up to $200. If you decide to clean and also preserve, you’d spend up to $500. Remember to add this to your budget.

The average price of a wedding dress having been quite established is not sacrosanct. You can get your perfect dress way below or higher than the average price for a wedding dress. For every budget, there’s a perfect dress to suit, only if you arm yourself with information. Citing the average wedding dress cost 2017 and 2018, they’re influenced by fabric, designer, season, etc. Wedding dresses aren’t just dresses, they are an experience, so find the best for you.