30 Cushion Cut Rings: Best Ideas For Brides in 2024

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Trying to find the perfect engagement ring for your beloved? Have you considered cushion-cut engagement rings? With their rounded soft edges, cushion-cut diamonds are timeless. Your love will feel like a million dollars with one of these beauties! Popular in the 19th century, these rings are truly a class act. The brilliant facets give it a stunning and unique appearance that gives it a truly elegant vibe.


Brides often ask

What does a cushion-cut diamond look like?

Cushion-cut diamonds get their name from their shape. When viewed from above, this diamond shape looks like a square with rounded corners, just like a cushion. Unlike other diamond shapes that have standardized faceting patterns, they can have a bit more variety.

Why are these rings so popular?

One of the reasons that cushion cut diamonds are so popular is that they are viewed as both vintage and prestigious. Originally called “mine cut” diamonds, they date back to the 18th century. These luxurious diamonds were hand-cut by Brazilian miners.

Why buy a cushion-cut diamond ring?

As one of the most recognizable shapes, cushion-cut diamonds can be cut in many different ways. This means that they can both be unique and classic at the same time. Cushion-cut diamond engagement rings can be designed as light and pillow, sleek and defined, and even square and elongated. And one of the best things about this cut of the ring is the price tag! Cushion-cut engagement ring prices are approximately 25% less costly than round-cut diamonds.


Cushion Cut Diamond Rings

Cushion-cut diamond engagement rings are truly classic. With one of these elegant rings, your groom will truly feel like royalty. The brilliant facets will glisten in the sunlight, making her feel like the center of the crowd!


Halo Engagement Rings

Halo rings are truly stunning. With a cushion diamond surrounded by tiny diamonds resembling a halo, this ring gives off an angelic vibe. Whether you choose a platinum gold, rose gold, or yellow gold band, she will definitely cherish her halo cushion cut ring!


Engagement Rings With Pave Band

Rings for women with a pave band are ideal for those who live for elegance and style. Pave bands are designed with miniature diamonds all along with the band. Pair that with a brilliantly cut cushion diamond and you’ll have her heart for eternity!


Amazing Engagement Rings Set

Have you looked at diamond ring sets? You can opt for a pave wedding band, or a more simple band if that’s what she will prefer. There are dozens of gorgeous wedding ring sets to choose from with diamonds!

Rings With Solitaire Diamonds

Solitaire engagement rings are perfect for the bride who prefers a simple yet elegant style. The solitaire diamond is stunning on its own, but a cushion-cut solitaire is the epitome of both simplicity and grace.


White Gold Engagement Rings

White gold cushion-cut engagement rings are almost majestic in appearance. The white gold setting is the perfect canvas to showcase her gorgeous diamond. She’ll feel like a million bucks with one of these beauties in her hand!

Simple Engagement Rings

Not every woman wants a fancy engagement ring! These simple engagement rings are perfect if your beloved prefers the simpler things in life. A simple gold band with a modest kind of style is still feminine and chic!


Gold Engagement Rings

Yellow gold rings are always been a popular choice and have been for years. If your love is traditional at heart, she will flip for one of these breathtaking gold diamond rings!

We hope we have blown you away with our gallery of cushion cut rings! Remember to take her style and preferences into consideration when shopping for engagement rings. You can’t go wrong with a brilliant cushion-cut diamond!