Wedding Updos For Medium Hair 2024 Guide: 60+ Best Looks

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In this comprehensive guide, we’ve meticulously curated an array of exquisite wedding updos for medium hair to suit every taste and occasion. From classic chignons to whimsical braids, sleek high updos to romantic side sweeps, we’ve gathered inspiration to help you discover the ideal style for your special day.

Whether you’re the radiant bride, a supportive bridesmaid, a cherished guest, or simply seeking inspiration, delve into our carefully crafted collection and unlock the beauty of medium wedding updos that will leave you feeling enchantingly poised as you walk down the aisle.

Brides Often Ask

How to create a smooth updo for medium hair on unruly or curly hair?

If you want to achieve a smooth look with the additional volume you should braid the hair.

How can I do a simple bridal updo on medium hair?

Buns and knots are the simplest and most appropriate updos for medium hair. Keep them loose or tight by teasing your hair at the roots to give it some lift. Opt for a low or high updo and secure it with pins. Once your hair is set you may sleek the hair down or pull at occasional strands to create loops in your messy hairstyle.

How to add volume to a wedding updo on thin medium hair?

Add volume to a thin medium hair updo with curls. While some may use curling irons, rollers are most appropriate because of the size and bounce they offer. Alternatively, you can volumize your hair with subtle or light interior layering. Avoid too many layers because they would make your hair appear thinner.


Elegant Low Bun Wedding Hairstyle
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Wedding Chignon For Medium Hair

Chignon wedding updos for medium-length hair are arguably one of the oldest bridal hair choices. It’s a balance between elegant and modern styles, which is often hard to pull off. Chignons are suitable for traditional, chic, destination, coastal, beach, rustic, and garden-inspired weddings. The list isn’t exhausted by the way.

Chignons suit almost all silhouettes and overall looks allowing brides to channel their personalities. You can complement this hairstyle with headpieces, hair clips, flower accessories, veils, and bird cages. This hairstyle also allows flexibility like a little volume, mess, braids, curls, and more.


Half Updo Wedding Hairstyles

Half updo for a medium-length hair wedding is timeless and chic. This hairstyle is a hit for formal, casual, and outdoor weddings. For an edgy look, opt for an upside half up and border the edges with a braid. If you’re wearing a backless, armless, or criss-cross back dress, opt for loose voluminous half upheld in place with fashionable barrettes.

But if you’re having a bohemian wedding, inject volume into your half up and accessorize with blooms. A Grecian inspiration with bouncy volume and shine will make you a beach wedding knockout. Plus if you’re opting for a garden-inspired wedding, go for the fringes or tousled look. Accessorize with headbands, statement-making clips, or florals.


Low Updos For Medium Hair

Wedding low updos for medium-length hair are the perfect hairstyles for formal weddings. They could also be casual, depending on how relaxed you let them. You can consider low braid updos Lille soft swept twists translated into a romantic look. Alternatively, try the messy bun with soft waves around the face to frame the cheeks, jawlines, and eyes in an effortless way.

Chignon is another easy hairstyle to pull off, especially when paired with headpieces, clips, veils, and floral accessories. The best thing about low updos is their versatility and they accommodate everything from pins to tiaras, headbands, crowns, and combs.


High Wedding Updo Ideas

If you are looking for wedding updos for medium hair that help you stand out, choose a high updo. High wedding updos for medium hair add height and texture, giving a classic, elegant, or contemporary look. Brides love messy high buns packed on the crown with a few loose pieces falling out.

You can also wear a rolled-up bun with the addition of crystals for some sparkles. If you are the classic bride, a touch of pearls is timeless and brings out the vintage yet fashion-forward glam. Accessorizing your Haigh braided halo is the ultimate show-stopper. Add flowers and ribbons on statement clips to nail your style home.

Side Swept Wedding Updo Medium Hair

Sideswept wedding hair updos for medium-length hair are chic, elegant, and effortless. The hairstyle is also great for minimalist and sophisticated Brides. Wear them for your rustic, coastal, beach, and industrial-chic wedding. Gather your medium hair at the nape of your neck and pin it to the side. Complement this style by leaving some hair to frame your face for a traditional look.

If you’re wearing a mermaid silhouette or off-shoulder dress, opt for natural waves that just fall on your back. Match this hairstyle with a pair of drape earrings. Some brides love wedding pantsuits and only an aside-swept low updo will work best. Leave some wispy curls to Frame your face for a feminine touch.


