Flower Girl Dresses: 33 Looks For Girls + FAQs

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The most beautiful woman at the wedding is, obviously, the bride. The second most? The flower girl of course! Flower girls are an important part of the wedding tradition. These significant, charming little ladies deserve a great dress! There are a lot of flower girl dresses to choose from. To make the most of decorating and leading the bride down the aisle, we’ve assembled an adorable list of flower girl dresses for every season, venue, and theme.


Flower girls should be treated like and look like fairytale princesses, but they should also be comfortable and happy. They should also compliment the bride and harmonize with the wedding theme. As you scroll through and find your inspiration, pay attention to our advice about choosing the right fabric and style to keep the little ones comfortable and in a great mood for their walk and photoshoots.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color is the flower girl’s dress?

One of the stronger rules of thumb with flower girls’ dresses is that she must compliment the bride. This means that flower girl dresses should be a slight variation of the bride’s gown. The result is usually white or cream or ivory off-white.

Who should pay for the flower girl dress?

Normally the wedding party and guests pay for their own clothes, meaning the flower girl’s dress is up to the parents. However, in cases where the bride and groom can afford more gifts than tradition calls for, purchasing the ring bearer and flower girls’ outfits are completely acceptable.

Are 10 years old too old for a flower girl?

If you are following tradition, girls nearing their teens (ancient Greeks lived shorter and married younger) are too close to their wedding years to be considered children, so this isn’t advised. However, modern sensibility allows us to be a lot more flexible. If she is old enough to follow instructions and young enough to fall within your personal definition of what the flower girl represents, you are encouraged to do as you, please.


Toddler Little Girl Dresses

Boho, rustic, vintage, and other rural-style wedding themes continue to grow in popularity. Most of these marriage events occur outdoors in spring or early summer. These conditions are ideal for light and airy flower girl dresses. Have fun with these themes by adding local, in-season greenery crowns, bracelets, and sandals.



Lace Flower Girl Dresses

Subtle lace accents are an easy way to link to the lace-featured bride’s gown and make for adorable results. The contrast of young innocence and this typically more mature fabric adds a great layer of sophistication to your flower girl’s look. Add tassels or some other tasteful texture, and you have yourself the perfect lace flower girl dress!!


Boho Flower Girl Dresses

Ruffle details, off-the-shoulder necklines, florals, and lace are all hallmarks of the popular boho flower girl dresses. Adding any combination of these features to the gowns makes for some cute flower girl dresses. Throw in theme-matching colored ribbons or floral crowns to complete the look.


Tulle Dresses For A Little Girls

Tulle is an absolutely classic choice for weddings. These tulle flower girl dresses are layer upon layer of fluffy fabric and have a magical way of capturing the flower girl’s movements and dance moves. It’s extremely lightweight and available in shorter cuts, making it ideal for warmer outdoor weather.

Flower Dresses With Bows

Adding a cinched bow around the waist is an easy way to elevate the sophistication level of traditional wedding dresses for the flower girl. Beyond the obvious visual appeal of these looks, adding a bow keeps the dresses from blowing around too much and causing discomfort during the windier outdoor moments.


Simple Flower Girl Gowns

The clean lines and simple cuts of simple flower girl dresses are a beautiful way to embrace the simplicity of childhood. This choice allows you to add a flower tiara, a belt, and a few other fancy accessories without the entire outfit looking too busy.

Sparkly Dresses for Flower Girls

A sparkly dress with rhinestones or sequins can be very attractive for a flower girl who loves glitters. The best color choice for this type of dress is black, silver, or gold. These colors go with any dress and will give her plenty of options when choosing what type of accent she wants on her gowns, such as a veil or headband.


Blush Dresses For Flower Girls

Add a romantic touch to the flower girl’s dress. These hues of pink flower girl dresses (or any other color really) are a cute way to your wedding theme colors or surrounding natural color palette. Blush flower girl dresses are also a great way to lean into a more whimsical wedding vibe.

Flower Girl Gowns In Red

Gowns in red are another popular choice for young girls. This dress is usually more formal than a sparkly dress but still has the same look and feel of a princess-like gown. Red is always a good choice for weddings because it represents love and marriage, which is what this day is all about.


Black Flower Girl Dresses

Flower girls can wear their black gowns to many special occasions like proms, years after the wedding ceremony. This beautiful black flower girl dress matches any kind of accessory, depending on the theme of the wedding. Black is an elegant color that matches almost everything but stands out at the same time because of its depth and simplicity.

Long Dress Ideas

Long dresses allow little brides to look smart and decent while looking like a princess. They can also wear their favorite shoes or sandals with this long dress. You should also choose a long dress with long sleeves so that you can cover your little bride up from insect bites, or cold if there is any rain during the ceremony.