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Like an imperial queen and her little princess, a flower girl is a sign of what is to come – the bride. She is a mirror image of your childhood and innocence. Her presence at your wedding, spraying the flowers or seeds, is symbolic of growth, flourish, and fertility. So, your girl(s) need to look breathtaking.

However, there are certain rules and tips guiding the preparation of your little princesses. From their dresses to shoes, hairstyles, and accessories; you must be meticulous. Your wedding theme, time of the year, colors, and style also play a role. Check out all the bits of information you need to know about mini brides and where to buy flower girl dresses.


Flower Girl Advice

What does a flower girl do?

She symbolizes the opening act of your procession, sprays flowers, follows the ring bearer, and adds beauty to your day.

Who is usually the flower girl?

This is usually a daughter of the bride or groom’s extended family or the child of close friends.

How old should a flower girl be?

The perfect age is three to ten years old. This age range will rock the appropriate flower girl hairstyles without feeling awkward.

Do you get a gift for the flower girl?

Yes, it is customary to give the flower girl a gift. A small gift of $5 to $40 that usually commemorates her role in the wedding is a significant gesture.

A flower girl is an adorable addition to your bridal party. Cute girls all dressed up in their beautiful dresses will make your guests awe in admiration.

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Etiquette & Tips for Flower Girl


What’s the history of a flower girl?

The duty of these charming girls began in the Roman Empire. These beauties comprised little virgins who carried a sheaf of wheat during the wedding ceremony. The Romans believed that this gesture would cause the couple to prosper.



Who pays for a flower girl dress?

Traditionally the parents of the girl will pay for the dress and accessories but you may find yourself (the Bride and Groom) will cover the cost of the dress depending on the budget of your wedding.


How do you pick a flower girl dress?

Once you have organized the theme of your wedding, choosing a dress will be easy. Many brides will choose a traditional white dress. However, in more recent years we have seen dresses in shades of pink, peach, and cream to compliment the Bride and Bridesmaids’ dresses and style of the day.



How many flower girls are in a wedding?

On average, 1-2 girls is standard for a wedding, although a large group of girls could make a beautiful entrance. Especially if you have many nieces or friends children you wish to include.


When should I ask my flower girl?

Ask your flower girl a few months in advance. This gives her parents enough time to make accommodations.


How to ask flower girl?

Today, it’s quite common for couples to celebrate the flower girl with a formal proposal. An age-appropriate commemorative gift like a proposal box, etched jewelry, or a stuffed animal is a fun way to let her know how important her participation is. Whatever your choice of gift is, make sure to consult her parents first to make sure that they give their consent and support.


What flower girl hairstyle to choose?

The flower girl’s hairstyle should follow the same theme as the rest of your wedding. However, regardless of your chosen theme, it’s very common to go a little overboard with flower accessories and hair pieces. Depending on her age, you may want to consider how much maintenance is required before making a final decision.


Should flower girls wear makeup?

They can absolutely wear makeup, but you must speak with her parents first. Some parents have very particular opinions about wearing makeup, and it would be wrong to try to override them.


When does the flower girl walk down the aisle?

Following tradition, the flower girl is the last one to walk down the aisle before the bride and her father.

Flower Girl Dresses


Lace flower girl dresses

Lace dresses are a timeless and classic style that you will see in many weddings. Choose a dress with lace from head to toe for a very elegant style.

What wedding style will these dresses suit? Traditional Weddings, Modern weddings, Classic weddings, Glamorous Weddings, Boho Weddings, Vintage Weddings

  • The spectacular Charlotte cream lace dress is perfect for your glamorous wedding. All lace dress, features three layers of gorgeous tulle underneath, making it full and fluffy.
  • The elegant dusty rose Charlotte dress is perfect for a traditional and classic wedding featuring a full-length skirt. This sleeveless all lace dress is ideal for a Spring/Summer wedding.
  • In an incredible shade of peach and white, the light peach Swan lace dress is perfect for a princess. If you’re looking for a traditional look, then this is a cute look for you.



Colored flower girl dresses

A colored dress will complement the color theme of your wedding and palette.

What wedding style will these dresses suit? Glamorous Wedding, Classic Wedding, Rustic Wedding, Modern Wedding

  • The dusty rose Magnolia dress is stunning in a dreamy low back lace bodice. Classic and simple. With its lace-capped sleeves, this adds a delicate touch to the look.
  • This cream Isadora dress is absolute perfection with its gorgeous back details and full tulle skirt.



Floral flower girl dresses

A floral dress would be a simple cut and design featuring a beautiful floral that will complement your wedding theme and wedding colors. Being a non-traditional flower girl dress, it would suit a modern look in a contemporary wedding.

What wedding style will these dresses suit? Garden Weddings, Country Farm Weddings, Beach Weddings, Boho Weddings, Vintage Weddings, Classic Wedding

  • Incorporating florals into your wedding is easy with the beautiful Fauna and Wildflower dresses. Featuring 100% rayon bohemian styling. Perfect for that beach or boho wedding.
  • Soft floral tones of peach pinks and white in Luella and Wildflower dresses create the vintage bohemian styles perfect for your classic wedding.


Boho flower girl dresses

Boho dresses should be effortless and romantic. Featuring lace, frills, ruffles, and a whimsical design.

What wedding style will these dresses suit? Vintage Weddings, Boho and Bohemian Weddings, Garden Party Weddings, Country Farm Weddings

  • The vintage style of this Grace dress creates an effortless Bohemian style. Designed with lace-lined linen straps, this is an elegant yet casual dress.
  • Both the white and pink Delphine dresses are soft and floaty in head-to-toe lace for your boho girl.