Relaxed Loose Updo Wedding Day

If you love the carefree, sexy, and messy updos for medium hair weddings, here are some cute ideas. Opt for a lush and spilling decadence of curls, especially when they’re natural. Play them to your advantage and leave them messy for bohemian weddings. Complement with an embellished cape and dazzling barrettes.

To show off the back of your dress while looking polished, choose an asymmetric bun that looks undone. Let the curls trail down your back in spirals. But if you want a vintage look, opt for a relaxed loose bun accessorized with crystals or a show-stopping headpiece. And if your personality is vivacious, a ribboned coif is a perfect messy updo for wedding medium-length hair.

Braided Updos for Medium Hair

Braided wedding updos for medium hair are classic and versatile. They could switch from formal and Glamorous to laid-back and casual. This style is suitable for country, beach, tropical, and destination weddings among others. Do a twisting if you have thick locks. It would give some contemporary sass to an otherwise traditional hairstyle.

If your dress has a high Neckline, make your hair into multi braids and wrap it in a high bun. This look is all shades of class and panache. Opt for a floral fishtail pony if you’re having a bohemian wedding. Fishtail ponytails give the perfect balance between modern and vintage. Pair soft waves with cascading dramatic braid to form a whimsical hairstyle. They’d blend to form a gorgeous creation.


Easy Wedding Updos for Medium Length

Easy wedding updos for medium-length hair range from waves to curls to clean and classic. If you’re feeling a bit nostalgic, go the 1950 way by wearing a retro updo. Manipulate it for more volume and match it with your boat Neck or strapless dress. You can also channel the boho-chic vibe with a top knot that shows a modern twist to the chignon.

This style accentuates your backless dress while drawing attention to your face and neck. Another style is the messy pinned-up bun with tousled curls that your home rollers can pull off. However, if you want to show off the details of your dress, opt for the twist-and-tuck bun (Gibson tuck).

Curly Wedding Updos for Medium Hair

Curly medium hair updos for weddings are romantic for every kind of wedding. Wear bouncy tendrils peppered with blossoms for a wedding hairstyle. Pair this hair with a-not so flashy chiffon or lacy dress for a bohemian wedding. Create a cascade of natural, messy waves using a texturing mist. Then secure the hairstyle with a thick French braid and floral.

You can opt for a textured updo with a floral crown or an eye-catching curly pony with a crystal hairpiece. If you want to look like royalty, make your hair into spirals. Then tease and loosen with a brush. Pack into a bun or half-up style and accessorize with a statement-making hairpiece.


Wedding Updos With Bangs

Updos for medium hair with bangs are popular among brides because they are picture-perfect the whole day. Wear them in a messy, wavy, or curly updo like the low chignon with a full fringe bang. You may also opt for bangs that frame the face. Another option is the top knot spruced with braids and bangs.

If you love a boho or rustic look. Opt for updos with a braided halo and forward bangs. We also adore half updos with their romantic and eye-catching look with blunt, choppy, fringe, or side-swept bangs. Bouffant with side bangs, banging beehives, and voluminous fishtail plaits with bangs are also great hairdos for weddings.

Medium Updos With Veil

This category is for brides that want to pair medium-hair wedding updos with a veil. The easiest hairstyle to do is a classic and polished ballerina bun paired with a veil. If you’re using a mantilla, or fingertip of a cathedral veil, fix the U-shaped pins below the bun and secure the veil.

You can also opt for a sleek low bun with a trendy center part. Fix your veil beneath or Birdcage Veil to the side. For an effortlessly chic look, choose a slicked-back ponytail or an elegant Bouffant for a bold look. A loose ponytail, messy bun, or rolled curls would also hold your veil in place using Bobby pins.

Bridal Updo Ideas With Crown

Wedding updos for medium hair with a veil and crowns give a grand appeal and effortless sophistication. Opt for a deep center part low chignon with few hair tendrils framing the face. The tiara will sit in the middle of your head giving you a regal and romantic look.

You can also do a mid-high ponytail with curls if you prefer a flirty and romantic look. Pair this look with a cathedral veil, crown, and lace dress. We also love the messy alternative bun with flower crowns for a boho spin. For a princess look, pair the classic chignon with dainty pink roses, a crown, and matching earrings, and you are ready to go.

