15 Perfect Bridal Lipstick Colors For Every Type Of Girl

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Bridal lipstick is right up there with your wedding dress and accessories on your checklist. Enough of stepping out with the wrong lipstick shades or not knowing what color suits you. It is your wedding and the perfect lipstick will nail your final look for better.


Asides showing up like a diva, your bridal lip color must not ruin your dress. It also must not kiss and tell, by smudging the lips and beards of the groom. You know, have your first kiss so deep, without leaving any evidence at the crime scene. These are the types to die for, and the colors of the popular lipsticks?

The lipstick trends flooding the market right now is a combination of old, new and charismatic. From lavender grays to burgundy-mauve and nudes, brides are in for it.

So, if you’re looking for the best lipstick for the wedding, below are 15, 2020/21 colors you’d love!

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  • Pink

The fair skinned bride who needs a pop of brightness on her wedding day will love the pink vibe. Maybelline sensational vivid pink rocks at the moment.


    Pale Peachy Pink

This is one of the hottest lipstick trends at the moment. Cutting a clean and classic look, YSL Vernis À Levres glossy lip stain is uplifting and subtle.

  • Pink Coral

Pink coral is a refreshing summer lipstick color which stands the daring bride out. This lip color is great with fair skin tones. Try Givenchy’s Le Rouge semi-matte finish.


    Electric Pink

Dare to be different in electric pink! A wonderful idea is the Rouge Dior’s liquid matte lipstick. It is one of the best wedding lip colors. No kiss and tell, long lasting from wedding to reception. No need for touch ups!

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    Blush Color

This summer lipstick color is a winner amongst southern brides. You can get the Kylie cosmetics high maintenance lip kit for a token.

  • Fiery Red

This is a coral lip color popular with bold brides. Perfect for the winter and spring weddings. It is sizzling, romantic and hot. Pick up a Stila Beso liquid matte lipstick. It’s one of the best.


    Peach Nude

This is the perfect lipstick in the nude with a little more punch for the fair skin tone. Try out Ilia lipsticks in the brides for your peach nude.

  • Brown Nude

This is a toned down lip color for the dark skin, but with more appeal. Nars’s satin lip pencil in Het loo is your go to.



Chocolate: glossy sheen and long-lasting matte finish! This is something cool for the winter bride. Bite’s Beauty amuse bouche liquid lipstick comes perfect.

  • Traditional Deep Red

For something fierce, evergreen and present, try the bright Chanel lipstick color. It never goes out of style.


    Bright Red

This is a softer shade of red that agrees with the brides of a medium skin tone. The relentless red retro matte from Mac cosmetics is hot.

  • Burnt Orange

Fall brides will drool over this popular lipstick color that lets them play and rock at the same time. Tom Ford’s burnt orange lipstick is the in thing!



    Neon Orange

This the perfect deception! It looks like nothing is on, yet you have full stained lips. It’s chic and urban, with the Lip Bar Boy trouble matte liquid finish.

  • Burgundy Mauve

The color-pop burgundy is a must have for winter brides with darker skin tone. Shiseido Modernmatte powder lipstick knows velvet rope. It is cool and assertive.

  • Lavender Gray

Very urban and chic, an ideal spring lip color for the elegant bride. The Nars’s audacious lavender-gray is the best lip color for spring brides.

Bright lip color for the daring, nude for the conservative, neon for the dramatic bride, etc. This post contains 15 bridal lipstick colors trending that you’ll love. The great part is that they come from designers you love. Who can ignore a Chanel lipstick color? Read the post and pick a color that suits your skin tone. You’ll find amazing, how neat your lips will stay throughout the day. While getting all the right attention.