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42 Eye-Catching Emerald Cut Engagement Rings


Emerald cut engagement rings are a wonderful and unique way to express your love. The distinctive shape gives the stone stunning effect. Emerald cut diamond rings look very different from the traditional round shape. These rings have good feature they make fingers look more slender. This cut looks great in just about any setting. They look beautiful also as rose gold engagement rings.



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#ThankGRAFFitsFriday with an incredible emerald-cut diamond with buttery hint of color, this 13.38ct beauty is diamond number 6 cut from the famous Peace Diamond! The 709ct rough diamond was the second largest stone ever unearthed in Sierra Leone and purchased by @graff for $6.5m in December 2017, with all the proceeds to benefit the country, village and community specially artisanal diggers who discovered it. Now that’s a diamond with a mission to make world a better place…. #MyLoveAffairWithDiamonds #Brilliance #ExceptionalEmerald #EmeraldCut #Fire #Sparkle #Scintillation #EngagementRing #Bridal #PeaceDiamond #SierraLeone #Graff #GraffDiamonds #ChampagneGem #ChampagneGemDiaries #ChampagneGemGoesToLondon #ChampagneGemxGraffDiamonds #London #Harrods #YourDailyDoseOfSparkle #ChampagneGem500KSpecialEdition

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Emerald Cut 3 Stones Engagement Rings

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Emerald Cut Gems In Bridal Rings

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Diamond Halo In Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

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Pave Band Emerald Cut Rings

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Diamond Engagement Rings By Bahdos

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