36 Princess Cut Engagement Rings: Guide For 2024

princess cut engagement rings ring with a square stone in white gold
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Princess cut engagement rings are alternative to the more popular round brilliant cut or halo engagement rings. It’s a combination of tradition and fashion. Princess cuts have square shapes with clear lines and acute angles. Choose princess cut diamond rings you will get a unique, modern shape and amazing sparkling appearance for a lower price. The princess-cut diamond is a bit cheaper than round-cut diamonds of the same carat weight. So princess-cut engagement ring is the perfect choice for an elegant bride-to-be.


Brides Often Ask

What do princess cut engagement rings mean?

Princess-cut engagement rings are beautiful in the most unique way. They are square-shaped and brilliant cut, giving them glamour and class. The princess-cut diamond has a square shape with sharp corners and a pyramid profile that makes them majestic when compared to round brilliants. If you are a woman who is a true romantic at heart, this stone will manifest the beauty, style, and edge of a hopeless romantic.

Why are princess-cut diamonds more expensive?

Princess cut diamonds are actually less expensive than round brilliants and many other shapes due to their ability to retain more of the rough diamond (raw material) during the cutting and polishing process of the stone. So, in general lines, you will find that the price per carat of a princess cut diamond is a lot more affordable than for a round brilliant diamond.

Are princess-cut diamonds still popular?

A princess-cut diamond is probably the second most popular cut for diamonds, accounting for roughly 15% of all diamond sales today. This type of cut is modern and chic and is seen most often in more contemporary-style rings.

Is round or princess-cut better?

As it turns out, both princesses cut diamonds and round diamonds offer unique advantages. Round cuts tend to have greater brilliance, whereas princess cuts may be better for your budget.


Princess Cut Diamond Rings In Set

Princess-Cut Diamond Rings can be set in many different ways: as a solitaire, in pave settings, with a halo, or with side stones. They could even look great too with a vintage-style design. The prominence of the stone is enough to create a one-of-a-kind design, and the setting of the engagement ring will solely depend on the personality and style of the woman wearing it.


Simple Engagement Rings With Princess Cut Diamond

Simple Engagement Rings with Princess Cut Diamonds include solitaires, mostly. In this category, you can play around with colored metals such as yellow gold or rose gold, or keep it classic with a white gold metal in a solid band. Depending on whether you want a timeless design or a more modern one, you may be able to choose one or another. If you’d like to go for colored metals on the band, I would recommend keeping the prongs white so it doesn’t affect the color of the stone.


Princess Cut Solitaire Engagement Rings

Princess-Cut Solitaire Engagement Rings have a single center stone set on a band. The band may have diamond accents such as pave or channel bands, or it may have milgrain to create a vintage style. The band may also be in solid metal and use rose gold or yellow gold. Even though solitaire is the most basic design, the design combinations have the sky as the limit! The important thing to remember is that it is crucial to work around the style and personality of the woman wearing it, in order to create the most special piece.


Halo Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Halo Princess Cut Engagement Rings are for the true hopeless romantics at heart. The Princess Cut diamond is already a very brilliant stone, and in addition to a halo, it would create an impactful and out-of-this-world look with lots of sparkles. The halo will make the stone look bigger since it is adding sparkle and size to the centerpiece, and the modern bride would definitely be happily ever after.

White Gold Engagement Rings

Princess-cut diamonds look beautiful in any design, yet setting them on white gold is the most timeless way to go if classic is your style. To add a unique touch, you can always choose to have a channel band or a pave diamonds band, a halo, or side stones. Even though this will modernize the ring, a white gold setting will always be the most timeless choice of metal for a ring that will be used forever in time.


Unique And Modern Princess Cut Rings

Unique and modern princess cut rings have an infinite array of options. From halos to colored gemstones as side stones, any design can be made! Anyways, the Princess Cut stone will be the protagonist of a romantic and beautiful ring- but you can match your style by playing with colored metals, diamond accents, different shaped side stones, and even adding colored gemstones for a truly unique look. For a unique ring using a Princess Cut diamond, I would set it on Rose Gold with pave diamond accents on the band. This combination would create a truly brilliant, modern, and unique ring that will transcend in time.

Princess-Cut diamonds are majestic stones that represent romantics. They have a special edge to them while maintaining a brilliant and classic look. The sky is the limit when it comes to its design, but the inherent significance of what the stone represents will always be the priority. From solitaires to halo rings, to unique and modern designs, if the stone calls you when you see it- don’t hesitate to select it! Play around with the final look of the ring and create the piece of your dreams.