Indian Bridal Makeup For 2024 [Expert Tips + FAQs]

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The eyes or in this case, the face, is the window to the soul. On your big day, all eyes will focus first on your face to see the joy you exude. And as an Indian bride known for glamor, flamboyance, and exotic beauty, you must live up to that reputation. One of the best ways to knock out your guests is by wearing the perfect Indian bridal makeup which enhances the eyes, lips, cheekbones, and jewels.


We’ve curated a long list of make-up ideas from simple to natural makeup, exotic eye patterns, fire lip colors, and makeup tips. So check them out and up your face game.

How to Do Bridal Makeup Step by Step Indian?

  • Start with a moisturizer and follow through with a primer as a base for concealer and foundation. Go in with a concealer to diminish blemishes. It is always nice to use colored (yellow or green) concealers as they go better with south Asian skin tone.
  • The next step is to apply a foundation with a matte finish. Please, avoid foundation with SPF because they’d give your face a whitish flash in pictures that you won’t like.
  • If you want to enhance your glow, apply a highlighter on your nose bridge, cheekbones, and the center of your forehead.
  • Once you have the base covered, your eyes and lips can come next.

How to Wear Indian Bridal Makeup in summer?

Opt for sheer and light makeup to avoid cracks and caking in hot or humid weather.

Traditional Indian Wedding Makeup

In places like Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Calcutta, traditional Indian bridal makeup incorporates Bindis. Bindis are the decorative colored red and white dots that brides have on their foreheads just above the eyebrows. These decorations are part of the Solah Shringar or sixteen adornments the bride wears.

They also have spiritual significance. You can pair your Bindis with glamorous and heavy neck and earpieces, Maang Tikkas, and gold or red saree. This traditional makeup also works great with maroon, red, or generally bold lipsticks.


Modern Glam Makeup for Indian Wedding

Modern glam Indian bridal makeup looksto go from the exotic dark Smokey eyes to the layered bronze and gold undertones that give you a facelift. You may also choose to go simple and flawless by highlighting a telling feature. For instance, opt for making your eyes, brows, or lips the focal point of your overall makeup.

This look takes your face from date to ravishing while transiting from your ceremony to reception and after party. Pair this makeup style with a glamour monochromatic dress.


Elegant Indian Bridal Makeup

Elegant bridal makeup for Indian brides doesn’t get better than Smokey or glitter eyes, bold lips statements, Bindi, and full lashes. Match this look with a heavy draping of jewelry and Lehenga and you’d be the most glamorous bride. You may also opt for glossy nude or pink lips for a daytime wedding.

However, if you want to focus on well-chiseled cheekbones, ditch the bronze tone common among brides and contour the face with blush or pink draping. This method lifts your cheekbones to give you a queenly look.


Metallic Tones Indian Bridal Makeup

If you don’t know what to do with your face, consider metallic Indian wedding makeup. The metallic color palette incorporates gold, silver, and bronze. These three colors have shades in between that look like gradients but complement each other. They also create a balance between the overly glittery and sublime.

For instance, bronze eyeshadow is perfect for traditional weddings and attire. Match this look with a highlighter and blush to perfectly define the bones of your face. When you lay heavy metallic tones on the mouth, go easy on your eyes with naturals or nudes.


Natural Bridal Makeup Indian

To wear the natural Indian bridal makeup, go minimalist with a subtle color on the eye and a sheer shade on the lips for the ultimate day or night wedding. For instance, wear a light blush gradient on your lips, base, and eyes. Pair this look with a pastel pink Lehenga to nail your overall look.

Alternatively, you may keep makeup on the yes and base very soft or in neutral shades. Then opt for a siren red lip for the retro glam vibe. Find this look by matching your makeup with a sparkling golden traditional Indian attire.

Simple Indian Bridal Makeup

The simplebridal makeup Indian brides do exudes a minimalist elegance. We love the idea of a monochromatic pink palette that expresses romance and freshness and is ideal for daytime weddings. You can also go as simple as a thin stroke of eyeliner, a layer of mascara paired with pink nude lips to create a dewy makeup look.

For a more graceful overall look, wear some statement Kundan jewels. We also love the natural look that applies subtly shaded eyes with highlighted bases. Finish with defined brows and nude pink lipstick for that whimsical look.


Eye Makeup Indian Bridal

The eye makeup for Indian bridal events is one of a kind because it can be very minimal, over-the-top dramatic, or balanced. Brides love the black shadow idea on glitter eyelids, preferably brown. Pair this look with matte flushed cheeks and glossy pink lips to create a timeless look.

You may also wear HD makeup blended seamlessly with cut crease glitter. Then combine with salmon cheeks and glossy nude lip stains for a pop of color. For a more traditional yet exotic look, winged lashes are perfect to enhance your red lip and highlighted base. However, keep it moderate and effortless looking.

Lipstick Shades for Indian Skin

SouthIndian bridal makeup and probably every part of India doesn’t joke with lipsticks. They bring this ultra-sophistication to your overall look. However, if you are fair-skinned, use lighter shades or bold colors, like pinks, peaches, mocha, red, or nudes. Medium skin-toned brides can choose from a vast array of brown, copper, bronze, cranberry, and the shades in between.

However, if you are dark-skinned, deeper colors like plums and cranberries or metallic tones like copper and bronze shades will do. If you want something lighter, think deep purples and maroons. If you are thinking of shopping for your bridal lipsticks, the most popular shades include Fuchsia Pink, Matte Deep Red, Berry Red, Coral Peach, Golden Brown or Bronze, mauve, and dark orange.


Indian Bridal Makeup Tips

We see many stunning pictures of Indian bridal makeup that are to die for, but the secret is getting the face shape right by complementing it with the right makeup:

  • For round faces, create an angular look by contouring and ditch blush for a highlighter. Opt for a foundation of shades darker and highlight the middle of your head with a lighter shade.
  • For oval face brides, contour the forehead and area below your cheekbone in a C-shaped motion. Finish with fuller lips. Channel more highlights to your lips since the chin is narrower than the other parts. Narrow the forehead with the help of blush contour and leave the cheekbones natural.
  • For square-faced brides, soften the sharp edges by applying a highlighter in linear motion. This will also cover the hollow cheeks. Finish this look with nude lipstick.
  • Oblong face brides need edges to create a focal point. So contour the bottom of the chin and top of the forehead. Use blush and a highlighter in a circular motion and define the eyebrows to balance the look.


The time of limiting Indian bridal makeup to kohl and berry red lipstick is over. Now, the ever-fashion-forward brides have put a twist on bridal looks and you can take a cue. We have curated beautiful Indian bridal hair and makeup ideas that will serve you on your big day. So whether you are leaning towarda traditional, minimalist, neutral, glamorous, or ultra-modern look; get inspired by this post.