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72 The Best Engagement Rings For Women In 2021


Ladies, listen up. You’ve dreamt about your special day since you were very young. You’ve imagined your dress, the ceremony, the first dance; every detail. But, did you ever stop thinking about just how many different styles of engagement rings for women there are?


Your perfect day, of course, of the utmost importance. However, the ring is something you will wear every day for the rest of your life and it also deserves to be perfect.

With so many different styles of wedding rings available, it’s difficult to define just what “the perfect” means. To help narrow it down, we’ve curated a list of the 72 most popular engagement rings in 2021. Here we will point out all of the style options you will want to consider.

Engagement Rings Trends According To Experts

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Expert Tips

What is the latest trend in engagement rings?

Ovals have been very popular lately, they appear larger than most shapes and are flattering on the finger. I don’t see this trend slowing down anytime soon.

What is the most popular style of engagement rings?

For settings, the most popular is simplistic and classic. Our Whisper Thin™ setting is just that. It brings all the focus on the diamond and is the perfect type of engagement ring setting to stack wedding bands with. It’s also great to stack wedding bands with.

How many carats should an engagement ring be?

Carat size is based on personal preference and budget. Most people are going to opt for the largest carat size they can afford, which there’s no shame in! If you’re one of those people, but don’t have the budget for it, opt for an elongated diamond – these will look the largest! Rounds look amazing in every carat weight, so if the budget doesn’t allow for the size you wanted, Round is a great option.

Which cut of diamond looks biggest?

Elongated diamond cuts will always appear bigger. Think pears, ovals, marquise!

Which diamond shape is the cheapest?

Most shapes are priced comparably. The one exception are rounds, which have about a 25% higher price per carat than all other shapes.


Stunning Diamond Engagement Rings

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Gold engagement rings are timeless and true. What woman wouldn’t swoon over a stylish ring with a sparkling diamond in a band of 14, 18 or 22 carat gold. Remember, your girl will be wearing her engagement ring solo until your wedding day, so she will be showing it off to every single person she encounters. So of course you want it to be stunning and unique.
Source: MarkBroumand Instagram, rahaminovdiamonds via Instagram, jeandousset via Instagram

White gold engagement rings are indeed stunning, and very classy. Find out what kind of gold she will prefer as every woman has a preference. A gold band encased with tiny diamondties will leave her speechless. Some women may prefer a traditional plain gold band with a larger diamond. But you can’t go wrong with a stunning gold engagement ring!


Modern Engagement Rings For Women

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Is your fiance more of a modern woman? If a traditional gold band is not her style, there are plenty of modern style engagement rings available. A modern ring does not have to follow the traditional rules. You can get a diamond or other gem in any cut, size or style you wish. From round to square to oval.
Source: jeuliajewelry via Instagram, princessbridediamonds via Instagram, sillyshiny via Instagram

And modern rings can have unique prong settings as well, which will make her stylish ring stand out even more. And isn’t that what every bride wants? For her ring to stand out from the crowd? If your fiance is not one to shy away from the latest crazes and trends, then a modern ring will suit her to a T!
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Breathtaking engagement ring with five bands (Photo 1) in mix of white and pink gold.


Cheap Engagement Rings

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Not every couple has an extravagant budget when it comes to shopping for engagement rings for women. But you don’t have to spend a lot to get a gorgeous engagement ring.
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Shop online for cheap engagement rings for women, look in consignment shops and antique stores, you may just find the perfect ring at a fraction of the cost. A stylish ring doesn’t have to cost thousands or even hundreds of dollars to catch her eye and win her heart forever. Sometimes simplicity is elegance. Heart shaped diamonds on a thin gold band is charming and exquisite. Not every bride wants a big, gaudy ring.


Traditional And Classic Engagement Rings For Women

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Amazing engagement ring (Collage: Photo 1) with a pop of rose gold shining from beneath the band. Matilda engagement ring (Collage: Photo 2) is a classic white gold ring with a crown diamond.

