Wedding Makeup – Choosing The Right Lipstick


Lipstick is the second most important wedding makeup decision after your hairstyle. The color that you are likely to pick will either make or break the look that comes out that day. Too dark, too light, too pink, there are many ways to look silly, but if it is something which is just right – you are going to look amazing! It is not easy to choose the ideal bridal lipstick and there are many factors that you will have to consider. Here is a checklist that you may want to look at before choosing your ideal wedding lipstick:

1. Makeup Focus

You will have to decide on what your makeup focus is going to be. The first point for consideration is whether you want more focus on your lips or is it going to be your eyes, choose one. If you take a decision to go bold on both the eyes and the lips, then there is a possibility that it may look overdone. If you are going for a smoky eye shade, you may have to opt for a nude lip and it will complement the eye shade perfectly. If you want your eyes to look natural, then you can go for a bold lipstick shade. You have to make sure that these shades do not clash.

2. Choose something that is going to last long

You may have to look for a color that stays and is a long-wearing one. You need a shade that will last for many hours of continuous wear. The wedding day is going to be a busy one and you will definitely have no time left over to keep on applying the bridal lipstick if it fades off.

3. Finish

Matte, frosty or glittery? There a several choices and its sometimes hard to decide. Many brides prefer a glossy or a shiny finish for its sophistication and elegance.

4. Lipstick marks

You do not need one more thing to worry about like where you may leave your lipstick marks. Your lips are likely to be in contact with many things on your wedding day. Cake, toasting glasses, guests’ cheeks and of course your groom. He will especially be thankful for choosing a bridal lipstick that stays on your lips.

5.Take inspiration from other brides

If you are a little uncertain on the finish or the shade of your wedding lipstick, you may seek inspiration from other brides. You can get a fair idea by going through the albums that your photographer may show you of his or her previous wedding captures. You may also look through few bridal magazines or see the pictures of a friend who got married recently. You could decide on a classic or even a trendy lipstick. You will be the better judge of what you feel comfortable with.

6.Try out a sample

Before you choose the look for your lips for the wedding day, you can try out a sample along with the eye shades and the total makeup plan. Take a few pictures to see how you look with different bridal lipsticks so that you can compare and decide later.