Ring Trends: Modern Ideas In 2024

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Get a peek into the future of engagement ring trends as we present to you the coolest styles ruling the ring world in 2024. This year will present a playground for new design ideas and unusual materials to defy the norm.

“In the realm of engagement ring designs, “less is more” for the ring, yet “more is more” when it comes to the stone, says Michelle Demaree, Founder & CEO of Miss Diamond Ring. – My clients are enthusiastic about doubling their carat weight within the same budget, favoring a simple band with subtle accents like a hidden halo or diamonds on the basket/prongs. Requests for halo or 3D pave-style rings, once all the rage 5-10 years ago, are now a rarity. There’s a rising demand for yellow gold and two-tone rings. Pave diamonds on the shank still exude beauty and classic appeal; however, there’s a noticeable shift towards a more understated sparkle on the ring in recent years.”

Come along with us as we take a glance through the newest and fashionable engagement ring fashion of 2024.


Unique gemstone choices like vibrant sapphires and deep emeralds will characterize engagement rings in 2024. Halo designs continue to be in style, providing a classic but modern appearance. This is evident in the current trend of stackable bands and asymmetrical designs that give a different approach to the conventional. Yellow gold is coming back in full force, radiating warmth and elegance. However, the overdone solitaire styles are becoming less fashionable, as people search for unique and personal symbols of love. Instead, consider using non-traditional stones and unconventional settings that reflect your unique love story.


According to Michelle Demaree, the oval continues to dominate as the top requested ring for the third consecutive year. Following closely are elongated radiants and elongated cushions. The elongated shapes are particularly flattering on average to longer fingers and also gives the illusion of a larger size in terms of carat weights compared to 1:1 shapes, such as a round or an asscher cut diamond.


Eternity Band Rings

Wearing multiple bands with different designs on the same finger is a major jewelry trend right now. There’s no reason you can’t apply this fashionable look to your bridal rings. Eternity bridal rings are very trendy as they are, with their original design and distinctive sparkle. An eternity band usually has small diamonds throughout the ring instead of having one large center stone. Match your engagement ring with a complimentary ring to get some extra bling! Also, it is nice to keep in mind that eternity rings can symbolize everlasting love, making them a meaningful gift. Take a look at our collection of the best eternity bands and see their beauty for yourself!


Two-Tone Engagement Rings

White and yellow gold have been equally popular in the past year, shared with us Michelle Demaree, and there’s a notable increase in two-tone requests—a yellow gold band paired with a white gold basket and prong, which is absolutely stunning. This style not only enhances the diamond’s whiteness but also adds warmth and subtle contrast to the ring.

Wedding Ring Trends: Pear Shaped Diamond Rings

Pear-shaped gemstones make rings look both feminine sophisticated and sophisticated. No wonder that in 2024 they are among the top jewel trends. The pear-cut diamonds are the very image of style and grace. Their graceful curves allow the stone to sparkle even brighter, be it solitaire or a halo setting.

These dazzling stones speak for themselves. The pear-cut gemstone reminds a tear. They say that this unique diamond shape represents tears of joy, and it makes your fingers look more elongated and slender. You can wear a pear-shaped diamond ring with the diamond facing up or down, depending on your mood.


Unique Engagement Rings

If you like to feel unique, and you are looking for a truly one-of-a-kind ring, you need a unique style ring. Alternative bridal designs are contemporary and fun. It is a reflection of the bride’s unique style. Why don’t you consider a wide band with accent gemstones or engraving?

There is no need to buy a traditional engagement ring with a traditional center diamond. There are many ways to follow different alternative fashion trends that still have plenty of sparkles and stack a few favorite styles together. Browse our non-traditional designs for a look that’s personal and chic to find a ring that fits you.

Timeless Simple Rings

Simplicity and elegance: a classic solitaire setting is timeless. The year doesn’t matter – rings with one-center diamonds have always been the most popular style for engagement rings. Solitaire is an ageless all-time classic, which never gets old.

A plain metal band and the center diamond – no distraction, pure beauty of the stone. Just take a look at these magnificent rings and their centerpiece stone! Such a simple setting allows the diamond to shine brightly in all of its striking beauty. The centerpiece diamond sparkles brightly, making this kind of ring a perfect sign of your love and commitment.

Modern Bridal Sets

Engagement rings trends 2024 will be impossible without the striking modern bridal sets. They come in different shapes, gold tones, and unique center stones. These types of bridal sets are especially for girls who want variety. They are chic, unique and a real piece of art for the modern bride.


