Trendy And Exquisite Men’s Wedding Bands

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While planning a wedding, the intending bride gets all of the attention. We make a fuss about her hair, dress, make-up, and even pick the best bling for her finger. Well, it takes two to tango and every bride needs another bride, or in this case, a groom. About time we paid attention to men’s wedding bands.

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The wedding band is invariably a man’s most prized possession because of its significance. So be thoughtful when you purchase them. Men are generally simple by nature, but they’ve all got personalities. When picking rings, you must put that into consideration. Some are laid back, artsy, flamboyant, minimalist, you name it.

Hence, to accommodate their unproblematic fellows and their tastes, enjoy our assortment of men’s wedding rings.

How much should you spend on a men’s wedding band?

Who buys the man’s wedding band?


For Him And For Her

These are mostly matching wedding ring sets for couples. When buying, choose rings that encapsulate your unique tastes. Also, you can mix the metals or play with elements if you have two very different personalities. Remember that you may have to tweak the ring size to fit the groom’s finger.


Black Diamond Wedding Bands

Men’s black diamond wedding bands signify authority, strength, and passion. They’re also pricey and cost more the bigger the stone gets. However, they’re opaque and don’t refract light. So the best metals for them are platinum, white gold, or palladium. These metals will enhance the contrasting colors of the ring.


Tungsten Wedding Bands

Tungsten is the poster band for men’s comfort fit rings. They are extremely durable, scratch-resistant, and lightweight. They’re even more popular than titanium and gold, plus they’re very affordable. Go for quality-grade tungsten carbide and avoid black tungsten rings. For some spice, set them in your preferred gemstones.


Two-Tone Wedding Bands

Two-tone bands are a combination of two colors or metals. They bring relief to the core metals used and makes the ring colorful. Choose combinations in a line, stripe, or just a hint of color. You can mix white and yellow gold, rose gold, green gold, or platinum. Also, look out for thickness because the bolder, the better.


Wedding Bands With Unique Elements

Many grooms want to explore their creative side and it’s evident on their rings. Play with elements that match the man’s personality. There’s a lot of styles and you can go custom in white and yellow gold. Try designs like herringbone rings to twigs, braided rings, cracked earth, square rings, and more.

Yellow Gold Wedding Bands

Yellow gold for men’s wedding bands is traditional and timeless. You can choose them in the classic plain bands, carved, designed, or bejeweled. Gold is measured in carat, with 24k being the purest. So you have to look out for clarity when buying. However, mixed gold like 14k is cheaper and needs less maintenance over time.


Black Cobalt Wedding Bands

Black cobalt chrome bands for men are classy and in high demand right now. They are choice alternatives to white gold and platinum. They are less durable than tungsten but more durable than gold and silver. If you’re aiming for durability and affordability, black cobalt is your best bet.

Men’s wedding bands are timeless regardless of the metals they come in. Jewelers are have raised the bar by rolling out beautiful designs to give grooms broader options. From white gold to platinum, tungsten, and palladium, the choices are unending. So if you need help with choosing the appropriate ring to match his personality, lifestyle, and your budget, check here!