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39 Pinterest Wedding Hairstyles Ideas


Pinterest is quickly becoming the biggest source of wedding ideas, especially when it comes to amazing hairstyles for brides. But with millions of new photos and ideas added every day, it’s hard to find something special. So, in our gallery you will find the most popular pinterest wedding hairstyles for your big day party.


Photo 1-3: Half Up Half Down Hairstyles For Stylish Brides

Source: kristinagasperasmua via Instagram, Elstile via Instagram, Hair and Makeup by Steph

Wedding hairstyles photos are waiting for you on Pinterest!


Photo 4-6: Adorable Messy Wedding Updo Ideas

Source: Hairstylist & Make up Artist via Instagram, tonyastylist via Instagram,  olesya_zemskova via Instagram.


Photo 7-9: Best Pinterest Wedding Hairstyles With Braids

Source: xenia_stylist via Instagram, tonyastylist via Instagram, lalasupdos via Instagram


Photo 10-12: Elegant French Twist Wedding Updo Ideas

Source: hairstyle_by_elena_demchenko via Instagramelstilespb via Instagramelstilespb via Instagram


Photo 13-15: Chic High Bun Ideas For Brides

Source: tatianasolne4naya via Instagram, medvedevatany via Instagram, tonyastylist via Instagram

Photo 16-18: Formal Wedding Chignons

Source: tonyastylist via Instagram, elstilespb via Instagramtonyastylist via Instagram


Photo 19-21: Feminity Wedding Updos Best From Pinterest

Source: hair_vera via Instagramolesya_nefyodkina via Instagramlenabogucharskaya via Instagram

Photo 22-24: Charming Loose Curls For Wedding

Source: Elstile via Instagram, elstilespb via Instagram, mpobedinskaya via Instagram


Photo 25-27: Side Updos For Charming Brides

Source: tonyastylist via Instagram, krystlewaiviohair via Instagramtonyastylist via Instagram

Photo 28-30: Gorgeous Hairstyles For Short Hair

Source: tonyastylist via Instagram, olesya_zemskova via Instagramtonyastylist via Instagram


Photo 31-33: Trendy Braided Crown Bridal Ideas

Source: lenabogucharskaya via Instagram, lenabogucharskaya via Instagram, lenabogucharskaya via Instagram

Photo 34-36: Mod Bridal Updos For Gentle Brides

Source: alexandra_poslavskaya via Instagram, mpobedinskaya via Instagram, sasha__esenina via Instagram


Photo 37-39: Boho Wedding Hairstyles

Source: tatistylespb via Instagram, svglamour via Instagram, thestyleroomgc via Instagram

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