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30 Forever Gorgeous Wedding Eyes Makeup Ideas


We find the an old proverb “Eyes are the windows of the soul” to be absolutely true. Expressive wedding eyes makeup will help emphasize the femininity and grace of a bride. We have collected trend ideas of different styles that will look equally good both in the photo and on a person. Chic smoky eyes, elegant arrows, pretty natural and other magnificent ideas in our gallery.


Photo 1-3: Pretty Naturally Bridal Looks

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Photo 4-6: Elegance Eyes Arrows Perfectly Suits For Brides

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Photo 7-9: Beautiful Bridal Makeup That Create Expressive Eyes

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Photo 10-12: Shine Wedding Eyes Makeup Ideas For Bright Brides

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Photo 13-15: Sexy Look With Dark Makeup

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Photo 16-18: Charming Dark Bridal Eyes Makeup

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Photo 19-21: Chic Smoky Eyes Make Up

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Photo 22-24: Classy Wedding Eyes Makeup With Dark Corners

Source: Laima Makeup, Paulina via InstagramLaima Makeup


Photo 25-27: Cat Shaped Eyes Makeup With Unique Ombre Effects

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Photo 28-30: Bridal Eyes Makeup Ideas With Glow

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