Modern Chivalry For Happy Couples


While there has been a decided decline in the presence of chivalry in the modern age, there are men out there who know what it takes to be a real gentleman. The feminine halves of these happy couples are blessed with modern-day knights in shining armor, and they may not even realize it. Some modern-day chivalry may pass unnoticed but read on to find out if you’ve got one of an increasingly rare breed: a true gentleman.

1. He Opens Doors

Whether it’s a pleasant summer evening or a snow-clogged winter night with gale force winds, it’s nice to have a guy that will open your car door for you. By doing so, he’s showing you that he’s putting your comfort ahead of his own. A guy who opens your door for you is going to be the same guy that hands over his jacket because you’re cold.

2. He Saves A Bite

There is truth to the saying that the stomach is the quickest way to a man’s heart. If he’s enjoying a meal and saves a bite for you, he’s telling you that he values you and wants you to savor some of his great meal, even though it means he’ll have one less bite. That may not seem like a huge deal, but happy couples know that sharing is important, especially when it’s the last bite of something really tasty.

3. He Makes Time For Family

If he’s willing to sit with your mom and look at your baby pictures, coach your younger brother to hit a baseball or talk sailing or golf with your dad, he’s definitely a keeper. By spending time like this, he’s telling you that he’s interested in you and wants to be part of your life.

4. He Watches Chick Flicks

If he’s going to sit through the latest overly-dramatic or feel-good chick flick just because he knows you’ll enjoy it, you two might be on the road to being one of those insanely happy couples. He should be getting bonus points for watching movies just for you, but give him even more if he shows up to take you to the show without you having to urge him. He’s genuinely interested in your happiness and is willing to put aside his own wants to satisfy yours.

5. He Sends Or Brings Flowers

He brings or sends flowers on just a random day, just because he was thinking of you. Happy couples are always attuned to each other and if your guy is sending you flowers for no special reason, he’s thinking about you and wants to brighten your day.

6. You’re Good To Him, Too

Your knight in shining armor deserves to be treated well, too. Happy couples aren’t just one-sided, so make sure you’re tending to his needs as he tries to tend to yours. For a strong, healthy relationship, it takes giving on both parts.