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36 Ideas For Natural Bridal Makeup


Natural bridal makeup is a good choice to make your look tender and romantic. Using pastel colors, matte lipstick or make a fresh face make up bride can emphasize eyes’ color depth or lips’ form. We have collected for you ideas for natural make up. You will find examples for different hair colors or eye colors and a lot of other popular ideas.


Photo 1-3: Makeup Ideas For Romantic Bridal Look

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Photo 4-6: Natural Bridal Makeup For Blondes

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Photo 7-9: Ideas For Brides With Red Hair

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Photo 10-12: Makeup For Dark Haired Brides

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Photo 13-15: Gorgeous Makeup For Blue Eyes

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Photo 16-18: Stunning Ideas For Brides With Green Eyes

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Photo 19-21: Natural Bridal Makeup For Dark Eyes

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Photo 22-24: Ideas For Makeup With Matte Lips

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Photo 25-27: Beautiful Makeup For Brides With Long Lashes

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Photo 28-30: Fresh Face Bridal Makeup

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Photo 31-33: Graceful Natural Makeup Ideas

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Photo 34-36: Tender Bridal Makeup Looks

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