21 Anniversary Rings: Trendy Rings For Coupels

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Anniversary rings feature precious metals and gemstones that symbolize the milestones in your relationship. They range from gold on the first anniversary to sapphire for the fifth anniversary, diamond for the tenth anniversary, alexandrite for the fifty-fifth anniversary, and more. Anniversary wedding rings are important because they are reminders and reaffirmations of your commitment. Also, the anniversary is an opportunity for an upgrade if your style or fortune evolved.

You can give your spouse these rings on the anniversary dates or while renewing your vows. Whatever the case, you must infuse individuality, style, and personality into the bauble. And that’s why we are here with a collection of unique anniversary rings for a wife and even husband. You will also find tips that will help you choose something that suits you.


Brides often ask

What finger do anniversary rings go on?

The rings for the marriage anniversary go on the same finger as the other two rings, especially if they are smaller. You can stack them to give the finger a fuller appearance that will gain attention from everyone. For a cohesive look, opt for an anniversary ring that complements the engagement and wedding rings. Also, avoid dramatic features so that they don’t divert attention from the other wedding rings. If you love to wear jewelry, wear your anniversary ring on the same hand but with different fingers. You’ll be able to switch the anniversary ring to suit every occasion.

Can an anniversary ring be worn on the right hand?

Yes, you can wear them on the right hand. Cases where these works include when you have stubby fingers and don’t want to overcrowd a hand. Also, you can do this if the anniversary ring doesn’t match your wedding and engagement rings. Doing this isolates the anniversary ring and allows the beauty to shine through.

Anniversary Rings With Sapphires

Whether it’s set into an elaborate signet band or surrounded with diamonds, sapphire anniversary rings are stunning. They are beautiful additions as accents or focal gemstones. If you love simple designs, a princess cut and stack it with braided or paved gold bands will do. For an antique or vintage look, pair with other gemstones like pearls and diamonds to emphasize the rich ocean blue color. An alternative option is to opt for styles like the three-stone mix-and-match style, halo, or bezel setting.


Rings With Unique Elements

Unique anniversary rings send a message of the bliss and authenticity of your marriage. They are also romantic and quite unusual, making them conversation starters. To flaunt these rings, wear them alone on a different hand. Curate a magical kaleidoscope by lining your anniversary ring with colored gems, from diamonds to rubies and more. You can also take her breath away with braided halos and gold desert flower rings. If you want a luxurious look, consider a collection of colored diamonds on one band, a split shank with two center stones, or stacked diamond bands.


Rings With Diamond Halo

Diamond anniversary rings for women with a halo are everything wishful. Straight from the Victorian, retro, and art deco eras, they are unique. The diamond halo makes the center gemstone a focal point with a larger appearance and brilliance. Their versatility and symmetry are often the points of attraction, with modern, ornate, and vintage settings. If you want an even more glamorous ring, make it a double halo.


Three Stone Anniversary Rings

Three-stone marriage anniversary rings denote family, children, commitment, and values. They have a stone at the center and are flanked by two others on either side. However, for anniversaries, the gemstones are almost, if not the same size. The three stones reaffirm your love for your beloved, and adding their birthstone makes it more special. Explore the beauty of this design by using a variety of gemstones. Depending on your taste, emeralds, garnets, diamonds, topaz, aquamarine, tanzanite, ruby, and sapphire are great options. Mix or pair them for maximum effect.


Rings In Rose Gold

Anniversary rings with rose gold are contemporary and classic at first glance. It is also versatile, making it a choice metal for the two-toned ring, and they stack well with other metals. They are stunning in beautiful settings with various gemstones. Think of the rose gold flatters halo, twisted bands, round and princess cuts, and diamond accents. The rose gold metal is a sure candidate for demure and extravagant looks.

Diamond Anniversary Rings

Each year has a representative gemstone, but the rule isn’t cast in stone. Diamond anniversary rings are the hallmark of sophistication and an upgrade for the wearer. Consider colorless diamonds if you will use white gold or platinum metal. However, yellow and rose gold allows you to buy lower grade because they mask the colors. Whether you want a band or a unique design, choose to pave, flush, bar, prong, channel, or bezel settings. Make sure that the setting style almost matches your existing rings.


Anniversary Bands Rings

The band is perfect for stacking or wearing alone, depending on the style and size. For instance, if you wear a wide engagement ring and wedding band, opt for plain diamond anniversary band rings. They are versatile and work best with all solitaires. If your wedding rings already have diamonds, choose anniversary bands that flank them on either side. Options include the baguette, twisted rope, or gold bead design to make it pop.

Whether you’re celebrating a first or fiftieth year in marriage, anniversary rings are the game-changer. They come in different shapes, designs, styles, and even gemstone additions. Whatever your taste, we’ve lined up a comprehensive catalog from bands to diamonds and choice metals. Check them out and get inspired to choose the best baubles.