11 Wedding Ceremony Outlines (Bonus: Free Templates)

wedding ceremony outline
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The outline for a wedding ceremony guides the entire wedding. Therefore, if you are in charge of writing the wedding ceremony outline for your wedding or that of a friend, you will want everything to be perfect.


Exploring the options and ideas surrounding the type of wedding you’re having is one way to go.

So, have a look (and download) at some of our wedding ceremony templates, which you can definitely replicate for your use or use for inspiration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who reads vows first?

Traditionally, the person officiating the wedding ceremony will prompt the couple to exchange their vows, and the groom typically says his vows first, followed by the bride. However, modern couples often choose to personalize their wedding ceremony, so the order of exchanging vows may vary.


Wedding Ceremony Template

While there is no exact template for each type of wedding, there are a few key recurring components that make the wedding ceremony complete. These include aspects such as:

  • The Welcome
  • The Readings
  • The Vows
  • The Rings
  • The Pronouncement
  • The Kiss!

Check and save this easy-to-print wedding ceremony template:

Wedding Ceremony Template
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Christian Wedding Ceremony Outline

A Christian wedding outline is a wedding script that follows the requirements for Methodist, Episcopal, Lutheran, or any of the Christian-denominated wedding ceremonies. We have an outline for a Pentecostal wedding ceremony, adapted from The Book of Common Prayer. This should assist with any ideas you might need for the wedding ceremony.


Catholic Wedding Ceremony Outline

A Catholic ceremony outline is one that generally follows the rites and rules embodied within the Catholic church in relation to Catholic weddings. Here is a standard outline for Catholic weddings.

Pastor Wedding Ceremony Outline

If you’re a Pastor looking for a wedding outline to help with the order of a wedding ceremony for the one you are officiating, then you are in the right place. The order in this category should assist with ideas to help you write one of your own.

Simple Ceremony Outline

This simple outline can be followed for any type of wedding and adjusted to suit the beliefs of the couple and their friends and family. Religious, non-denominational, secular, or non-secular, can take a cue from this simple outline.


Traditional Wedding Ceremony Outline

A traditional wedding is one that follows the standards and norms either of a particular society or community. This ceremony outline is one that embraces most traditions and can be adjusted to suit better the traditions of the couple in question.

Non-Religious Wedding Ceremony Outline

Non-religious weddings are usually secular, un-boring, and created to fit with the chosen theme and lifestyle of the couple. For this reason, it is difficult to fit the non-religious wedding into any strict rules, guidelines, or outlines. However, the steps here are the ones any typical wedding would take and are easy to adjust to fit the ideas of a non-religious couple for their big day.


Baptist Wedding Ceremony Outline

A Baptist ceremony outline is one that generally follows the rites and rules embodied within the Baptist church in relation to Baptist weddings. Here is a standard outline for such weddings.

Secular Wedding Ceremony Outline

A secular wedding outline usually does not follow any of the standard processes of classic or traditional weddings. These are sometimes written by the couple and personalized to fit their tastes and styles. This type of wedding outline also usually includes creative traditions, anecdotes, and non-religious wordings which make for an interesting and unique wedding. Here is an outline that could be used for such a wedding.


Wedding Ceremony Outline for Officiant

If you find yourself officiating a wedding and therefore looking for an outline to help. This sample can be your guideline. Even if you are considering something for more traditional vows, this should help.

Sample Ceremony Outline

Are you searching for a wedding ceremony idea to help with writing a wedding outline? Our sample wedding ceremony script should more than suffice in this regard. We’ve listed all of the major steps required in a wedding and in the right succession. Using this as a foundation should put you on the right track.

Finding a wedding ceremony outline is not as difficult as it might initially seem. Finding the right ceremony outline, however, will depend on the couple in question, their beliefs and the type of wedding they are choosing to have. We hope the samples above cover whatever type you might be searching for.