Failsafe Approach To Choosing Your Bridal Accessories

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You’ve found the perfect dress, the perfect place, and the perfect guy, but have you found the perfect wedding dress accessories yet?  Your bridal accessories will put the finishing touches on your wedding day look, so it’s important they be just right.


You don’t want accessories which are too ostentatious and showy. They might overpower your gorgeous dress.

You don’t want them too understated, either, or they won’t draw any notice at all. Striking the right balance is the most important aspect of choosing your wedding dress accessories.

Here’s how to do it.

We have created the helpful infographic on How To Choose Accessories For Wedding Attire to help put you at ease before you commence on your wedding shopping endeavors.

1. First Things First

The first step you should take in picking out wedding dress accessories is picking out the dress they’re going to be paired with. When you find your perfect dress, you’ll know. Your bridal accessories should be chosen afterward because you want to accent the dress with the accessories and not the other way around.  Once you’ve found your dress, take a picture of yourself in it so that you can match your accessories more easily.


2. Decide on Your Style of Wedding Dress Accessories

After you’ve chosen the dress, it’s time to think about the style you want to go for. It could be retro, bohemian or even fairytale princess. It’s all up to you, but it’s going to make a huge impact on the wedding dress accessories you choose. Your accessories are meant to pull your look together and give it the finishing touches it needs to become a cohesive style.

3. Coif Your Coif

Figuring out how you’re wearing your hair is another important part of finding the right wedding dress accessories.  If you’re going to wear it up, will you need jeweled combs to hold it in place, or pretty clips to catch stray tendrils and contain them? When your hairstylist knows what kind of coiffure you want, they can advise you on which types of hair jewelry will best compliment your style.  From hair pins to tiaras, jeweled clips and more, the possibilities for dressing up your hair are almost endless.

When you start shopping for bridal accessories, shop for your hair accessories first. Your hair is going to be the second most noticeable thing about you on your wedding day, especially if you have some strategically placed Swarovski crystals in your hair. Their high sparkle and irrepressible shine will make you glitter as you’re walking down the aisle.


4. Start Searching

Your wedding dress accessories depend heavily on your dress, your hair and your veil. The style of dress you’re going to wear is just as important as how you choose to accessorize it. Whether you’ve got a high-necked Victorian gown or a gorgeous frothy creation, your bridal accessories should not appear to be contrived and should not clash with the style of your dress. Above all, you should be having fun picking out your wedding dress accessories to complete your look. Your wedding day will only happen once! Make the most of it!