Gold Engagement Rings: 2024 Guide & Tips

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Gold engagement rings are the most traditional and popular rings for future brides. Gold rings for engagement are affordable and durable, with an affinity for diverse gemstones and settings.

With more consumers preferring alternative styles this year, we are seeing some celebrity-inspired trends when it comes to engagement rings, and believe they will be big in 2024! Check now!

Brides often ask

Which gold is best for an engagement ring?

The best engagement ring choice is 14k gold. This option provides a combo of durability, perfect color, and affordability. However, if you aren’t keen on durability, an 18k gold engagement ring is the best option, as you will have almost the highest quality. But whichever your choice, these karats set diamonds and other gemstones with no awkwardness.

How much is a gold engagement ring?

An engagement ring should cost two months’ paycheck. However, the price of a gold engagement ring depends on the karat and accompanying gemstone. The price of a gold engagement ring falls within the range of $150 to as high as $10,000 or more.

Celebrity-Inspired Engagement Ring Trends In 2024

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“Toi-et-Moi” Engagement Rings: From Megan Fox’s pear-cut diamond and emerald ring that nearly broke the internet, to Ariana Grande’s oval-cut diamond and pearl ring, to Kylie Jenner’s pear and radiant cut two-stone diamond ring, two-stone rings are becoming very popular with our customers (our oval and pear 2-stone ring is among our best selling styles and pricing starts at $2995+)

Diamond Gold Engagement Rings

Gold has a warm eye-catching hue that contrasts with diamonds. They give the diamond more depth and an icier appearance that is out of this world. Diamonds set in rose, yellow or white gold reflect the metal, even for colorless diamonds. You can find a perfect example in the bezel settings. To boost the gem appearance with styles like Chanel, trillion, round, princess, and gold cushion cut engagement rings.


Non-Diamond Engagement Rings: First popularized by Elizabeth Taylor, sapphire rings and non-diamond engagement rings have been seen on Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Middleton, Katy Perry, and other celebrities. This trend has only continued, and this year we are seeing a significant increase in customers asking for non-traditional stones and metals–specifically for sapphire rings and rose gold bands. It’s no wonder why our pink and blue sapphire halo ring is a customer’s favorite and are customizable with other colored gemstones and metals.

Bright Engagement Rings With Colored Gemstones

Designs with a cocktail of colors are striking engagement ring choices because of their affinity for contemporary and classic looks. Brides who want an unusual yet timeless and unique look will lean towards aquamarine and tourmaline. Topaz, Morganites, gold, and sapphire engagement rings are classic pieces for the cheery and fashion-forward bride. Other colored gemstones include pearls, ruby, and tanzanite set in white or rose gold. But if you want diamond similarities, opt for moissanite yellow gold engagement rings.


Chunky, thick-band Rings: First popularized by Emily Ratajkowski who had a 2-stone engagement ring on a thick band, this style has been seen on many red carpets by celebrities such as Rihanna, Fergie, and Meghan Markle. The outdated trend of micro-thin bands has now been replaced by androgynous, thicker-metal bands that are more unique and durable, and we’ve seen this first hand with the popularity of our chunky multi-stone engagement ring.

Gorgeous Rings In Unique Styles

Unique gold engagement rings are for the unconventional, timeless, modern, and bohemian woman. These rare finds defy tradition, creating a wow factor that is unexpected. Think about a trillion-shaped black opal dyad sitting in a yellow-gold band or a confident bride. You can also imagine a dramatic arrangement of oval-cut diamonds lined with sapphire paves accents for a sparkling effect. Another stunning piece is the three linked microwave diamonds with rose and yellow gold connectors. The options are endless whether you want modern, timeless, or antique gold engagement rings.


Romantic Heart Engagement Rings

A gold engagement ring with heart-shaped gemstones is alluring. They portray glamour and are suitable for white, yellow, and rose gold. The bands come in many styles, like plain, braided, twisted, thin, petite, and more. Merge these bands with heart-shaped gems like diamonds or colored counterparts in sturdy settings. They exude a delicate, romantic, and feminine look perfect for the tender bride.


