Simple Engagement Rings: Modern Trends For Brides

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Less is indeed more, but in the world of fashion, tastes differ. As a bride-to-be, this is evident in your ring choices, and in this post, we will talk about simple engagement rings. If you have an understated style, this is for you because we will curate a long list of the most beautiful pieces.


You do not have to trade style for price or simplicity. And the best thing about understated styles is that they give more paring options to your wedding. So for the classic women, here are some simple engagement rings, from round to princess, pave to vintage, gold, and more.

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How much does the average person spend on an engagement ring?

The million dollar question is always how much should a person spend on an engagement ring. On average, the cost of an engagement ring is around $5,500. This price depends on your financial situation, your partner’s expectations, and the sentimental value you want to give to one of the most important jewelry pieces you and your partner will ever own. A good rule of thumb is setting a budget for your engagement ring, depending on the factors above.

I always recommend spending as much as you are comfortable spending and enough to truly value what it represents: your love for you soon-to-be bride. Another general rule is to follow the one to three month salary. This would be an amount that covers a “big” purchase while maintaining a debt-free environment. All in all, the cost of an engagement ring is highly subjective and a specific amount is unrealistic for most couples- so you should spend as much as only you consider to be valuable as a representation of unity and love.


Simple Diamond Rings

Simple diamond engagement rings do not have to be all diamonds. They can act as a center stone, accents, or paired with other gems, for instance, the aquamarine set on a gold band with a diamond halo is minimalistic, moody, dramatic, and eye-catching. The art deco silhouette ring is also dramatic with the multi-cut idea. It is whimsical and gives off an heirloom vibe. We also love the classic cushion cut with a halo for its class, sleekness, and sparkle.

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Simple Engagement Rings

Simple engagement rings for women are stunning pieces with options like the dainty open band ring with brilliant cuts on each side. You can also choose a baguette ring with precise clean lines that showcase the center diamond. It also features beautiful detailing that further enhances the ring’s beauty.


Rose Gold Rings

Simple rose gold engagement rings emerged in the jewelry world and became a classic. They are fresh and contemporary alternatives for every bride who is sentimental about their baubles. Simple options include the east-west oval solitaire on a rose gold band, a bezel pearl ring, or a tapered solitaire on rose gold. Or you can do a horizontal pear-shaped diamond ring on a rose gold twisted band or a round solitaire and interlocked pave rose gold band.


Rings in White Gold

Simple white gold engagement rings are beautiful, versatile, and easy to maintain. They also pair well with every amazing diamond cut. For a classic look, try the oval solitaire pave or a floral cut stone ring. You can also do a pear pave or half halo in white gold. Brides that love a bit of attention would not mind a princess-cut center stone surrounded by an expansive halo that complements the white gold band.

Simple Gold Rings

With their shiny styles and matte finishes, simple gold engagement rings are the ultimate renaissance fashion. This style is for the classic woman who loves to stay classy. There are many retro-inspired and chic ideas, from artfully etched bands to micro pave accents, classic cuts, and slim bands.


Solitaire Engagement Rings

Simple solitaire engagement rings are perfect for the classic brides-to-be who want to show that less is more. This style is one of the most popular as it features one-center gemstones. You can choose to wear the emerald cut center stone set in four prongs on a simple rose gold band. The euro shank, rose gold band, and blush pink enamel paired with oval stone is another adorable option. For something more modern, you can choose a pear-shaped center stone set on a pave diamond band or the lozenge slang ring that pays homage to the Bauhaus design.

Round Cut Rings

Simple round engagement rings are the most popular styles. The round-cut diamond outshines all others and is very hard to miss. This is for the bride that does not want something bulky but wants to sparkle. Options include delicate pave diamonds circling a thin gold band and finishing with a round center diamond. You may also consider the cluster ring on white gold, which is a mix of round and marquis-cut diamonds. For a vintage feel, try the round center diamond nestled into the middle of a halo of smaller diamonds.


Twisted Bands Rings

Simple engagement rings for women with twisted bands are getting more popular. They are whimsical, unique, and romantic, whether single intertwined, infinity designs or twisted split shank. Some of the most breathtaking options include the wisteria ring. They boast a double platinum band, cushion center stone, and pave diamonds. The pear-shaped diamond twist ring is another beautiful option with embellished twist-shank diamonds framing a center stone. If you want something timeless and simpler, try the twisted vine engagement ring or a teardrop starburst frame twist shank ring.

Pave Band Rings

Simple gold engagement rings with pave setting feature diamonds along the band of the ring. This style is a favorite among fashionable and sophisticated women who like a bit of drama. For a conversation starter, opt for a brilliant round solitaire featuring scalloped pave diamonds on sterling silver. Alternatively, you can combine two center diamonds and pave bands to create brilliance. The tilted princess diamond cut paired with paving on yellow gold is superb while an oval center stone set in bezel and finished with pave is a work of art.


