40 Summer Wedding Nails For Brides [2023 Guide & FAQs]

summer wedding nails
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Just like every single aspect of your wedding look, your nails are an important feature. They might even get photographed more than you. With the seasons dictating the trend of wedding themes, you might want to consider getting summer wedding nails if you’ll be having a summer wedding. It can be difficult choosing the perfect manicure since your nails would feature in pictures of your rings, to pictures your bouquet, and vows. Allow us to help you find the perfect look.

Brides Often Ask

Which nails are the best for a wedding?

As a rule, wedding nails are pastel, light, and airy shades. But the bride’s nails can be bright and extravagant, non-standard and stunningly spectacular. It all depends on the style of the wedding, the uniqueness, and the individuality of the bride.

When should I get my nails done before my wedding?

Beauty industry professionals recommend that brides come to the salon for a procedure the day before the intended celebration. However, if you are going to nail sculpting, then you can get a manicure 2-3 days before the wedding. Earlier than a few days before the celebration, you should not do a manicure.


Simple Summer Wedding Nails

Sometimes the simple choice is the best choice when considering nails for a summer wedding. A natural approach can pave the way to minimalist and yet sophisticated wedding summer nails. Simple neutral or nude-colored uniform nails would be perfect. To make them extra special you could include one or two with unique designs. A neutral manicure will look good with any wedding dress.


Summer Nails In White

Another color you could choose if you’re looking for neutral is white. Apart from being a bridal color, white summer nails are an elegant choice for a bride that would look good with any style or color of the dress. Whether you’re wearing a white, ivory, silver, or even bright-colored dress, white nails are always a perfect choice.


Pink Nails For A Wedding

Whether you’re getting French tips or want something shimmery and feminine, pink summer nails are an option to consider. Not only is this a perfect color for summer, they are the classic cute color that can go with multiple wedding looks. Neutral enough for any bridal look, the various shades of pink available to you mean you could choose light airy pink, or a darker shade depending on your attire.


Pastel Summer Nails

Pastel colors are trendy and always a good idea. Whether you’re having an outdoor or indoor wedding, garden party or beach affair, pastel summer nails will give you that muted and yet celebratory look. You can add embellishments for some glitz or a plain design that shows off the gorgeous color.

Ombre Nail Ideas

Incorporate your wedding theme into your nail design with summer ombre nails. With this nail design you can subtly feature two colors or a gradient of one color on your nails. If you need cool nails for a summer wedding, then this might just be it. A versatile technique, there are so many ways it could be applied to fit your specific look this wedding season.


Design Nail Ideas For A Bride

There are many different nails designs you could use for a summer wedding. If you are a bride that loves elaborate and extravagant styles, then you could choose something sparkly or glittery with embellishments. If you are more minimalist, then you would be better off with a simple yet sophisticated look.

Nails For Square Shape

If you much prefer edges to curves, then square-shaped nails could be a good look for you. You could try cute summer wedding acrylic nails in this edgy shape in neutral or bold colors to complement your wedding attire.


Almond Nails Ideas

The classic almond shape is a popular favorite for easy summer nails. A shape that will never go out of style, you could accessorize a plain color with added gems for sparkle. You could also consider pearlescent nails, a sleek and timeless look to complement the classic shape.

Short Summer Nails

If you are not one to keep long nails, not to worry. Short and simple summer nails can still look great for a wedding. No need for uncomfortable fake nails or extensions. Just choose bold and beautiful colors that complement your look or even a neutral shade. Add an accent nail for that little extra if you like, and you’re done.


Coffin Nail Ideas For A Wedding

An unconventional look for an unconventional bride. Coffin summer nails are definitely a unique and trendy option. This classy shape can be worn with sleek marble nails or even matte colors. You could also consider geometric patterns depending on your style of dress and style of wedding. A great choice for a formal, vintage or even boho wedding, coffin nails are as versatile as they come.

Complete your wedding look and impress your guests at the same time with unique summer wedding nails that will only add perfection to your wedding day. Don’t fret over which style to choose. Find the design that is perfect for you from muted classic summer nails for that minimalist bride, to unique shapes and colors for the edgy and unconventional bride to be on her special day.