Pave Band Engagement Rings

If you want to get more bling for less money, the pave band engagement rings are our best bet. They are beautiful ad come in variations like French, micro-pave, scallop, channel, surface prong, bar, bezel, and more. This ring design has a continuous shine, giving an illusion of a larger diamond. Also, the center stone gets a highlight from the surrounding gemstones. The best feature of a pave band is its flexibility, ushering them into vintage or modern settings.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose metal makes some of the most beautiful gold engagement rings, bordering on trendy and classic. This metal is a refreshing contemporary alternative for every bride as it flatters the skin tone. Rose gold also helps your hand stand out in a sea of platinum and yellow gold. They are durable and gorgeous, accommodating traditional diamonds and other colored gemstones. Regardless of your tastes and personality, rose gold is one agreeable metal that lets you go as boldly or minimalist as you wish.


Engagement Rings In Stunning Sets

Gold engagement ring sets are specific to the bride, and their advantages cannot be over-emphasized. They offer convenience so that you don’t shop for rings a second time. Gold ring sets are also aesthetically appealing and match the engagement ring to perfection. Besides, the ring set doesn’t have to come with a band, but other rows of engagement rings. Opting for ring sets avails you the choice of multiple gemstones and metals in one box, from rose gold onyx to white gold rubies, yellow gold, emerald cut engagement rings, and more.

Simple Diamond Engagement Rings

The understated bride will fall in love with simple diamond engagement rings. A lot is going for this style, from the barely-there gold band to an understated round diamond. Other options are the stackable thin wave of paving stones around a teardrop, fancy cushion cuts, and more. You can choose a big or small focal gemstone, depending on how much attention you like.


Pear Cut & Marquise-Shaped Engagement Rings

Gold pear-shaped engagement rings combined with a marquise cut have the same facets as round diamonds. These rings are lively and vibrant, making the wearer’s fingers look elongated. The combo of pear and marquis cut gives a larger surface area to the gemstone. A larger surface area makes them look bigger than round gemstones of similar weight and carat. You can incorporate a pear and marquis cut style into almost every gem on a gold band for a creative genius.

Beautiful Rings In White Gold

In the last decade, the choice of white gold as an engagement ring has skyrocketed, even more than yellow gold. White gold earned this pedigree because of its modern appearance and beautiful shine. It also flatters all skin tones but is best on fair skin. White gold can emphasize the yellow shade of a diamond. So work with colored gemstones or colorless diamonds of the highest clarity. Make them into a halo, pave, pear shape, split shanks, round gold engagement rings, and more. White gold is very durable and less susceptible to scratches, even though not recommended for nickel-sensitive people.


Solitaire Gold Engagement Rings

Solitaire gold engagement rings are versatile, timeless, and the toast of every bride. Hence, real gold engagement rings in solitaire are the classic choice for their Haute simplicity. They often come with simple plain bands and a single-center gemstone. But there’s no limit to how creative you can get with solitaire. Pear or oval cut stone gives off a soft look that flatters the fingers, while an emerald cut brings a sophisticated appeal. Brides with tastes for geometric shapes will lean towards princess cuts to enhance the sparkle. Also, you can switch diamonds for ruby, sapphire, opals, and more.

Beautiful Stackable Rings

Stackable rings symbolize individuality as they make a shiny statement about the adventurous bride. Begin with the perfect engagement ring on your finger and build around the bauble. You can work white, yellow, and rose gold into the mix to create a chaotic cohesion. The downside of this style is that they can look over the top. So, to keep your fingers cute, use slimmer bands all the way or build thin bands around a bold one. Another smart choice is to work with different weights and shapes for more personality.


Amazing Two-Tone Modern Rings

Two-toned gold engagement rings are about the most popular and hottest engagement pieces right now. The rings express the merging of two souls in love, and there are many creative ways to flaunt them. The most favorite styles among romantic couples are a mix of 14kt rose and white gold. Couples also explore different colored prongs, split shanks, multi-metal halos, double-tone or multi-row bands, and more. Pepper these rings with giant stones or accents to enjoy the sparkly beauty.

Gold Engagement Rings are timeless pieces that will never go out of fashion. They come in unique tones, like white, yellow, and rose gold, suitable for varying gemstones. Gold engagement rings sets are also affordable, durable, and easy to maintain. However, white gold isn’t hypoallergenic, so people with sensitive skin should take note. Find more information, tips, guides, and engagement ring styles in the post.