Radiant & Emerald Cut Rings

The radiant emerald combines old-world elegance and technique to create magic. These simple emerald-cut engagement rings are blended with the brilliance of a round cut to create facets that are jaw-dropping. You must ensure that the cullet is well-centered, the sides are parallel, and the corners are cut in identical sizes. For options, you can choose the three-stone ring design, the ultra-thin solitaire engagement ring setting, or the radiant canary diamond open ring.

Black Rings

Simple black engagement rings are bold yet demure, minimalist yet very sexy. This is for the woman that loves breaking tradition and wants an edgy look. The elegant marquise cut black diamond bearing with two addition of two white diamonds on either side is sophisticated. You may also do a princess cut set in a platinum band with two side stones in black diamond and a white diamond halo. If center stone rings do not appeal to you, opt for a full stack band of black diamonds, away from the traditional looks.

Vintage Rings

The appeal and nostalgia that simple vintage engagement rings evoke are timeless and romantic. From 1700 Georgian to the art nouveau 1890s and 1920s art deco, you can find many interesting pieces and designs. The 1910 vintage trefoil diamond ring is an exquisite piece that offers the perfect sparkle. You can also opt for the marquise sapphire with tiny stones around it for the ultimate vintage moment. We also love the rare pirate ring design set with green favorite garnet in platinum prong for color and style.

Unique Rings

The elegant and fashion-forward bride will not go wrong with unique simple engagement rings. Options like the oval cut engagement ring with the double halo are jaw-dropping. An evergreen alternative is a trillion-cut ring with a split shank, which is simple, bohemian, and chic. You can also consider a smooth band with a halo of round-cut diamonds or a snowflake design that is vintage-inspired and fit for a princess. If you want something feminine, stunning, and graceful, try the filigree setting in a rose gold band.

Princess-Cut Rings

Princess-cut simple engagement rings are crisp, clean, and classic jewelry that will stand the test of time. This is an understated yet timeless piece that has an enduring style. They also look beautiful in any setting while maintaining sophistication. Some of the best options include a sunburst princess cut for a vintage look or a princess cut halo style for an all-over sparkle. You can also consider a princess-cut diamond cluster ring of morganite, apricot sapphire, and champagne diamonds.

Oval Rings

Simple oval engagement rings are not only stunning, but they appeal to a variety of tastes, especially those who want something different. They are also unique, feminine, and fresh while maintaining a trendy feel. There is the option of the secret garden design which is nature inspired. You can supplement it with a marquis setting-shaped diamond peppered and an elegant oval solitaire ensconced in the middle. You can also wear a sleek architectural double band paired with a trillion-cut diamond.

Elegant Rings

Simple elegant engagement rings do not get better than the diamond oval solo design featuring a slender band and delicate stone. If you love something with more weight, choose a white or rose gold emerald cut diamond flanked by 2 smaller diamonds on either side. For a more contemporary design, try out the geometric bands with hexagonal stones. This play of shapes makes them stand out. But if you love sparkles, consider the engagement ring in white gold with side stones and a center diamond.

Minimalist Rings

Are you looking for modern minimalist simple engagement rings that express understated beauty while channeling your unique personality? Try the cushion cut solitaire which appears to be a bit bigger than its actual style. But its dainty look makes it a favorite among shoppers. Or, consider a bezel set pear-shaped diamond for its tasteful look. But if you like them bolder, think of an emerald-cut solitaire because it is a showstopper. There is also the idea of an east-west marquise cut for its endless creativity.

Simple Band

Simple band engagement rings to ensure you do not go over the top while flattering your fingers. We also love the clean lines and simple gems that attract all eyes. The best is the solitaire that highlights the center gemstone like no other. Bezel set ring bands are also popular ring settings because of their simplicity and modern look. They are also great for people who live active lifestyles. For the ultimate simplicity, you can consider a split shank band with a round or oval diamond.

Cheap Rings

Simple cheap engagement rings give you the most value for your money. It is also great that you do not need to break the bank or sacrifice style and quality. So, whether you prefer diamonds, gems, antique styles, or cluster rings, you cannot go wrong with yellow gold and diamond solitaire. You can also consider a micro pave marquis cut diamond ring in white gold for a chic look. If you love it simple with a little pizzazz, opt for white gold and diamonds set with alternating colored stones.

Classic Rings

Classic simple engagement rings are defined by their simplicity and sophistication because of the no-frills idea. For instance, the round inlay band cast with yellow or white gold with a round brilliant diamond is a dream for the girl next door. Alternatively, a haze-line three-stone engagement ring in yellow gold is a dynamic piece that can never go out of style. If you want something timeless and chic, the simple and classic oval peach sapphire ring in rose gold is everything.

There is nothing more beautiful and understated than simple engagement rings. And with so many options available, this post brings you the best. Whether you love princess-cut, pave, oval, or only minimalist bands, there is something for you. So, check this post and snag the best ring.