24 Disney Wedding Dresses: Fairytale Looks + FAQs

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You like Disney’s cartoons and want to look like a princess from your favorite fairy tale on your wedding day. We propose you see Disney wedding dresses that reflect the style and beauty of main heroines such as Cinderella, Rapunzel, Tiana, Aurora, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, and Belle. Each dress is wonderful and unique. Look at these charming dresses for fairy tale inspiration.


According to Daalarna, bridal couture, luxurious ball gowns adorned with embellishments and bows to voluminous sleeves, ruffles, and abundant tulle, these high-drama gowns reminiscent of Disney princesses are currently at the forefront of bridal fashion. Additionally, fairy-tale wedding dresses, characterized by large floral accents and voluminous skirts, are experiencing a renewal. Ultimately, we all crave to experience a sense of magic and significance on our wedding day.

Tiana’s Fairy Tale Wedding Dresses

Tiana-inspired gown evokes the opulence and elegance of the Jazz Age. Delicate and sweet; tiers of soft tulle and Alencon lace cascade the length of this gown — very modern with vintage flair.

Here are a few wedding themes where a Tiana-inspired wedding dress would be a perfect fit:

  • Garden or Outdoor Wedding: Her dress embodies a sense of natural beauty, making it a great match for an outdoor setting surrounded by lush greenery and blooming flowers.
  • Waterfront Venue: Tiana’s journey includes a magical encounter in the bayou, which makes a waterfront venue, such as a lakeside or riverside location, a fitting backdrop for a Tiana-inspired wedding dress.
  • Cultural Fusion: A Tiana Disney princess wedding dress could work well for a wedding that celebrates cultural fusion, incorporating elements of Creole, French, and American traditions.
  • Vintage Glamour: Tiana’s dress reflects both vintage and modern elements, making it a versatile choice.

Elsa’s Wedding Dresses

Inspired by the queen’s elegant outfit in Frozen, this sparkling gown with a sheer cape, transparent snowflake-patterned train, and a pair of silver-white high heels”.

Here are a few wedding themes where an Elsa-inspired wedding dress would be a perfect fit:

  • Winter Wonderland: A snowy backdrop, twinkling lights, and a color palette of whites, blues, and silvers would create the perfect atmosphere for a winter wonderland wedding.
  • Ice Palace or Castle Venue: A wedding held in a castle or a venue with stunning architectural elements resembling an ice palace would provide the ideal backdrop for an Elsa-inspired dress.
  • Crystal and Glitter Decor: Elsa’s dress is known for its shimmering crystals and elegant sparkle. Consider a wedding decor theme that incorporates crystals, sequins, and glittering details to complement the dress’s aesthetic.
  • Contemporary Fairytale: If you’re looking to create a contemporary fairytale wedding that blends modern elements with classic elegance, an Elsa-inspired dress could fit seamlessly into the theme.

Ariel’s Fairy Tale Wedding Dresses

This dress is a fantastic design to pay tribute to our favorite little mermaid, Ariel. The ripples of the soft tulle and organza mock the beautiful ocean waves, which will allow the train of the dress to softly and elegantly follow the bride down the aisle. Ruching on the strapless, sweetheart neckline is feminine and flattering.

Here are a few wedding settings where an Ariel-inspired wedding dress would be a perfect match:

  • Beach or Destination Wedding: The dress’s flowing silhouette and ocean-inspired details would harmonize beautifully with the beachy backdrop.
  • Nautical Theme: An Ariel-inspired dress pairs well with a nautical-themed wedding. Think sailor stripes, seashell decorations, and a color palette that incorporates blues, corals, and aquatic shades.
  • Bohemian and Boho-Chic: The dress’s ethereal and flowing design lends itself well to a bohemian or boho-chic wedding.
  • Mermaid Fantasy: Embrace the mermaid fantasy with an Ariel-inspired dress as the centerpiece. Incorporate elements like seashells, pearls, and beachy decor to create a whimsical and magical atmosphere.
  • Tropical Paradise: If you’re envisioning a tropical paradise wedding with lush foliage and vibrant colors, an Ariel-inspired dress could add a touch of fantasy to the setting.

Cinderella’s Disney Wedding Dresses

The Cinderella-inspired dress is off-the-shoulder, and has a full skirt that would be perfect for twirling around the dance floor. The back of the gown is open back, which adds a more modern feel to this classic style. Cinderella’s ball gown is layered, which is what creates such a large and beautiful skirt.

Here are a few wedding themes where a Cinderella-inspired wedding dress would be a perfect match:

  • Chateau or Palace Venue: Choose a venue with architectural elements that evoke the splendor of a castle or palace. Cinderella’s dress would resonate with the majestic setting and add an extra touch of elegance.
  • Classic and Elegant: An elegant and timeless wedding with a focus on refined details and traditional elements is a natural fit for a Cinderella-inspired dress. Think crystal chandeliers, luxurious florals, and a sophisticated color palette.
  • Carriage and Horse-Drawn Charm: Embrace Cinderella’s iconic carriage by incorporating horse-drawn transportation or other charming vintage elements. This theme would align with the magical elements of her story.
  • Vintage Glamour: Cinderella’s dress has a vintage charm that works well for a wedding with a touch of old-world glamour. Consider vintage-inspired decor, classic cars, and refined details to complement the dress’s aesthetic.
  • Enchanted Garden: Transform your wedding into an enchanted garden, with lush florals, twinkling lights, and romantic greenery. The dress’s ethereal quality would blend seamlessly with the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Aurora’s Bridal Dresses To Fall In Love

The next gown inspired by Disney Fairy Tale features a tulle that combines with a romantic ball gown skirt. Delicate floral lace appliques adorn the bodice and hem of this dress making it all the more beautiful!

