Bridal Sets: Stunning Rings For Perfect Wedding

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Bridal wedding sets come in two variations which are parallel and integrated sets. The parallel type can feature exquisite engagement rings set for women and separate bands because they’re individualistic yet complementary. The integrated style combines two dependent rings to make a whole, thus, one can’t be worn without the other. So, avoid being the victim of stress by buying a set as it saves time and money.


Overall, ring sets are only as special when they are personalized to the couple. So whether you’re opting for a simple bridal set, something extravagant, or otherwise, arm yourself with the information here.

Brides Often Ask (+ Answers From experts)

What does a wedding ring set refer to and why better buy bridal rings in sets?

Friendly Diamonds (online retailer of certified laboratory-grown diamonds, diamond engagement rings) says, that a bridal ring set comprises an engagement ring and a matching wedding ring.

Traditionally, engagement rings are presented on the day of engagement or proposal when your better half pops the question, while wedding bands are exchanged on the wedding day. A wedding band can be an individual band, but if you choose one that matches with your engagement ring, you’ll be able to stack and pair both your rings together with a seamless look.

How to choose the best bridal ring set?

Friendly Diamonds recommend diamonds, which are a timeless & everlasting symbol of love and devotion. They’re also one of the most durable gemstones. While mined diamonds are expensive and cause environmental damage, lab diamonds are budget-friendly and sustainable with the same brilliance and shine as a mined stone. This is not to say that only diamonds should be chosen. It is a matter of personal preference, and a couple should design their engagement ring and choose a gemstone that best symbolizes their relationship.


Stunning Diamond Rings In Sets

Do you want people to grasp when you open that engagement ring box? Play with exciting shapes of stone cuts in diamond ring sets. From emerald to a princess, trillion, pear, and more explore your choices. Choose a wedding band design that nestles the engagement ring for more flair and dimension.


Rings With Unique Bands

Lately, we see bands with intricate designs in their leagues of awesomeness. These unique bands turn drab-looking engagement rings into conversation starters. Talk about dual bands that go on each side of the engagement ring. We also see bands that incorporate unique shapes like baguettes, marquises, and even unusual polygons.


Rose Gold Vintage Bridal Sets

Re-live the “something old, something new” tradition by incorporating the old and new world charm. Opt for a full vintage set by pairing an exquisite diamond with a rose gold band. This gives a combination of classic and contemporary. Choose designs like detailed Marquis in milgrain, braided or twisted wedding band for a perfect look.


Round Cut Rings In Sets

Round cuts snuggle perfectly to form a set with curved wedding bands. The band lends the engagement ring more sparkle and size illusion by sitting around it. The same goes for notched bands which have dents at the center where the center stone nestles. For some drama, throw a curved band on both sides of the stone.

Modern Diamond Wedding Ring Sets

For the glam bride, modern diamond sets are a hit. Display opulence by choosing a bejeweled eternity band merged with emerald, Asscher cuts. For brides with alternative tastes, opt for a band with baguettes in the same shape as the engagement ring center stone. This combination makes a show-stopping ring.


Simple Wedding Ring Sets

For the active, minimalist bride that wants something understated, this is the perfect stack. Opt for a set with toned-down attention instead of huge stones. The best options include flush diamonds, pave stones and thinner bands. These styles and cuts maintain low profiles while fitting perfectly into the minimalist idea.

Unique Bridal Sets

Go unique with astonishing bridal sets like knife-cut bands on bezel engagement rings. Tap from the Greeks by connecting a yellow gold to white gold pave diamond set. For a more dramatic taste, opt for a band that doesn’t meet in the middle and fills with a white topaz engagement ring.


Rose And White Gold Wedding Sets

Rose and white gold metal mix metal is a top choice for fashion-forward couples. Combine them with fiery diamonds or gemstones. This brings about classic yet delicate femininity and eye-catching luxury for the modern bride. Choose rose and white gold sets in floral motifs and stones to attract graceful attention.

Halo Bridal Sets

Halo bridal sets are alluring, helping couples gain size by giving the center stone a larger look than the actual carat. Experiment with a combo of simple solitaire diamond engagement ring and double half halo bands or geometric shapes. Upgrade from a two-ring to three-ring set for that extra sparkle.


Wedding Rings With Pave Band

Pave wedding band is a favorite ring style for women because they’re timeless and versatile. It’s a perfect choice for brides that want to attract more sparkle to their finger. Pave bands also go best with halo engagement rings to give that lush look to every kind of finger shape.

Stylish Stackable Rings

Stackable bridal sets have become a trend for bold, stylish, and modern women. They appear best when you mix metals and gemstones to create an engaging and eclectic look It begins with the breathtaking engagement ring. Beef up this look at the wedding with two bands and more over time.

Three Stones Wedding Rings

Three stone ring is a classic and timeless design that never loses its appeal. Opt for a three-stone ring with an invisible gallery so that the band can sit flush beneath. Match with a thin band for a modern twist, and a bright cut or channel set band for a traditional look.

Wedding Ring Sets In White Gold

White gold rings sit well on every skin tone. To buy, opt for a channel or pave set diamonds for a cool and crisp look. You can also experiment with fancy diamonds like black, blue, canary yellow, or green diamond. This cool white metal will accentuate the colors to perfection.

Vintage-Inspired Bridal Sets

Vintage-inspired ring sets speak timeless elegance, simplicity, and romance. They expertly crafted textured designs that will blow your mind. See styles like braided rope and engraved rings, embellished with an assortment of gemstones for the dramatic bride. A more subtle bride will try colored diamonds set in platinum.

It’s so much fun shopping for bridal sets, the options are limitless. From diamonds to garnets, rose gold to platinum, there’s something suitable for your style and budget. So check out this guide to decide your projected budget, designs, and how to wear them.