30 Tempting Wedding Night Lingeries

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We have prepared some tempting lingerie to take your new husband’s breath away. Here you can see all kinds of sexy lingerie starting with traditional white and ending with daring black. Also, you will find the trendiest tips from Evie of Edge o’ Beyond, that will help you to choose the most luxury and chic bridal lingerie.

Check out our list of wedding night lingerie and pick the most seductive variant for your hot wedding night!


Pure White

Who will like white lingerie? Should I consider my body type when I choose my lingerie?

PRO TIPS: White lingerie for your wedding is great for those who enjoy a classic and timeless look. It’s always good to have an idea of what shapes and cuts you enjoy on yourself, after all, confidence is the best thing you can wear! We suggest trying on as many different styles as you can because you just might be pleasantly surprised by a set you would have never considered.



White Wedding Lingerie With Belt

What is the purpose of a garter belt? How to choose the best belt?

PRO TIPS: If you’re getting married during a cooler month, a pair of stockings can really take your lingerie look to the next level! A garter belt will keep your stockings from slipping and secure them in place. Avoid clasping your belt at the hips, instead, you’ll want to make sure your garter belt fits snug around your waist to ensure it won’t slip down while you’re moving around.



Daring Black Lingerie

Why choose black lingerie? Who will like it?

PRO TIPS: Black lingerie can help bring an element of mystery and elegance to your look. For a woman who may not favor bright distracting patterns, black lingerie can be just as interesting when taking the fabrics it’s made from into consideration. Lace, embroidery, mesh, or even leather for a very daring look!



Trending Marsala Color

How popular is marsala lingerie?

PRO TIPS: Marsala is a color that usually gains popularity around Valentine’s day and Christmas, but as times change we begin to see more women stepping away from traditional white lingerie as their bridal options so there is still room for this color to really insert itself into the bridal market.



Passionate Red Lingerie

Why choose red bridal lingerie? Who will like this type?

PRO TIPS: A red-colored bra won’t show under a white garment… This surprising color is practically invisible under white. So this may be a fun option for the gals who want a little spark of secret confidence on their special day. We like to say, It’s what’s underneath that counts!


The Hottest Wedding Night Lingerie

Should I wear something new, especially for that night?

PRO TIPS: Treat Yourself! If not on your wedding night, then when? Your wedding could be the excuse to finally get that elaborate lingerie set you have been lusting after for so long. You deserve to feel fabulous even after you take your dress off and the guests are gone.



Sexiest Lingerie For The Hottest Wedding Night

Should I wear sexy lingerie? Should my lingerie be ultra-expensive?

PRO TIPS: As mentioned before, confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear. Choose a set that will make you feel like your best self. Although beautiful lingerie doesn’t have to break the bank, some luxury sets may have a higher price tag than what you’re typically used to. When buying a luxury quality piece, remember you’re investing in something truly special that is made with plenty of care.


Modest Wedding Night Lingerie

Why Choose Modest Bridal Lingerie? Who Will Like This Type?

PRO TIPS: Modest bridal lingerie offers comfort, elegance, and coverage, making it an ideal choice for brides who prefer a more conservative and refined look on their wedding day. Those who appreciate subtle sensuality, value modesty, and desire a touch of sophistication will likely be drawn to this type of lingerie.


Seductive High-Waisted Bridal Lingerie

For what body type high-waisted lingerie will suit best?

PRO TIPS: Anyone can wear high waist lingerie. A high waist brief thong can bring emphasis to your waist to create the illusion of an hourglass figure. It’s a great option for women who may want a little more coverage from their lingerie too.


Hot And Gentle Lace Lingerie

What lingerie style will go with lace the best?

PRO TIPS: If we’re referring to what lingerie works best under a lace dress on your wedding day, we recommend something without too much texture in the fabric to avoid taking the focus away from the delicate pattern of the lace. You may also want to stick to neutral tones such as illusion, pastels, black or white.


Flower-Printed Gentle Lingerie Variants For Brides

How popular is floral-printed lingerie in 2021/2022?

PRO TIPS: Most brides are usually after florals in the form of lace patterns and soft embroidery for their special day. I would say floral lace will always be a classic choice for brides to be.


Alluring Lingerie Ideas For Bride

Should I use some accessories?

PRO TIPS: Definitely! Accessories can be so much fun and really elevate your look! At Edge o Beyond all our sets feature little gold rings for you to attach our lingerie jewelry to!