Long sleeve flower girl dresses

Long sleeve dresses bring a touch of luxury and elegance to your day. These dresses are classic flower girl dresses that will always be in style.

What wedding style will these dresses suit? Classic Wedding, Elegant Weddings, Modern Weddings, Traditional Weddings, Vintage Weddings

  • The classic Swan dress in dusty rose is an elegant and timeless look for your special day. A beautiful addition to a classic wedding.
  • The white Helena dress is what dreams are made of. Featuring head-to-toe lace with a simple long sleeve design. A beautiful touch for that special girl.


Causal flower girl dresses

A casual dress should always be a simple and classic design that features beautiful fabric details.

What wedding style will these dresses suit? Classic Wedding, Beach Wedding, Country Farm Wedding, Garden Party Wedding, Modern Wedding

  • The Florence dress is beautiful and soft, featuring broderie anglaise fabric and our high low signature style.
  • The Aurora lace top and Eden tulle skirt is the perfect set. Beautiful soft tulle layered skirt complemented by an intricate, yet simple lace top.
  • The Elizabeth broderie anglaise dress is a classic white dress in simple details with incredible fabric. This Bohemian-style dress is perfect for your casual wedding.



Non-traditional flower girl dresses

This classic look showcases an effortless style in easy-to-wear relaxed linen.

What wedding style will these dresses suit? Modern Weddings, Casual Wedding, Beach Wedding, Non-Traditional Wedding

  • The Hamptons linen ruffle top and pant is the ultimate trans-seasonal piece that will add simplicity and style.

Flower Girl Shoes

Shoes should always complete their flower girl outfit. Neutral colors like white and beige are traditional flower girls’ shoes.

  • The Lola Bone velvet shoe pairs perfectly with all dresses.
  • The casual girls’ Bone Polly leather shoe goes with absolutely every dress in our range. Perfect for that modern wedding.


Flower Girls Hair Accessories

Flower girl crowns and flower girl headbands are the most common versatile hair accessory as they can be used in most themed weddings. For bohemian weddings, a flower crown always seems to be a must-have. Always choose flower crowns that complement your wedding colors.

  • The Goldie crown is perfect to dress up your girl dress. In a stunning mix of dusty pink and cream roses, this flower crown is able to match a variety of dresses.
  • Soft tones of pastel pinks, mauve, cream, and white flowers feature on this incredible Scarlett and Adeline flower crown. Flower crowns complete that magical look.
  • The Mae crown is the perfect headpiece for a smaller girl. Adding that special touch to the outfit.

Flower Girl Hairstyles

Flower girl hairstyles can range from simple and classic to intricate and whimsical. They are often designed to complement the bride’s hairstyle and the overall wedding theme. Popular flower girl hairstyles include braided crowns, loose waves, and sleek buns, but there are many other options to choose from depending on the flower girl’s hair length and texture.

  • All styles of buns are a beautiful option for a flower girl at a wedding. Such hairstyles can complement various flower girl dresses and wedding themes, including bohemian, rustic, and outdoor ceremonies.
  • Flowing down the back, loose waves can be an ideal hairstyle for a flower girl, conveying both sophistication and playfulness. The airy texture of these waves adds a delightful charm and blends well with diverse flower girl dresses and wedding themes.
  • Simple yet elegant, braided hairstyles and braided crowns can be a perfect match for different flower girl dresses and wedding themes, from formal and traditional weddings to more modern ones. These styles bring a touch of refinement to the flower girl’s appearance, enhancing the overall look of the wedding party.
    • Flower Girl Baskets

      Although traditional wicker baskets and white dresses are trusted combinations, there are other incredible styles.

      • A classic white basket filled with colorful flowers is beach wedding perfect.
      • Go rustic with flowers and a ribbon-decorated basket handle.
      • For a vintage-inspired look, choose a stylish basket with gold decor.

      Alternatives to Having a Flower Girl

      We’ve seen some pretty cute alternatives lately. Many couples are choosing babies pulled in a wagon or their pets to play the role. In both cases, flower girl alternatives experience the full treatment complete with attire and accessories.

      Alternatively, many couples are choosing to opt-out of the flower girl process entirely by ‘pre-flowering’ the aisle for the bride’s walk.

      If you have a beloved pet that’s a member of the family, then you might be wondering if it’s possible to have dogs or cats as the ring bearers for your wedding. Pet lovers would enjoy seeing your winged or furry friend doing the honors of delivering your rings. And if they’re well trained, they are sure to enjoy being your ring bearer too.

      Here are a few tips to consider.

  1. Deciding if you should have a pet ring bearer or not. Sometimes the wedding venue can be the deciding factor on if your birds, cats, or dogs can come as ring bearers at a church wedding. Finding out if the venue is pet friendly should be the first step, and if they are, then there’s nothing stopping you.
  2. Training recommendations. Just like rehearsals are traditional, it would be a good idea to have some rehearsals or training if you will be bringing ring-bearers animals. So, practice walking with them amidst crowds ahead of time so they don’t get spooked by your guests. They could also practice walking down the aisle as well. You could give them treats as rewards every time they’ve done brilliantly.
  3. Outfits and accessories ideas. It can be fun dressing up cats or dogs as ring bearers. You could get them fancy collars of silk ribbons or florals in your wedding colors. They could also be dressed up in miniature tuxedos of their own. The rings can be kept securely tied loose to their collar or in a box. It is recommended to use fake rings for this as pets have a mind of their own and can wander or be distracted by friendly guests petting them.

Having a flower girl on your wedding day makes it much more special. Finding that perfect dress and matching accessories will create memories to last a lifetime.