20 Black And White Wedding Shoes: Best Ideas + FAQs

black and white wedding shoes
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Black and white are colors that can be worn with almost anything, and this is why this trend is so genius. This great color combination is a step outside the proverbial box that would look great with any number of wedding outfits. If you are looking to mix things up for your wedding day without going too far, have a look at these options of stylish black and white wedding shoes for your inspiration.


Brides Often Ask

Which types of shoes are best for a wedding?

The best type of shoe for a wedding would depend on the outfit for the wedding. A sleek satin dress would pair well with a similarly sleek shoe, as a lace dress would go with lace or sparkly shoes.

What color shoes can I wear to a wedding?

Traditionally brides wear nude-tone shoes, white, ivory, or even champagne for their weddings. However, for non-conformist options, you could try black and white shoes for a wedding or other color.


Black And White Wedding Heels

Wedding shoes come in different styles and heights, but it’s important to find comfortable shoes to wear throughout the day. So, even if you’re thinking of heels, you might want to consider wedge heels for comfort. If you’d like wedding shoes black and white with high heel  for a party wedding dress, opt for block heels instead of stilettos.


Low Heel Shoes For A Wedding

Wedding shoes black and white are a stylish option, but they don’t have to be uncomfortable. Choosing low heels for your big day can make the difference between a fabulous day and a painful one. There are lots of elegant and stylish options, from kitten heels, to block heels or wedges.


Black And White Flats

Flats are another great option for the bride who loves her comfort. Glide through your wedding day with any variety of options, from black and white rhinestone wedding shoes to pointy-toed lace shoes, sleek silk shoes, or shiny patented leather. Combine glamour with absolute comfort for the perfect wedding day.

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Wedding Shoes With Rhinestones

You can’t make a better statement than one with black and white shoes with rhinestones for a wedding. While these can be traditional pumps, slingbacks, or slip-ons, they can also be sparkly black and white sneakers for the unconventional bride. The perfect choice if you’re looking to dance all night long.

Black And White Striped Shoes

The bride looking for something different could make do with black and white striped shoes. These would look great against a white, ivory, or champagne dress, or even a pristine white dress with black accents. Make a statement on your big day with these striped shoes peeking from beneath your dress.


Elegant Black And White Wedding Shoes

An elegant wedding dress deserves a sleek pair of shoes to go with it. Black and white lace shoes can be the picture of elegance, but so can other styles as well. What matters most is that you pick shoes that are practical and comfortable because there is nothing more elegant than a bride dancing utterly comfortably in her shoes.

Shoe Ideas For Bridesmaids

Sometimes bridesmaids are even busier than the bride and so they need comfortable shoes as well. This does not mean they cannot be stylish. Bridesmaids can have sophisticated black and white wedding shoes as long as they do not upstage the bride. Low heels, flats, or high heels, would need to look great to complement the bride.


Guest Black And White Shoes

Wedding guests need to be stylish as well, and the great thing about black and white shoes is that they pair well with a variety of looks. You could have black and white men’s shoes to go with a dark tuxedo or suit, or black and white pumps to style with a cute black dress.

Get creative and add some edge to your look with black and white wedding shoes. Whether you’re wearing flats, block heels, wedges, or even stilettos, you can add a subtle flair to your wedding look with this dramatic and fashion-forward option that is sure to make a statement.