A lot of women prefer a more classic and traditional ring. Sometimes the best engagement rings are those that have an elegant and refined touch. If your fiance prefers a more conservative and classy look, perhaps a princess cut or marquise cut diamond ring is more her style. White gold or gold engagement rings are perfect for the more traditional bride.
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Classic and traditional engagement rings make the most beautiful engagement rings. A classic ring is something she will cherish for the rest of her life.

Pear Shaped Wedding Rings

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Pear shaped engagement rings, or tear-drop rings, are very popular engagement rings for women. These beautiful engagement rings are designed of soft curves with an asymmetrical, pointed bottom.
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A pear shaped diamond ring will complement any band from white gold to rose gold to platinum to yellow gold. If you want a stylish ring that is delicate and graceful than a pear shaped engagement ring may be the perfect choice.


Rose Gold Rings For Women

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Rose gold engagement rings are very much in demand right now. Rose gold is very popular and makes for a simple breathtaking engagement ring!
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Rose gold bands make for perfect engagement rings as they have a vintage feel with a modern twist. Rose gold is distinctive and luxurious and will be sure to sweep her off her feet. Any cut and carat of diamond will look fabulous in a rose gold setting and band.

Amazing Unique Rings

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Does your bride-to-be prefer unique engagement ring? Does she want her stylish ring to be one-of-a-kind. Many jewelers including online sites, allow you to design your own ring. So if you know what she likes (and wants), you can design a unique ring for your fiance! This style of ring is perfect for the avant-garde or modern bride who isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd!
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And you don’t even have to stick with diamonds? How about an emerald or ruby stone? Your stone can be a unique shape or design as well, from a rose to a butterfly to anything her heart desires!


Rings For Women With Halo

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If you think your beloved wants something other than traditional diamond engagement rings, a halo engagement ring might be just what you are looking for.
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A halo engagement ring is a center gemstone that is encased by micro pave diamonds of gemstone. The center ring does not have to be a diamond. A sapphire or ruby would look stunning surrounded by tiny pave diamonds for a glimmering touch!

Diamond White Gold Wedding Rings

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No doubt, a great supporting role can make the star shine twice as bright. However, Side Stones are a personal preference. Those after the Classic look may opt for a simple mounting (the ring itself) while others prefer a more prominent design. Accent stones can be as subtle as a few clustered around the centerpiece. Otherwisde, they can be glamorously embellished around the entire ring, and everywhere in between.


Beautiful Bridal Sets

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A bridal set consists of both the engagement ring and wedding band. Of course, she won’t add the wedding ring until after the ring exchange at the wedding ceremony. They are designed to compliment one another and can also fit together to form one ring after the wedding.
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You can find bridal sets with any type of engagement ring, including rose gold, white gold platinum and gold engagement rings. Ask your jeweller to show you some of their favorite bridal sets. These are the best engagement rings for a bride who wants to continue to wear her engagement ring long after the wedding along with her wedding band.

Stunning Pave Band Engagement Rings

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Pave band engagement rings are truly beautiful engagement rings in that they consist of delicate small gemstones or diamonds along the band that are fastened by tiny droplets of metal. This creates the illusion that the engagement band is paved with diamonds or other precious gemstone.
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This style of ring is extremely elegant and tasteful so if your fiance prefers sophisticated engagement rings this might be the best choice. Pair the pave band with a pave centerstone, and she will be rendered speechless!


Engagement Rings With Oval Center Stone

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Does she prefer an oval ring over a princess cut or teardrop diamond? An oval center stone is very dignified and chic. When paired with a halo setting or pave band, an oval shaped center stone can be quite exquisite!
Oval stones represent new beginnings, so they are the perfect way to start off your new life together. An oval center stone diamond with a rose gold engagement ring will be sure to make her heart skip a beat!

Wedding Rings With Colored Gemstones

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To begin with, use this understanding of ring’s anatomy as you shop and try out different styles. Knowing how a ring is put together will help you find the exact style that your girl want to adorn your finger with until death does us part.
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And, girls, in addition, it’s important to understand exactly what you want, because if you don’t know exactly what the “perfect wedding ring” is. So, how is he supposed to know?

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