15 Awesome Strapless Wedding Dresses For Every Bride

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Strapless wedding dresses are extremely sexy, aren’t they? Well, they can be. They can also be sweet and charming. It all depends on how you wear it. A wedding gown with exposed shoulders generates a lot of attention. Make sure it’s the type of attention you want by selecting the right silhouette, fabrics, and details. To help you out we’ve assembled a handful of inspiring examples of brides who absolutely own the strapless wedding dress look. 


This style may be new to you. Many of you may have already decided on a strapless wedding gown and simply want to narrow down your options. Whichever style you choose, you will feel and look beautiful and your big day will be as amazing as you expect it to be. But, you have your work cut out for you. Choosing between simple and embellished, modest and sexy, and elegant and carefree, the choice is not easy. Read on to find a wide variety of strapless wedding dress examples.

Strapless Gowns

White Strapless Bridal Gowns For Ladies


A simple way to achieve the haute couture glamour that you see on the runway is with a white strapless wedding dresses.  We adore the contrast of the purity associated with traditional white gowns and the sophisticated sexiness of a strapless wedding gown. Add to this look with strategically placed slits, lace applique texture, or revealing sheer fabrics.


Brides Often Ask

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Mermaid Strapless Bridal Gowns


The form-fitting nature of a mermaid silhouette is romantic by itself. Add in the appeal of a strapless wedding gown and you’re on the next level! Depending on your theme and style, you can create a unique look with clean simple lines, the addition of sleeves, or subtle textural patterns.


Lace Strapless Dresses Of Your Dream


Lace strapless wedding dresses are so impressive, they probably deserve a lengthy post dedicated to the topic. This delicate fabric feels great, looks great, and has the ability to portray an entire range of emotions. We could tell you all about how it is the quintessential wedding fabric or how it never fails to make the bride look flawless, but you can see for yourself.


Strapless Princess Wedding Dresses


You can’t get much more dramatic than a strapless princess wedding dress. The flowing fabric and exaggerated lines provide the mature version of the fairytale nuptials that some of us dreamed of when we were younger. It’s a truly captivating look that everyone is sure to cherish.

Simple Bridal Dresses To Be A Star


Take a look at these strapless wedding dress samples. Pretty much the same right? Obviously not! The thing we love most about strapless wedding dresses is their ability to be anything you want it to be. Although these gowns start off as the same concept, the outcomes are drastically different. Your imagination is the only limit to how unique you can be.