Charming Wedding Eyes Makeup For The Captivating Bride

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As the wedding day draws close, preparation is shaping up. You have your ensemble, skin routine, hair, pedicure, and manicure sorted. One thing left is your wedding eyes makeup, which may put you in a dilemma. With many stylish eyes make-up for a wedding on Pinterest, Instagram, and magazines, it’s a tiring cycle of changing your mind. The eyes, they say, are the windows to the soul. You want everyone to see the love, joy, and hope in them, so your wedding eye makeup must be perfect. Whether you’re a minimalist bride that loves the natural look, or you’re of the dramatic variety, pitch a tent here. We’ve created a comprehensive catalog of eye makeup for brides in eyeshades, make-up styles, and more.


What products are needed to create bridal eye makeup?

To create the perfect wedding day eye makeup, you need a stay-in-place foundation and eyeliner. Other products include a long-stay setting spray, liquid or cream highlighter, and brow flick. Eye shadow primer, concealer, waterproof mascara, and eye shadow palettes are essential to complete the look.

There are many eye makeups for wedding day styles. Whether you want a natural, Smokey, or glittery look, here are some ideas.

Bridal Makeup Smokey Eye

Bridal makeup Smokey eye is for the Glamorous woman. A woman who wants to pull off a mysterious and alluring charm will also love this look. Smokey Eye Bridal makeup works with nude lips to perfection for a daytime wedding. If you’re having an evening wedding, opt for bold lips to achieve a flawless and dewy look.


Natural Wedding Eye Makeup

Natural wedding eye makeup is for the bride that doesn’t like so much makeup, but this isn’t absolute. Brides that want to achieve a serene look or the girl next door aura will also love natural make-up. This makeup style is perfect for beach, country, whimsical, and barn weddings. Match this eye makeup with bold lips and detailed jewelry.


Soft Glitter Eye Makeup

Soft Glitter Eye makeup is for the Chic, daring, and super sexy bride. This makeup style sits at home with woodland weddings, glam, vintage, Gothic, and industrial-chic affairs. Match this look with rosy stained lips for a romantic charm. If you want to keep on the drama, opt for a cool rep lipstick with a matte finish. But for a subdued yet sexy look, consider nude lipstick that matches your skin.


Smokey Eyeliner Makeup Ideas

Smokey Eyeliner Makeup screams bohemian, modern, vintage, and Gothic. This style of makeup is for the free, unconventional, and confident bride. Pair this Smokey eyeliner design with deep red lipstick or burgundy lip stain to assert some presence. If you want to tone down your look, use nude or bronze to match the Smokey eyeliner.


Wedding Makeup for Brown Eyes

Wedding makeup ideas for brown eyes are endless. There are many options, from monochromatic to Grey, bright colors, dramatic and more. But to emphasize brown eyes for weddings, start with a resilient base and follow with a light eyeshadow. Layer the eyeshadow with medium color and then deep colors at the edges of your eyelids. Opt for bright colors to enlarge your eyes and deep color gradients to shrink them.

Green Eyes Wedding Makeups

Purple is the perfect wedding eye makeup for green eyes, among other colors. Purple emphasizes them, especially if they are deep green, in which case you should add a hint of lavender, plum, or violet. Start with a light lavender shadow on both eyelids and sweep towards the brow bone. Then touch with dark plum or violet on the lashes before running black gel eyeliner in the waterline. Finish this look with mascara to green eyes for some definition.


Blue Eyes Bridal Makeup

White, pink, and silver are shades of light eyeshadows that flatter the blue eyes. And if you want a flawless look, brighten and lighten your eyes with a shimmery eyeshadow. They give a clearing and gorgeous effect that makes your eyes pop. However, apply a dark eyeliner around the lash lines to create a buffer for the shimmers.

Wedding Makeup For Hazel Eyes

Eye makeup for bridal hazel eyes is best in warm tones. Colors like gold, bronze, and champagne help emphasize the brown and bright yellow flecks in the eyes. Begin with shimmery bronze across the top eyelids to the inner corners of the eyes. Then follow with eyeliner from the inner to lower parts of the eyes. Finish this look with black or dark brown eyeliner from top to down and wing it.


Simple Makeup Hacks For Almond Eyes

Start by highlighting the inner corners to brighten and widen your almond shape eyes. Then use a nude or floating liner along the waterline to make the eyes appear larger and brighter. Your next step is to tighten the upper lash line to make your eyes look wide awake. Finish up this look with a light-colored eye shadow palette.

Hooded Eyes Bridal Makeup

Bridal eye makeup looks for hooded eyes can be bold, dramatic, or demure, depending on your taste. Start by cutting a crease to create the illusion that you have more of a lid. Blend light matte or shimmer shade towards the brow bone to achieve the look. Use the batwing trick for eyeliner and smudge-proof mascara.


Bridal Makeup For Round Eyes

For Round bridal eye makeup looks, use your shadow in gradients and blend them outwards. This technique helps balance out the width of round eyes and adds some length. Arch your brows, highlight strategically and keep your lower lash subtle.

Makeup Ideas For Monolid Eyes

Adopt a vertical motion with medium colors along the lash line, from the inner to our parts. Raise the color and blend about the like so that it shows even when your eyes are open. Use liners in the lines and create a batwing at the edges to give some definition.

Classic Wedding Eye Makeup Step-by-Step Tutorial

To achieve wedding makeup Smokey eyes, prime your lids with concealer before anything else. The next step is to go in with shadows in the matte shade of brown, gray, navy, or green for the classic Smokey eye. Layer a crease color in darker shades and blend in your highlighter to perfection. Now you’ll line your eyes first with dark eyeshadow and then the eyeliner. Finish up your makeup and go in with mascara. Add some shimmers, if you will, and then you’re ready.


Perfect Smokey Eyes
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