Double-Banded Engagement Rings

As tides shift away from the classic solitaire or halo-style engagement rings, couples are looking for alternatives to the traditional style that everyone has.

2024 is all about uniqueness and one of the most popular trends for 2024 is the double-banded engagement rings. This is the evolution of the stacking bands trend. The double band ring creates a set space between the bands where a center stone looks like it’s floating between the two bands.

Romantic Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold is back in fashion once again. Its warm delicate color will tell her about your feelings, and make her say ‘yes’. Great engagement ring to start a new family tradition! Rose gold engagement rings are modern and vintage in feel at once.

Their delicate rose shade comes from an alloy of gold and copper and takes its roots in the earliest jewelry artisans. The old trend returns in 2023 as one of the most powerful ones. Rose gold is becoming more and more popular once again, gaining power with each passing year. The style and beauty of a rose gold engagement ring are beyond comparison.


Diamond Halo Rings

What can be more luxurious, than an intricate halo of diamonds, embracing and accentuating the center gem. This is the ring that speaks of wealth and glamour. Halo engagement settings are very popular, as they add sparkle and make the center diamond look larger.

Expert Tip
Are Halo engagement rings going out of style?
People are opting for more simplistic settings right now. But halos are perfect for someone who wants to really add sparkle and add an illusion of a larger stone.

These dazzling rings are one of the top trends of 2024. Modern halo engagement rings halo rings often focus on the micro pave and milgrain detailing. At the same time, they can be simply a more extravagant version of a traditional solitaire. Halo rings come in all shapes and sizes of center stones and often come with colored gemstones as the centerpiece.

Great Pave Band Rings

To maximize the sparkle, try the pave engagement rings. This latest trend means the ring itself is encrusted with very small diamonds all along with the band. Such an intricate setting gives the band the appearance of a solid diamond surface. These rings can have the pave settings all around the band (so-called full pave), or only the upper side (half pave).

The diamonds are often so small, that they look like one shiny surface with one large center stone. Their great beauty is perfect for a bride who is not afraid to shine. Pave setting engagement rings are spectacular in their luxurious beauty.

Colored Engagement Rings

If you are into something a little bit less traditional, but just as sparkling, you should consider colored diamonds. Such engagement rings are the latest trend in jewelry fashion. Colored diamonds come in all shapes and sizes, and are valued mostly for the intensity and distribution of their color.

If you want to emphasize individuality and self-expression, diamonds in non-traditional colors are your best choice. Color diamonds are quite rare, but color can add some meaning to the engagement ring. A delicate pink diamond would represent the bride’s womanliness, while deep grey diamonds traditionally symbolize hope. Colored diamond engagement rings are a new fancy trend to rule 2024.


Gemstone Engagement Rings

Gemstone engagement rings are among the brightest engagement ring trends of 2024. Sapphires, emeralds, and rubies are among the favorites in the newest gemstone engagement ring collections. These gorgeous diamond and gemstone halo rings are perfect for a standout bride. Also, a blue sapphire ring could do for ‘something blue in the bride’s wedding outfit.

Many renowned jewelers offer unique sapphire engagement rings, featuring colored sapphires. Peach, blue and white sapphires are the most popular colors among bold brides, that want something more artistic. You can find a gemstone of virtually any color, and customize it with a matching wedding band to make all your friends jealous.

Trendy Cathedral Setting

The cathedral setting is one of the most popular ring trends due to its unique style, which mimics the classic arches of ancient cathedrals. The arches make the stone appear much larger due as the arch adds significant height, as well as an air of sophistication. The unique design not only secures the center stone in place, it accentuates it as well, making it appear even larger and more elegant. This ring trend is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a vintage-style ring that not only catches the eye but will also complement any cut of the diamond.

Engagement Rings In White Gold

One of the hottest ring trends for those looking for a luxurious but affordable engagement ring is white gold. White gold is a mix of yellow gold and silver alloy metals to form a white color similar to that of a diamond. The main advantage of white gold is that it is extremely durable. In addition, white gold will intensify the color of any gemstone, making it look even more stunning. If you are looking for a timeless and glamorous ring at a fraction of the cost of platinum or other precious metals, white gold is the way to go.


Engagement Rings Cost

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Ring trends are ever-evolving and can vary depending on the current fashion trends, cultural influences, and personal preferences of individuals. Whether you prefer a classic heirloom-inspired design or a modern statement ring, there is a ring that is perfect for you. With new designs and materials entering the fashion world, the possibilities are endless, and the options are vast.

Get inspiration by looking at the hottest engagement ring trends!