39 Halo Engagement Rings: Engagement Ideas To Get More Bling

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If you’re looking for engagement rings that are exquisite and yet affordable, then perhaps you should consider halo engagement rings. These unique rings dazzle as they feature a center stone, surrounded by smaller accent diamonds or gemstones. While this gives the illusion of a much larger center stone, the overall effect makes for a truly sparkly and precious ring. These rings also come in several original and truly beautiful designs that catch the eye.


Asides from affordability and beauty, halo cut diamond engagement rings come in a variety of types, so you have a wide range to choose from. From double band halo engagement rings to oval double halo engagement rings or even halo cluster engagement rings. You can be spoiled for choice where this specific type of ring is concerned.

And so, if you are concerned about your style or personal taste, fear not, you will not need to sacrifice that. Quite a several engagement rings set for women are halo-style engagement rings and there’s a reason for this. Have a look at the list of our engagement rings with a halo setting and you might just find out why.

Should I add a halo to my engagement ring?

If you feel that your engagement ring needs some more bling, or that it’s boring, then adding a halo might very well be a good idea. Also, if the center stone of your ring seems small, and you would love for it to look bigger, then a halo would be a good choice for your ring.

Round Cut Engagement Rings

A round-cut engagement ring usually features a round diamond. A very sparkly round diamond with 58 facets on each cut. The classic shape of this stone gives it a spark that constantly outshines all others. They are very versatile and look great in any ring style or setting. So, if you want a ring with brilliance and shine that is also elegant and classy, go for a round-cut engagement ring.

Tip 1: Choose to pave setting for your engagement ring and you’ll get just as much sparkle as a big diamond, for a much lower cost.

Pave setting feature means that tiny diamonds are across the band and they add an amazing look to engagement rings. Small, beautiful stones are much more common and therefore less expensive. Think about buying a smaller center stone and try to add pave diamonds across the band.


White Gold Engagement Rings

For a modern, sleek, and sophisticated style, white gold is the way to go. Asides from being quite durable, white gold engagement rings are affordable and truly breathtaking to look at. They also come in different types, and some women are particularly drawn to white gold halo engagement rings with the halo setting that make them even more unique.

This idea is all about the balance between size and quality. You can get a bigger stone at the same price: you just have to choose a little lower clarity or pick a not-so-expensive color.

Tip 2: So the price will be lower if you pick a ring with color ratings H, I, J, or K, which will still look good.

Tip 3: A grades range VS1-VS2 stone will still look good and flaws will not be visible by the unaided eye, but this stone will cost you much less.


Unique Halo Engagement Rings

Each halo engagement ring is unique, however, some features can make them stand out even more. For a halo ring to be truly unique, it would need to have one or more of these features.

  • Unconventional angles or shapes – An interesting shape or angle can give a halo ring a reason to stand out more than others. From an unexpected curve to an angular, east-west design. The more interesting the shape, the better.
  • Unexpected intricacies – From hidden detailing to intriguing elements that are not immediately evident to the naked eye. These little and partially hidden intricacies can add to the beauty and value of the halo ring.
  • Metalwork – Traditional metal detailing like milgrain and filigree can lend an extra vibe to your halo engagement ring.


Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Rings

Rose gold halo diamond engagement rings are an absolute beauty that lots of women would appreciate for their engagement. The delicate hues of the rose gold are perfect to complement center gemstones or diamonds. This sweet color is a popular choice for engagement rings, especially for their sleek and romantic look.

This type of engagement ring is a great choice for anyone looking for something unique and non-traditional. An alternative that is still classy, modern, and sophisticated. If you have a fashion-forward bride, then this might be the perfect type of ring for her. This special color is achieved by the addition of copper alloys to gold. A most admirable combination, the rose gold is said to have a deeper meaning, one of love.


Diamonds Halo Engagement Rings

The halo diamond engagement ring is one of shimmer and sparkle. A center diamond is surrounded by a layer of other tiny diamonds. It can’t get better and more brilliant than that. Diamonds being a girl’s best friend, most brides to be are sure to love it. In addition to the halo, most halo engagement rings come with a beautiful pave band, known for its glamour.

Halo diamond engagement rings come in a wide range of options. You can choose from square diamond halo engagement rings to white gold diamond halo engagement rings,2 ct halo diamond engagement rings, and more.

Halo Engagement Rings With Gemstones

If you need something truly unique, and with deeper meaning, then perhaps you should opt for engagement rings with gemstones. This is can be a budget-friendly option as you can get a larger center gemstone at a cheaper price than a diamond. These rings also have more personality as you could opt to use your birthstone.

Couples looking for some color to add to that sparkle should also consider this option of an engagement ring. Be it rubies, emeralds, or sapphires, gemstones make some of the most beautiful halo engagement rings. A diamond center stone can also be paired with the surrounding birthstone to create an engagement ring that will stand out in a larger-than-life fashion. There are so many options for lovers of gemstones.


Engagement Rings With Twisted Bands

Another unique option for engagement rings is twist-style engagement rings. These twisted bands often feature symbolic twists that represent endless love and commitment. This type of halo engagement ring allows you to show off your center diamond in a most unique way.

A special and intricate engagement ring that still upholds the brilliance and exceptional quality required by most couples. So, if you want unconventional, non-traditional, whimsical, and romantic, then this type of ring has all of that in one singular, twisted location.

Vintage Engagement Rings

Some couples prefer a one-of-a-kind type of ring that cannot be found anywhere else. For this, it is a great idea to explore vintage engagement rings. Each is from a particular past era, and with so much history, it is hard not to fall in love with it. True vintage rings are from the 1980s or older, however, some people are happy with younger antiques. You can also have a wide range of choices with vintage rings. From Victorian engagement rings mostly of yellow gold and a popular halo setting, to Edwardian engagement rings with floral patterns. There are also hand-crafted Art deco engagement rings with colored stone accents, Retro era circa rings, and much more.

Halo engagement rings are known not only for their beauty but for their spectacular range of options that can leave you spoiled for choice. Discover and choose from this range of one that fits with your personality and dreams for the future.