Engagement Ring Care: What To Do & Don’ts Of Caring

engagement ring care tips for brides and wives
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Your engagement ring is something beautiful, a representation of love you and your partner feel for each other. Taking care of your engagement ring isn’t terribly difficult and is possible to do without leaving home by using simple and familiar methods.

But if you’re not sure what you need to do, follow our best tips on loving and caring for it. After all, your engagement ring should last forever, just like your marriage!

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Hints On How To Care For Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring is special because it’s yours! Love it and don’t worry about whether it’s as nice as the one someone else has. No doubt, your ring is beautiful, but it still needs a proper care.

Thus, to make your engagement ring look flawless, we recommend you to treat it as follows:

  • When cleaning up your home or performing any other domestic chores, wear special gloves – this will protect your band from direct contact with household chemicals.
  • Keep the ring away from different solvents (including nail polish removal).
  • Try to ensure your precious things are not affected by UV light or heat.


Diamond Engagement Ring Care Instructions

If you want your diamond ring look absolutely beautiful, just like a brand-new one from jewelry house, follow our hints on how to achieve this:

  • In fact, diamonds are sensitive to oils that are naturally present on our hands. Thus, put on gloves when cleaning a diamond ring.
  • Use only warm water, it must not be very hot though as the stone is negatively affected by hot temperature. For that same reason, you don’t dry a diamond jewel with a blowdryer.
  • To clean your jewels with diamonds fast and properly, it’s recommended to use a solvent of alcohol and water 3:1. Pour this solvent into a container and put the gem into it for 30-45 sec. Then, carefully get it out there and wipe dry with a cotton or a sponge. To add even more shiny sparkles, polish the stone with a velvet fabric.


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Clean It Carefully

Cleaning your engagement ring the right way will greatly increase its life. Using the wrong solutions and abrasive or harsh chemicals can damage both the stone and the gold, so make sure you’re not using anything but a little warm water, a tiny amount of toothpaste (not gel; basic toothpaste) and a toothbrush to remove grime and oils on a weekly basis. Regular toothpaste cleans your stone and gold without scratching or causing tarnish. It also doesn’t leave soap scum behind like regular bar soap does. Your jeweler should offer free cleanings, as well. If you find that your ring is looks a little dull, take it to the jeweler for a professional cleaning.

Never use these cleaning means to clean the golden rings with diamonds!

  1. Washing powder, soap or any other basic household chemicals. They will tarnish the gold and make the diamond white.
  2. Backing soda. While perfectly cleaning silver gems, it removes all the sparkles from gold though.
  3. Iodine. This solution can fundamentally change the color of gold, and you will need a professional jeweler to fix it.
  4. Bleaching powder. This chemical makes the ring lose its golden color and brilliance.
  5. Hyperperoxide, vinegar or manganese crystals. All these means will tarnish the diamond and oxidize the yellow metal.


Resizing Is Important

Your engagement ring can easily slip off of your finger if it’s too large, so having it sized correctly is very important. Correct sizing gives you the security of knowing that your ring won’t just slip off your finger at some random point during the day. A correctly-sized ring is also more comfortable than one that is slightly too large or too small.

To know for sure what size perfectly fits you, measure your finger’s circumference with a thread, then put it on a ruler to see its actual length. By dividing this number by 3,15 and you will get the size of your finger.

Be Gentle With Your Ring

Diamonds are meant to be forever, but you have to take good care of them. If you are performing some task where you are likely to knock it against something, take it off and put it in a safe place, instead. This is also important if you are cleaning with harsh cleansers. You might also want to remove it if your job requires you to use your hands a lot.

However, take your gem to a jeweler for a professional examination. Of course, it’s easy to take care of precious stones at home, but they also should receive some professional care. The jeweler will examine your rings and say if the stones or metal have some defects that can damage the stone and the jewel itself. Even being invisible to you, they can still be damaging your jewelry.