15 Maternity Wedding Dresses For Mom’s

maternity wedding dresses
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Expecting a baby and engaged to be married? What could be better!? Two of the happiest days of your life are happening all at once. Congratulations! You can’t be certain of your exact size and shape on the big day, but you’re not going to let that stop you from looking your best. Choosing maternity wedding dresses is still an exhilarating experience and, with our help, you are sure to find the ideal style with enough flexibility for the perfect fit for your walk down the aisle.


Scroll through our gallery to find the silhouettes, fabrics, textures, styles, and unique design ideas to inspire the perfect bridal look for your big day!

Brides Often Ask

Can a wedding dress be let out for pregnancy?

Yes, Yes, Yes! Some wedding dress styles are a little trickier than others, but with enough preparation, it will not be a problem. Just make sure to communicate with your designer or tailor (preferably experienced with maternity wedding dresses) early, and make sure to adjust the lining as well.

How can I hide my belly in a wedding dress?

Start with an empire waistline. This hugs just under the bust and immediately transitions into flowing fabric, which is a classic look. Next, consider some camouflage. A belt, accessories, or well-placed texture will go a long way in reducing the roundness and directing the eye in the right direction. Finally, modern shapewear can move things around in the right way.



The most popular choices attempt to combine sexy maternity wedding dresses with cute maternity wedding dresses. This is achieved by focusing on the femininity of the bride’s bust, shoulders, and neckline while allowing for motherly modesty below. These particular samples are drastically different but perfectly demonstrate the grace of this balance.


Beach Maternity Bridal Dresses

The beach is the place for baby bump brides. With comfort being a major concern, the beach allows you to ditch the shoes and choose maternity beach wedding dresses that feature light, sheer fabrics. Just make sure you have access to plenty of water and shade.



Boho Maternity Wedding  Gowns

Boho themes are all about non-traditional spirituality and a connection with nature. These bohemian maternity dresses for weddings feature plenty of rich textures and flowing fabrics. You can also enjoy the option to add a shawl and other wholesome accessories that create a sense of whimsy and wonder.


Lace Maternity Wedding Gowns

Nothing transforms a maternity wedding dress from simple to glamorous quite like lace. Brides can choose lace texture from top to bottom, a strategically placed accent, or a focus on the neckline for added sensuality. A newer trend we love is the tattoo effect that makes it seem like the lace pattern is applied directly to your skin.


Simple Maternity Dresses For Wedding

These silhouettes can be classic or modern, and fit into virtually any wedding theme. Simple maternity wedding dresses are very appropriate for every season. We adore this sleek, minimalist approach to wedding gowns that allow the bride’s natural beauty to shine.