The 15 Best Sparkly Wedding Shoes Ideas + Faqs

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Sparkly wedding shoes are the quickest way to glam up your wedding day look. The only issue with this approach is that sparkling shoes can drastically change your ensemble, sometimes in unexpected ways. Our guide shows you how to compliment your wedding day outfit across all seasons and common themes.

Adding a little shine to your wedding day wardrobe is a great way to invigorate your overall look. Sparkles draw that eye and represent emotions like merriment, joy, and fortune. These are the perfect characteristics for a wedding.

Whether you are the bride or a guest, celebrating indoors or on the beach, or celebrating in traditional or boho style, we have sparkly shoes for weddings for you!

Brides Often Ask

Can I wear sparkly wedding shoes?

For brides and wedding guests that ask “can I wear sparkly shoes to a wedding” wonder no more. Yes! Sparkling shoes often add interest, joy and energy to an ensemble, all of which are great attributes for weddings.

Which type of sparkle wedding shoes should i wear?

There is no single type of sparkly wedding shoe to learn, it all depends on the circumstances. The wedding theme, locations, season, and terrain will tell you if you should wear flats, heels, low heels or wedges. The best strategy is to find your personal balance of comfort and style while considering factors like how much you plan to dance or if you’ll be walking on sand.



Sparkly Flat Shoes For Wedding

For comfortable sparkly flat shoes for wedding ceremonies and receptions, flats are the best option. Brides who prioritize experience over fashion should consider flats before any type of heal. This puts far less stress on your feet and legs and can seamlessly transition between every surface. This doesn’t mean that you have to abandon fashion. There are plenty of sparkly flat shoe options that will add grace, poise, and sophistication.



Sparkly Wedding Shoes Low Heel

Low heel sparkly wedding shoes are the ideal compromise between comfort and style. The height of these shoes won’t stretch your feet and legs, meaning you can dance all night long. Low and block heels are stable, making it easy to walk on sand, grass, and indoor floors. They also look great, by adding a feminine, elegant touch.



Sparkly Wedding Shoes For Bride

Brides often find themselves wanting to add a splash of interest to their white wedding gown, but are hesitant. If this sounds like you, the sparkly wedding shoes for bride option may be your answer. Sparkling shoes will fit into a traditionally themed wedding, but add that element of uniqueness, excitement, and enthusiasm you are looking for.



Silver Bridal Shoes

Silver wedding shoes are a classic choice for many brides. To add a chic or rebellious kick to your gown – traditional or otherwise – adding rhinestones, crystals, or any other manner of glitter is sure to make a statement. This will also tie all of your other accessories together. This is a beautiful approach to winter themes. If you want to take your winter wonderland theme to the next level, consider blue sparkly wedding shoes.


Wedge Sparkle Bridal Shoes

Wedges are another comfortable shoe choice that adds a touch of elegance. Take this a step further by embellishing your wedge shoe with sparkles. Highlighting the strap or adding an adornment will glam up your footwear. Pearls, crystals, and apliqués will effectively display both glamor and shine. This is a flawless approach to garden and beach weddings that call for a little sophistication.