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30 Creative Engagement Ring Boxes For A Perfect Proposal


What do you imagine when thinking about the proposal? Love is in the air, you go on one knee, she’s blushing, anticipating the question that’s coming… You take out the ring… Wait! When you are planning your perfect proposal, no detail is too small. If you have chosen the symbol of love and commitment for the best woman in the world – it’s time to think of presentation! Engagement ring boxes are important! They make a perfect background for the piece of jewellery that means so much for the both of you.

An engagement ring in a box is a representation of your style and persona that keeps the symbol of your relationship safe and sound for eternity! You are a practical person and don’t want to spend more than you expected? Of course you can keep the ring in your pocket. But think twice. Such a small thing is easy to lose! And besides – where will she keep your present, when she needs to take it off in order not to harm it? Isn’t it worth it to devote a little more time and choose a perfect ring box for the perfect ring?

We have found the most beautiful and unique engagement ring boxes imaginable. Just take a look at our gallery and you’ll want one immediately. The choice is going to be difficult; the ring boxes are as different as the rings. But don’t you fret! Remember, that the ring and its box should represent you and your relationships. Listen to your heart as you browse through these amazing ring boxes! There are boxes of different styles and material for every taste: wooden boxes, glass boxes, and whatnot. You are sure to find the one or, if you are crafty, to get inspired for some diy ring boxes – who knows?


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