18 Black Wedding Bands For Men: Top Bands for Him

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A new trend that we like to see is the alluring black wedding bands for men. Many grooms are moving away from the common gold and silver wedding rings and toward black. Its neutral color and unique look make it perfect for the modern man. It is also a great match for a variety of skin tones and attires.

These black wedding bands also come in a variety of options. You can find black titanium wedding bands for men, black diamond wedding bands for men, tungsten black wedding bands for men, and more. So, there are quite many details to consider when choosing the perfect black wedding band. Read on for more information on choosing the right black wedding band.


Frequently Asked Question

What does a black wedding band signify?

A black wedding band signifies the power or strength of your love. As a color, black symbolizes strength, courage, and power. Black wedding bands in a marriage can show that a couple believes in the power of their love for each other eternally.

Why do you need to choose black wedding bands?

Apart from the strength that black signifies, there are many reasons to choose black wedding bands for men. The more unique nature of diamond or black tungsten wedding bands for men reflects the unconventionality that stands out. A bold statement of non-conformity, it is the ideal choice for the modern man. Metals such as titanium and tungsten which are often associated with black wedding bands, are also harder than conventional silver or gold and can withstand tougher conditions, thereby lasting longer.

Are our wedding bands for men in black color trendy?

The minimalistic, sleek, and powerful nature of the signature black wedding band makes it extremely trendy. It stands out from the crowd in a silent yet sexy way. A man’s ego and obsession with strength draw him to anything that signifies power, and the black wedding band does that. Just like a sleek black car, the classic black suit, or even minimalist black designer shoes, the black wedding band is a trend that is here to stay.

Ring Materials

Black wedding bands stand out wherever they are. However, they are often plain and made from black metal. Sometimes with intricate detail, and other times, the black metal is a base for inserts of precious metals or gems such as platinum, gold, or even rubies, the most expensive being diamond.
The different types of black wedding ring materials are:

  • Ceramic materials
  • Gold
  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • Tungsten
  • Zirconium

Metals VS Gold

While black wedding bands for men come in a variety of options, some materials are more durable than others. Black metals such as Tungsten, Titanium, and Zirconium are often preferred to black gold because they are harder and less likely to scuff over long periods. While ceramic rings are also very hard and scuff resistant, they can be smashed to bits easily if dropped on hard surfaces. Black gold and steel are easier to scratch from daily use and are softer, so more prone to wear and tear. Bear this in mind when deciding which to choose between tungsten wedding bands for men or black gold.

When choosing black jewelry options, it is also necessary to keep an eye out for coated rings. While they can be a good choice if you require cheap black wedding bands for men black gold or rhodium coating over silver titanium will chip off eventually and need refinishing.


Color Of Mystery: Trendy Styles Of Bands

Every style of black wedding band has different features that make them appealing or not. From black and gold wedding bands for men to diamond black wedding bands for men, below are just some of these features explained.

  • Black Ceramic: Though black ceramic wedding bands for men are lightweight and less prone to wear and tear, they are limited to simplistic designs. They can be smashed easily if dropped on a hard surface and cannot be resized.
  • Black Gold: Black gold wedding bands for men are attractive and easily resized. However, they are expensive and prone to damage from everyday use so would need refinishing. They may also cause allergies, but they are easy to cut off in any case of emergency.
  • Black Steel: Black stainless-steel bands are good-looking and inexpensive. However, they scuff easily, so are prone to damage. They are also difficult to remove in an emergency.
  • Black Titanium: This affordable wedding band is lightweight and scuff resistant, but it cannot be resized. It can also be difficult to cut in any case of emergency.
  • Black Tungsten: Another affordable option, the black tungsten wedding band for men cannot be resized. They can also shatter easily. However, this wedding band is inexpensive and scratch-resistant.
  • Black Zirconium: This choice of wedding band is lightweight and durable. It is also unlikely to cause any allergic reaction as it is hypoallergenic. However, it is pricey and cannot be resized if needed.


Black Silicone Rings

Black silicone rings are a practical option for anyone who wants a stylish ring that at the same time feels like it’s hardly there. This practical option of a wedding band is wholly embraced by men who have work or hobbies that don’t encourage wearing jewelry as they can pose a danger. Whether you are often at the gym or have a high-impact job, then a comfortable black silicone ring might be the best option for you.

They are also stain-proof from chemicals, dirt, or other types of stains. Black silicone rings come in a range of types. You can choose a basic and highly durable option with a flat silhouette that would be great for outdoor activities. However, if you need breathability, then it’s best to find one with interior airflow groves.

If plain is not your type, then you can consider a two-tone option. While this might be a bit pricier, you can get rings in black and dark red or black and grey, or even green styles. Be sure to check for airflow and grip. Another option is an intricate design etched into the ring. While this type of silicone ring may not have air grooves, you could choose a style that would be unique to you.


Simple Diamond Bands

Most men that go for black wedding bands are in search of something that stands out but is simple at the same time. Whether you’re choosing from gold black wedding bands for men or black wedding bands for men with diamonds, it is possible to find something simplistic. Here are a few:

  • Black Diamond Wedding Band. The classic black wedding band fit with a solitary round diamond, is the type of simple wedding ring that makes a statement even in its simplicity. If you need a classy design with just a little bit of glitz, then this timeless option would be just the thing.
  • Black Sapphire Wedding Band. Unlike the former, this ring is for the man who needs some extravagance added to his sleek dark band. A black wedding band with an oval sapphire center, possibly with accent diamonds around it in a halo would be the ultimate extravagance. A simple yet stylish design for the modern man.
  • Black and Red Ruby Wedding Band.  Consider the strength illustrated by the black wedding band, combined with the fiery passion of red ruby. This is what you will get with a wedding ring of this design. This gemstone concept surrounded with accent diamonds is both simple and gorgeous in its design. A timeless and classic choice for this wedding season.

Top 3 Black Wedding Bands For Him In 2023

Still unsure of which black wedding bands for men to choose from? Below are our favorites for 2023.

  • Black Gold and Topaz Wedding Band. The contrast of the Swiss Blue Topaz over the sleek black gold band combines glamour with simplicity. The darkness of the band only allows the beauty of the princess-cut topaz to shine even more. A modern and yet classic choice of wedding band.
  • Black and Purple Wedding Band. Combine sleek black with royal purple in one ultimate wedding band design. Black signifies strength and purple stands for power, nobility, and ambition. Purple amethysts set in a sleek black wedding band would be a brilliant and classic wedding ring for the groom that wants that extra extravagance.
  • Black and Emerald Wedding Band. Another magnificent option is a mesmerizing black wedding band that is adorned with an aquamarine center stone. The emerald-cut center of this wedding ring makes it a statement piece that any groom would easily fall in love with. A symbol of good fortune and growth, the emerald is a good choice for a new life and eternal love.

Black wedding bands for men come in a variety of options. And so, it is important to know exactly what you want before you begin your search for the perfect one. With these tips and a consultation with your jeweler, you should be able to find the right wedding band this wedding season.