Elegant Updos For Your Big Day

Elegant wedding updos for medium-length hair don’t get better than the pretty addition of pearls to a chignon. Pair drama and elegance by adding graduated pearl double-layered headbands to your hair for a classic and chic look. You can also opt for a voluptuous updo with a low twisted bun paired with a lace choker and dazzling earrings.

We also dug the architectural low bun, perfect for Parisian nuptials. It is simply sleek and chic. And if you want to go the Viking way, try the intricately braided faux hawk messy updo peppered with succulents, or keep your look fresh with a multilayered updo adorned with large blooms.

Wedding Updos for Bohemian Brides

The selling point of bohemian wedding updos in shoulder-length hair is that they’re undone, relaxed, and look natural. Opt for the uncomplicated tousled waves using a curling tong. Adorn the hair with a bejeweled tiara to complement your look. If you’re getting married at a whimsical garden venue, use sprays of flower crowns filled with wild grass and blossoms for an ethereal look.

A relaxed French braid held back with pins, a headband or hairspray would give you a flirty look. For the quintessential bohemian look, opt for a wave, multi-plait half-up. Accessorize with sparkling clips to give the rapunzel vibes. You can also incorporate braids in a mess of curls for the wanderlust bride feel.

Rustic Bridal Updos for Medium Hair

Rustic wedding updo hairstyles for medium-length hair comes in variations. They are romantic from waves to curls, braids, accessories, florals, and natural accents. Braids are the perfect bohemian style for the country, trendsetting look. They add an ethereal touch to the overall appearance.

Think of the Halo, fishtail, petite braids, long, loose and twisted braids. You can also opt for relaxed styles like windswept waves, deep side parts, simple twists, romantic waves, and more. Curls are also a top choice for a rustic wedding. Accessorize with flowers, headbands, veils, and combs.

Bridesmaid Updos For Medium Hair

You can never go wrong with sleek chignon wedding updos for medium-length hair bridesmaids, especially with a sweeping bang. Talk about elegance, poise, simplicity, and timeless beauty. The best part is that this hairstyle requires minimal makeup and jewelry.

You can also play off the bridal hairstyle like a ballerina bun, braided half up, or a tousled curled bun. There is also the option of undone braids intricately gathered into a gentle updo, matching this look with a pale pink dress, lace cap sleeves, and simple pieces of jewelry for a romantic and classic look.

Updo Ideas For Wedding Guests

We always talk about not upstaging the bride, but a guest must look smashing. There are many wedding updos for medium hair that are both regular and within reason. Some of the best medium-length hair updos for wedding guests include a half-up bun or top knot. This chic wedding hairstyle sees the hair of your crown pulled and rolled up into a knot.
The hairstyle is perfect for high or halter-neck wedding dresses with statement earrings.

Other styles include a twisted and tousled bun, braided half up, braided side bun, or low ponytail twist. These styles work for various outfits from strapless to suits, gowns, and spaghetti ensembles.

Medium Updos For Girls

Wedding updos for medium-length hair for girls will have them looking special and dolled up. If you want a hairstyle with no hassles, opt for tucked-in fishtail braids in a bun. Another beautiful style is the curly chignon that gives a relaxed look. Flatter it with crystals or flowers for the ultimate beauty.

If you want a more interesting look, a braided updo is everything, especially for summer weddings. Pair this hairstyle with a barrette or headband for a more chic look. Alternatively, big double-sided buns with bangs or braided crowns are super cute ideas for girls. Adorn these hairstyles with small blooms or succulents for a princess look.

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Wedding Updos For Older Women

Who says older women must wear only basic hairstyles? Wedding updos with medium hair for older women are the rave because it not only defines her look but inspires elegance. Some of the best wedding updos for medium hair in older women include curled bun that can be sharp styled or tousled. Keep the bun low or off-centered while flicking some curls down the side.

Alternatively, a sleek updo is better for fine and medium hair. Consider a chignon or pair with a bouffant and finish with a feather hair piece or clip. We also love the simple half updo where you can pump volume with a bouffant.


Wedding updos for medium hair are stylish, versatile, and suitable for different wedding themes, dresses, and faces. There are several kinds of updos fitting for wedding themes that we’ve curated in this post. If you have medium hair and don’t know what to do with it, this post gives you options from curly to straight. There are also tips for how to match them and complement your overall look.