36 Breathtaking Princess Cut Engagement Rings

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princess cut engagement rings

Princess cut engagement rings are alternative to the more popular round brilliant cut or halo engagement rings. It’s combination of tradition and fashion. Princess cut have square shape with clear line and acute angles. Choose princess cut diamond rings you will get unique, modern shape and amazing sparkling appearance for lower price. The princess cut diamond is a bit cheaper than round-cut diamonds of the same carat weight. So princess cut engagement ring is perfect choice for elegant bride-to-be.

Princess Cut Rings


What Kind of Princess Cut Ring Is the Best For You?

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  • Simple princess cut ring
  • Unique princess cut ring
  • Halo princess cut ring
  • Solitaire princess cut ring
  • Other

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What Kind of Princess Cut Ring Is the Best For You?

Simple princess cut ring
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Unique princess cut ring
17.65 %
Halo princess cut ring
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Solitaire princess cut ring
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17.65 %
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Brides often ask

Are princess cut diamonds still popular?

A princess cut diamond is probably the second most popular cut for diamonds, accounting for roughly 15% of all diamond sales today. This type of cut is modern and chic, and is seen most often in more contemporary style rings.


Why are Princess cut diamonds cheaper?

When it comes to prices, princess cut diamonds typically cost less per carat compared to round diamonds. This is because a princess cut diamond utilizes a rough diamond more efficiently during the polishing process.


Is round or princess cut better?

As it turns out, both princess cut diamonds and round diamonds offer unique advantages. Round cuts tend to have greater brilliance, whereas princess cuts may be better for your budget.


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