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39 Timeless Classic Engagement Rings For A Sophisticated Bride


For those in the “finding perfect ring” phase of their wedding journey, this list is for you! Today we are focusing on simple engagement rings. The most common “simple ring” is princess cut engagement rings. But, don’t be fooled. There are a lot of nuances and choices, so follow along to see what kind of “simple” is the classic look for you.


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Rings With Unique Wedding Band

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The cut of the diamond can drastically change the engagement ring’s appearance. Educate yourself on the round, pear, marquise, emerald, cushion, oval, asscher, radiant, and (our favorite) heart cut diamond. If all of this is overwhelming and all you know is that it HAS to be classic, go with the princess cut.




Simple Engagement Rings in White Gold

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The first thing to keep in mind while shopping for a traditional wedding ring is why it’s so appealing. Although there’s a lot of gold and diamonds in the mix, the most charming feature of a classic wedding ring is its subtlety. (See more ideas: Gabriel & Co Engagement Rings Extraordinaire) As the saying goes; a little goes a long way.

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Diamond Wedding Ring Sets

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With classic engagement rings, the band is especially important. You can go with naturally white platinum, or her choice of white, rose, green or yellow gold. With the color nailed down, you can focus on the edge. Rounded edges accommodate a lot of styles including traditional, but a knife edge screams classic.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

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A solitaire diamond stands on it’s own as a classic, so you can deviate from super plain while still maintaining tradition. To bring your proposal to the next level, think about flanking the solitaire with a set of slightly smaller diamonds on each side.


Classic Rings With Round Cut Diamond

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Twisted Bands Engagement Rings

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Some designers bring a modern twist to the classic engagement ring – literally! Intricate twists and turns running throughout the mounting will add an interesting elegance while allowing the solitaire diamond to shine like it should.