Tori Robinson, Co-Founder of Boys Lie, Proved That Not All Boys Lie

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Tori Robinson

Announcing her engagement on social media, Tori Robinson, Co-Founder of Boys Lie, proved that not all boys lie. Join us on a journey of love as we delve into the enchanting proposal story of Tori and Michael, who got recently engaged and eagerly awaiting their wedding on the auspicious date of 8/24/24. In this exclusive interview, Tori shares the intimate details of her proposal, offering readers a glimpse into the magic and romance that led to this joyous moment.


Tying the knot next summer: Tori Robinson proposal story

– What was the day like? Are there any special events or hints that something was about to happen?

In my own cliché version, the day I was proposed to was easily one of the best days of my life. I was in the Hamptons with my soon to be fiancé, Michael. We were with my two best friends and their significant others. My besties ever so slyly suggested we all go to an event that was all white themed. I didn’t really question if Michael was going to be popping the question to be honest, especially since we all were dressed in the same color. The day was perfectly set up to my surprise.


– How did you meet? Was there a romantic history or memorable moments that led to this point?

People have so many overly romanticized stories and our love story is a bit more direct. About 3 years ago, I was on Raya and saw Michael’s Instagram pop-up on my search feed. I was relieved to see we had some mutual friends, which I reached out to for just general validation, (to make sure he wasn’t some sort of serial killer or tinder swindler), and after I got their approval, I went to Instagram and liked a few of his photos here and there. Shortly after, Michael immediately followed/dmed me to see if we could hang out.

– Could you describe the proposal itself in vivid detail? Where did it happen? Who was involved?

When my best friends told me we were headed to an all white party on a beach, to my surprise it was really a proposal set up by them and Michael. To be completely honest, when we pulled up to the beach, I almost missed Michael’s grand gesture entirely. My friends made some excuses as to why they had to turn around after getting there and that they’d just catch up to Michael and I after arriving. On approaching the beach, my soon to be fiancé had a small Moke car set up with hydrangeas, a photographer and an ‘Engaged!’ sign. Call me somewhat oblivious in walking up to the beach but I almost walked completely past the Moke car. Michael was laughing as we slightly walked passed and I said ‘Oh my god, that’s really cute. Someone’s getting engaged.’ To which he responded ‘That’s odd, you should look at this.’ As we approached the Moke, I realized there were small customized pieces of stationary with our names and pictures of the two of us on them scattered around the seats with confetti. Immediately after realizing that this was entirely for me, I was so shook- I think I honestly blacked out at that moment from being overwhelmed with my feelings and emotions. Michael offered to read a long letter he had wrote out for me, as he got down on one knee, but I told him to save it for our vows because I didn’t want to have a Kim K cry (in the best of ways) as the photographer was continuously snapping pictures of the two of us. My besties and their significant others shortly popped out from the beach entry way with champagne.

– How did you feel when you first saw the engagement ring? Was there any special significance or story behind the ring choice?

I was completely floored. I had dropped a few hints of things I liked in the traditional ring mindset of things and Michael went above and beyond in selecting the one he felt was best. The ring is beautiful. While we got engaged at the end of August, I still haven’t stopped looking at it and reflecting back on how lucky I am to have not only a great man but a man with great taste.

– Were there any special words exchanged between both of you during this moment?

The words exchanged in that moment were special to us and us only.

– How did you share the news with family and friends?

I shared the news by facetiming all my closest friends and family immediately after the proposal. It was such a great feeling seeing everyone just so happy for us and so ecstatic after hearing the news… Michael and I felt so loved in those moments.

My dad actually surprised me on the day of my engagement by driving from Philadelphia to East Hampton. After the proposal, we went from the beach to my friend’s beautiful home to celebrate and take photos. When he walked in the door, I was completely shocked and immediately broke down in happy tears (that’s when the Kim K tears came out – *lots of them*) and I felt overwhelmingly loved. It was a beautiful moment that I am blessed I got to be able to share with him.


– Looking back, what emotions stand out the most from that moment?

I think for me, the emotions that stood out most was how much Michael cared for me in his efforts to put the proposal together with such a beautiful grand gesture. The efforts and care he put into working with my best friends to make sure my engagement couldn’t be more perfect is something I will never forget. I still get choked up thinking about it. It’s rare when you’re with someone who is widely accepted by not just your friends but your family too. It was the first instance in my life where I felt like my friends, family and Michael looked out for me on such a united front to make me feel this special. Michael really is a light in my life.

– Has the engagement changed your perspective on your relationship?

It only made me love him more— which honestly, I still can’t figure out how that’s possible based on how much I love him already. It’s wild to think I find myself loving him more and more on a daily basis. I’m a lucky lady!

– What plans or visions do you have for the future after getting engaged?

I’d hope we’d have a year for ourselves to enjoy all things marriage and when ready, take the next steps to grow our family.

– Do you have any advice for others expecting or planning for a proposal?

The best advice I have would be to not put so much pressure on your significant other for a proposal. I know and acknowledge there are rare circumstances where giving an ultimatum on your relationship, to take it to the next level, is the best and most important step… However, I feel strongly that if you are just shy of 2 years in your relationship, there doesn’t need to be so much pressure on it. If you are meant to be with someone forever, then you have forever to be with that person. It shouldn’t be rushed and it should be something discussed and agreed upon by both parties. I’ve seen some friends’ relationships fall through based on how much stress they put around marriage. If the time is right, it will be. Also, I absolutely say this all based on my own experiences! Every relationship is unique to the people in it.