18 Engagement Ring Designers: Top Rings For Brides

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There are millions of engagement ring designers. If you are considering a proposal any time soon, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. The choice between many jewelers who offer their diamond engagement rings is hard! How to choose the best one? Which masterful artisan among hundreds and thousands of wedding ring makers will create your dream ring? We have selected 100 top wedding ring designers to ease your search for the perfect engagement ring.


We admire these jeweler brands for their creativity, superior quality, impeccable artistry, and meticulous attention to detail. All luxury engagement rings brands, and all the leading ring trends are now in one article. Browse through our gallery and make your choice!

Brides often ask

Why do we wear engagement rings?

There are many stories that explain why we wear engagement rings. The Egyptians believed that the circular shape of a ring represented eternity. The hole in the middle represented a doorway to the future. The gift of a ring symbolized eternal love.
Today, the engagement ring is a symbol of promise. It represents the love between two people who intend to marry and make a life together.

Should we have matching wedding bands?

For some couples, matching bands are the perfect way to symbolize a life together. For others, it may not be desirable or even practical. If the bride wears an ornate wedding band and the groom has simpler tastes, that’s completely okay, or the groom may work in a profession where a simple band is required. Your wedding ring is something you will be wearing for the rest of your life. It should be a reflection of you and your own personal tastes. You and your spouse are individuals, so it’s fine for your rings to reflect that individuality. Don’t be afraid to be original!

Should I buy the engagement and wedding rings together?

You certainly can, but you don’t have to. When you purchase a set, you know the rings will look good together. They will also lay nicely on the finger together and the bands will fit correctly against each other. If you decide not to buy a matching set, keep in mind that the wedding ring and engagement ring should be the same metal for a more uniform look.


Rings By Brilliant Earth

Explore the ethically crafted sparkle of Brilliant Earth Engagement Rings. The company has established itself as a leader in sustainable jewelry with brilliantly beautiful conflict-free diamonds and eco-friendly designs. The collection is particularly suitable for brides focusing on ethical sourcing and has exclusive, nature-oriented designs. Average prices for wedding rings differ, but you will get value for your money. Brilliant Earth enables you to check out and shop the responsibly sourced beautiful stones at their store or even visit their showrooms to experience in person those treasures.


Rings By Gabriel&Co

Timeless Elegance Engagement rings by Gabriel & Co. are distinguished by their timeless, elegant look. They offer excellent craftsmanship and detail of which make their collection ideal for classic sophistication-looking brides. Gabriel & Co. offers an average priced collection of wedding bands, making sure there’s something magical for each budget. In this line of business, there are appropriate symbols of love for brides who would want to embrace traditional but unique styles. Visit an authorized Gabriel & Co. retailer or website to see the particular ring that portrays your love story in the most elegant way possible.


Rings By Henri Daussi

It can be said that Henri Daussi’s engagement rings show extreme attention paid to detail and careful manufacturing. This unique collection of bridal gowns is renowned for its distinctive designs and will certainly appeal to brides with a taste for individualism. To be precise, the average price range makes possessing one of Henri Daussi’s outstanding masterpieces affordable. The brand will appeal to brides who look for distinctive and glamorous options. Visit authorized retailers of Henri Daussi to experience the world in your own ring representing your special love story.


Rings By Verragio

The name “Verragio” has become synonymous with unmatched elegance in engagement ring design. Verragio’s rings are known for their complex patterns and tailored offerings that allow each bride to develop something as distinctive as her story of love. This is reflected in the average price of Verragio wedding rings that emphasize quality and uniqueness. The Verragio collection offers brides custom, breath-taking designs. You can look for the perfect ring that symbolizes your unique love at authorised retailers of Verragio or through their website.

Rings By Ring Concierge

Ring Concierge caters to those brides who want that perfect ring tailored to their own unique style. The brand’s unusual designs are intended for those people who are in search of the ring as special as their love-story. Customization does not degrade on the basis of average price range. Ring Concierge is perfect for brides who have a particular idea in mind and want a more personalized experience in their design process. Visit their online portal, select something from a curated collection, or involve their experts and create your desired ring. Take your communication to another level with a one-off wedding band by the Ring Concierge that tells your own love narrative.


Rings By Blingadvisor

Blingadvisor brings modernised glamour to the engagement ring, giving brides fresh, cool alternatives that are different. The company is best suited for modern bride who wants one-of-a-kind ring that matches with latest trends. Modern elegance is within the reach of all through an extensive average price range. Blingadvisor also offers an alluring set of bridal jewelry pieces for modern-day brides looking for the ultimate statement piece. You can discover an ideal ring that harmonizes contemporary design and eternal romance, among others on their website.