Here are a few wedding themes where an Aurora-inspired wedding dress would be a perfect match:

  • Enchanted Forest Wedding: Aurora’s story is intertwined with an enchanting forest, which makes a woodland or forest-themed wedding an ideal choice.
  • Castle or Chateau Venue: Choose a venue with a castle or chateau-like ambiance to capture the essence of Aurora’s royal heritage.
    Romantic Garden: If you’re envisioning a garden wedding focusing on romance and florals, an Aurora-inspired dress could complement the dreamy atmosphere. Think cascading blooms, soft colors, and lush greenery.
  • Classic and Timeless: An Aurora-inspired dress embodies classic elegance. Opt for a wedding theme that embraces timeless elements, such as elegant architecture, refined decor, and a sophisticated color palette.
  • Vintage Grace: If you’re drawn to vintage aesthetics, Aurora’s dress can be incorporated into a wedding with vintage charm. Consider antique-inspired elements and classic details to complement the dress’s elegance.

Belle’s Disney Princess Wedding Gowns

This Belle-inspired gown is timeless and romantic. There are so many stunning details here including a huge skirt of sparkling tulle, floral lace appliques, and seed beads for an opulent texture.

Here are a few wedding themes and settings where a Belle-inspired wedding dress would be a perfect match:

  • Fairytale Library or Bookstore Wedding: Belle’s deep love for books and learning can be celebrated with a wedding in a library or bookstore setting. Her dress’s elegance and timeless beauty would resonate with the ambiance.
  • Historic Mansion or Estate Venue: Choose a venue with a touch of old-world charm, such as a historic mansion or estate. Belle’s dress’s classic design and regal features would align well with the refined setting.
  • French Countryside: Belle’s story is set in a quaint French village. A wedding inspired by the French countryside could incorporate rustic charm, pastel colors, and a romantic atmosphere.
  • Garden of Roses: Belle’s connection to the enchanted rose in “Beauty and the Beast” can be incorporated into a garden wedding theme. Think of rose-inspired decor, soft colors, and romantic florals.
  • Candlelit Ballroom: Belle’s golden ball gown shines in the ballroom scene of the movie. Consider a candlelit ballroom wedding with opulent decor and a touch of luxury.


Snow White’s Disney Bridal Gowns

Snow White is the original Disney Princess and this gown envelops the vintage and classic spirit and style of a Disney Princess. This dress is embellished and detailed to perfection– no wonder she was the fairest one of all, look at this gown

Here are a few wedding themes and settings where a Snow White-inspired wedding dress would be a perfect match:

  • Forest Wedding: Snow White’s connection to the forest and her gentle nature make an enchanted forest wedding theme a perfect choice. Her dress’s soft design and natural beauty would harmonize well with an outdoor setting.
  • Rustic and Whimsical: If you’re drawn to a wedding with a touch of rustic charm and whimsy, a Snow White-inspired dress could complement the theme. Think apple-inspired decor, woodland elements, and a playful atmosphere.
  • Vintage Charm: Snow White’s character embodies a classic and timeless charm. Consider a vintage-inspired wedding with elegant details, antique touches, and a refined color palette.
  • Garden of Blooms: Snow White’s beauty is often associated with flowers. Create a garden wedding theme with abundant blooms, soft colors, and a romantic atmosphere.
  • Fairytale Romance: If you’re seeking a wedding that captures the magic of classic fairy tales, a Snow White-inspired dress can symbolize the purity of love and the journey to happily ever after.

Rapunzel’s Princess Wedding Dresses

The Rapunzel disney inspired wedding dresses are effortless in their beauty and fit but also very romantic. Soft flowing chiffon and tulle accents give the skirt a dreamy quality. This dress was designed to be worn on the best day ever: your wedding day!

Here are a few wedding themes where a Rapunzel-inspired wedding dress would be a perfect match:

  • Bohemian Garden: Rapunzel’s love for nature and creativity align well with a bohemian garden wedding theme. Think wildflowers, dreamcatchers, and an overall relaxed and artistic atmosphere.
  • Rustic and Whimsical: If you’re drawn to a whimsical wedding with a touch of rustic charm, a Rapunzel-inspired dress could complement the theme. Consider lanterns, fairy lights, and a playful ambiance.
  • Artistic and Creative: Embrace Rapunzel’s artistic spirit by incorporating creative elements into your wedding. You could have live painting stations, unique installations, and personalized touches throughout the venue.
  • Boho-Chic Elegance: Blend bohemian aesthetics with elegance for a boho-chic wedding that showcases both free-spirited and refined elements. Rapunzel’s dress’s flowing design would complement this fusion.
  • Destination Wedding: If you’re having a destination wedding in a beautiful and scenic location, a Rapunzel-inspired dress could add a touch of romance and adventure to the celebration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Disney wedding dresses?

Disney fairytale wedding dresses are bridal gowns inspired by the iconic characters, stories, and themes from Disney movies. These dresses capture the essence of beloved Disney characters and offer brides a chance to incorporate their favorite fairytales into their wedding attire.

Are Disney wedding dresses only for themed weddings?

Not at all! Wedding dresses inspired by disney princesses can also be a beautiful choice for brides who simply appreciate the charm, elegance, and fantasy associated with these characters and stories.

Are Disney wedding dresses available in plus sizes?

Yes, many designers recognize the importance of inclusivity and offer a wide range of sizes, including plus sizes, in their Disney collection wedding dresses.

Can I incorporate accessories to complement a Disney wedding dress?

Absolutely! Accessories like veils, tiaras, shoes, and jewelry can further enhance the Disney-themed look while adding a personal touch that reflects your style.